Uncle G’s 5 Picks

06 Dec 2016

Uncle G’s 5 Picks
By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

The newest Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony will take place next April. Voting for the 2017 event started this past October 18th and ended last night (Dec 5th) at 11:59pm. The nominees were as follows: Bad Brains / Chaka Khan / Chic / Depeche Mode / Electric Light Orchestra / J Geils Band / Jane’s Addiction / Janet Jackson / Joan Baez / Joe Tex / Journey / Kraftwerk / MC5 / Pearl Jam / Steppenwolf / The Cars / The Zombies / Tupac Shakur / Yes

Uncle G’s Honorable Mentions

Only because other acts deserve to be acknowledged beforehand: The Cars … GREAT band! Ripe for the 2018 outing for sure. And ‘Journey’ … not that I ever liked them much. I have friends who dig them. I can’t say they totally suck. My own personal CD music collection, which I am sure has well over 3,000 different titles … not one ‘Journey” anything. Yet, if a song of theirs came on the radio, I might not change the channel.

Oh, one more: Joan Baez. An exceptional musician. Large fanbase. She played Woodstock. But I can’t call myself a fan. Just not the type of music (folk) I prefer listening to. I would think she deserves being inducted, before say someone like Michael Jackson’s sister. Joan’s been around over five decades now. Long overdue.

Uncle G’s Top 5 Picks

My choices are: ELO / J Geils Band / Kraftwerk / Steppenwolf / Yes

Yes: Always a favorite band of mine. I got into them back in the first half of the 1970’s. My first real rock concert was Yes, touring their 7th studio album; Relayer. Every band / musician that I saw after, I always compared. Getting to see Yes in concert, and especially while back in the 1970’s, remains some of the best rock experiences in my life.

Note: I never been a follower of the RnRHoF. Can’t say I agree with whatever all their policies are. I ‘picked 5’ for the same reason I usually pick my favorites for the Oscars. Not that I personally care about the institutions that are behind them, but because ‘to me’, my selections are the ones that I really do feel should receive the praise that comes with them being selected.

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