Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Pineapple Express

Story Courtesy of NewsWeed.com – Written: 31 May 2019  

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Review
Spotlight: Pineapple Express (hybrid)

Grower: Flora Vega

THC: 20.80 percent
Harvested: 19 Feb 2019

Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary: Sahara Wellness
Address: 420 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone: 702-478-5533

Words and Photos by: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Opportunity struck! My first time visiting the cannabis dispensary; Sahara Wellness. A few miles from where I am currently staying. Once inside, I proclaim I’m a new customer. My first time ever there. And that I’m a licensed medical cannabis user out of Colorado. I am welcomed with open arms. It happened in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. I arrived there by Las Vegas public transportation; bus. For 5 bucks you can get a 24-hour pass. Cheaper than Uber. Of course, a bus isn’t picking you up at the front door of where you stay. You must go to it; a bus stop. Still, what a bargain! And if lucky, the RTC Bus System has in their fleet, double-decker buses in which I think are pretty cool.

The Sahara Wellness Cannabis Dispensary seemed to attract a steady line of customers, while I was there. Nice looking facility. Super clean! Fancy signs. The employees appeared casually dressed, yet maintained a professional demeanor. A flip side of that would be all the horror stories I can tell about buying marijuana, illegally. The lot of shitty places I purchased weed, over the decades, boggles my mind. Parking lots, alleyways, and going to people’s homes, which I used to hate. Usually paranoid. Who can blame them, with the risk of jail and heavy fines constantly hanging over their heads? For the buyer, no choice or variety. Answers about the ganja you are buying, such as where’s it origin, are vague at best. It’s a, take it or go find pot somewhere else, mentality. I sure don’t miss any of that shit.

Decades ago I sold weed and a few drugs, like acid (LSD). It was especially popular back in the 1970s, when I dealt, blotter. It wasn’t all the time, but when I did I was loved by everyone (who was in my circle of friends). LSD was the only drug I ever sold in which I made a profit, or wasn’t doing it just for the head stash. Thing is, one can only do so much blotter acid. It is hallucinogenic. Unlike cannabis, you can’t do it every day. Shit was typically cut with some kind of amphetamine. You get totally wired. For 12 hours you’d be wide-eyed. I would get blotter acid by the sheets. Fresh, from the next state over. You’d trip your balls off. I sold out so quickly, I would make the distributors, nervous. For the law enforcement people reading this; I don’t do that anymore (insert a stoned-looking smiley face emoji). What can I say? Feels like a century ago. Young, dumb, and full of…you know.

Uncle G” discusses…Pineapple Express (hybrid cannabis)

Sativa dominant. A mix of the marijuana classics; Trainwreck and Hawaiian. My first ever chance of smoking, Pineapple Express. Seeing it on a sign, that it was being offered, excited me, almost as much as seeing Jennifer Garner on Tv. I purchased an eighth. And a ‘pre-roll’ of another strain (sativa) that I’ll mention at another time. A nice lady, Renee (says on the receipt), was my cashier. Before getting to her, was a very knowledgeable budtender, who passed on lots of cool information, and took my order. Frankly, the inventory sold itself. Thanks to Sahara Wellness for having this classic strain available.

Before I author a new write up when reviewing medical marijuana products, I always try to space myself from the last cannabis item I used. Twelve hours cleanse (includes sleep). This way I feel I’m making comments on what I’m writing about, and not what I was doing previously.

I’m not recreational. For me, cannabis provides a wonderful mental distraction that helps me cope with 24/7 pain. The pain scale, from annoying to worse, and never any better. Maintaining a positive attitude helps the situation. Any 12 stepper knows; poor me…poor me…pour me a drink, bartender. What people simply called pot not that long ago, or what we call medical marijuana nowadays, helps me daily. But I recently went over 24 hours without any pot, to see what would happen to me. Nothing bad. I noticed the aches and pains more. The research did make me think about what would happen if I stopped, altogether. In my adult life, I voluntarily went 17 years, in between hits. Was recreational back then. Proved already I can walk away from cannabis if I want. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking the benefits are plentiful, for a guy like myself, in my late 50s. Mentally, medical marijuana helps me stay focused on today. Think about and plan tomorrow. Under a doctor’s care, I did opiates. A lot of days back then I just wanted to stay in bed.

