Uncle G’s FUN Concert Reviews: Asia 2001

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The ASIAN ARMADA Newsletter – July 12 , 2001 Issue #338
From: GBrown8287@…
Subject: Asia in Houston.

Hey Asia Fans, Here’s my report from PointFest. HeatFest is more like it. The first time scheduled to play, we had the flooding here in Houston. Talking to a guy the day before who was in the Congo during that, he told me he was watching in horror the reports on television. A day Houston will never forget. And with yesterday’s heat attack, a day all in attendance and I’m sure the guys in Asia will never forget either.

I got there early so I could get up front. And I did. Front row center. Hours later I’ll find myself right in front of John. Until then, I had to survive through the heat, and occupy my boredom through the four bands that were gonna play before Asia. I wasn’t sure if I would make it. In all respects, the bands were all good. It was the sun. Simply overwhelming. I spent a small fortune just in water and ices. A couple next to me left after the first band. The lady was getting sick. She just about passed out. I should have invested a few bucks in sunscreen. My back is solid red. Sunburn you would not believe. To make it a little more interesting, during Berlin, a fight broke out.Right next to me. After the couple left I just mentioned, I became friends with the small group that unfortunately ended up being involved. And they were really nice to me too. They took it upon themselves to make sure I was okay with the heat. And the fight happened so fast. Before I knew it, the cops were there. Handcuffs and maze. Not a pretty sight. All because a few people cut in front of them and blocked their view of the
stage. My main thought was that I could not get arrested because I didn’t see Asia yet. I was now on a mission that I was determined to complete. I just moved over.

The group that befriended me were arrested and taken away, never to be seen again. The members in Berlin watched what was going on while playing, and didn’t miss a beat during the whole commotion. I’m sure this will be a gig they won’t forget about soon.

Finally, the reason why I was there. It was Asia’s turn. I didn’t write a set list. I did take some pictures. The guys were fabulous! With just the Roger Dean drawing of their new album cover behind them, they gave an impression that was 100% professional. Even before they took the stage, once everything was set up, the keyboards, the drums with the cool Asia logo gave an appearance that the crowd was about to see a top-notch band.

Turn out according to the radio station who sponsored the show was good. Kids too old people were in attendance. And I could see the Asia fans in their either new or older tee-shirts. Another couple I ran into, drove three hours just to see them. People were spread throughout the park. In the pit where the stage was, and on top of the hill. There were even people on the next property over enjoying what was for them a free show.

Needless to say, when the band played the classics, the place went nuts. I was so impressed with the way John, Guthrie, and Chris played those songs. The diehard “classic” fans can say all they want, but these guys played these songs with style and flare, making it obvious the respect they had for the original music. And they looked like they were having so much fun playing them too. Smiles were plentiful from the band. Funny thing, because the crowd was so diverse, several in attendance didn’t know the difference as to the fact that all these four played on the originals or not. The kids, the teenagers, the older people, the fans of the other bands who played before, no one really cared. By looking at their actions, they enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters.

The new material went over well. It was a pleasant surprise for this “Day 1” fan to look around and see how much the crowd really seemed to be liking the new stuff.

One of my favorite moments of the show was watching the band perform the title track from their last CD Arena. Again, a pleasant surprise as to how much the crowd got into that. A favorite song of mine from the Payne era, I watched the teenagers dance and really getting into that, with the odds being good that this was the first time they were hearing the song. A first time for everyone involves an “unreleased song”, an instrumental, that was played whose credit went to Guthrie. Hopefully, this crowd-pleaser will appear on the next Asia CD.

Once the band walked off the stage, according to the couple who drove three hours to see the band play, it was well worth