Plenty has been written about what is possibly one of the most famous strains of marijuana there is; Pineapple Express. The movie of the same name, a comedy with Seth Rogan, that was released back in 2008, has a lot to do with the marijuana strains mainstream popularity. Eleven years later, you can ask a stranger on the street to name 3 different kinds of marijuana, and odds are one of the three answers, if not the very first one, would be; Pineapple Express. Even if you asked a flock of nuns. One might say, Panama Red? Always an older wild one in the bunch. In a world now with marijuana concentrates, Pineapple Express (bud/flower) is not yet, yesterday’s news. If all new to this, my experience with it is it’s a wonderful sativa dominant hybrid that can perhaps help provide that extra oomph that you might have been seeking, lately. In the morning, a fresh cup of coffee only goes so far, right? Wake and Bake Pineapple Express, and it will for sure springboard your day. For a couple/few hours at a time. Two hits work for me. One if I was bonging it.

NV - Las Vegas - Wake and Bake_Pineapple Express (2019 05 23)_(064900)

Easy to get creative while medicated on, Pineapple Express. What I puffed on exclusivity for a few days, grown and packaged by, Flora Vega. Our recreational friends can say, stoned. This isn’t the kind of weed you just burn through. For one, it’s potent. Especially for those who are not daily users. I promise you, use it wisely, and it will make the Las Vegas experience, all the better. Remember, please be responsible. After all, I live here. Just moved, really. My new home! Las Vegas is the 28th most populated city in the United States. Get this fellow potheads, if a resident, the dispensaries will deliver cannabis, right to your house. I fucking love that! I haven’t done it yet. There is, of course, a minimum amount you would have to order. If needed, it’s a cool service to take advantage of. As a medical marijuana patient, there are days when leaving the house, just isn’t what my body has in mind for me that day. Happens every so often. Next, the pizza places need to be allowed to deliver small quantities of cannabis, along with the large cheese pizza with pineapple, and a cold bottle of Mountain Dew. Did I say I experienced serious munchie attacks after doing a couple of solid hits of, Pineapple Express? May I suggest for breakfast after a Pineapple Express wake & bake; a can of Dole pineapples. One track mind!

The cannabis Pineapple Express was sold to me by Sahara Wellness in a pre-packaged, air-tight container. Once home, the smell when first opening, immediately lifts the spirit (trust me). Tinkles the nose. Not a too strong odor. I grind the bud and then set ablaze; pipe. Taste like pot to me. Nothing foul or unpleasant. And take note, I didn’t cough that much when inhaling Pineapple Express, and for the record, I take pretty sizable hits. One downfall of all this; beware of the crash. Not entirely a bad thing. It can also equal a well-deserved nap or a good night’s rest.

Pineapple Express - 06 (2019 05 22)_(075318)

The high feeling I got when using Pineapple Express was mostly a very pleasurable, experience. I can now personally say that I understand why those who are the true connoisseurs of cannabis, enjoy this hybrid sativa dominate plant so much.

If you’re thinking words like ‘wasted’ or ‘stoned’, that’s a personal choice. Yes, those descriptive things can happen to you, under the spell of, Pineapple Express. Won’t be a waste of money, by any means. Every cannabis user is different.

A strain like Pineapple Express, one dose and that might be all you need. Why it’s called medicine, here in the lovely state of Nevada. One hit off the favorite water pipe, or a couple of hits of the pipe, more than sufficient. A whole full bowl to oneself might be a waste. I respect the weed. I suggest finding the dosage that works for you. Taken me years to perfect. Especially because cannabis has changed so much over the decades. Seriously more potent. It’s nothing resembling Grandpa John’s old stash.

In the news, we’re all learning that cannabis and most humans just naturally go well together. Mort positively, then negatively. Based on this, politically, I’d like to see the current administration totally legalize and decriminalize marijuana. For both medical and recreational reasons. Issue a former apology. Start off with:

A Message from the President of the United States

What bullshit marijuana prohibition is, right? Ask the booze and drug industries. My administration has begun investigating them. Regarding cannabis, so many lies uncovered. So many lies…

I was hoping back in the 1970s when I was awakened politically, that President Jimmy Carter would do that. Seemed the type. Guess I and millions of other potheads, were wrong. And then, President Bill Clinton. That didn’t happen. How many thought it was a given with President Obama? He admitted to smoking marijuana himself. It should have been a given, but it wasn’t. President Obama was the leader of the free world for 8 years. Did all kinds of serious presidential shit. Said nope. The dope! WTF? President Trump, hate him or love him, is a businessman. Made and lost billions of dollars? Well, money under his control. Understands the have-nots, or what use to be referred to as the middle class. The true backbone of America. These hard workers, deserve it. Beer just isn’t gettin’ it anymore. One can’t live a healthy and active lifestyle, drunk. Plus legalizing is additional revenue. Win-Win! My personal request is that cost is relatively low for our veterans, disabled, and seniors. Puff Puff Pass – on that suggestion to whoever is listening.

Helpful Weblinks

Sahara Wellness (Medical + Recreational Marijuana) – https://420sahara.com/

Flora Vegahttps://floravega.com/

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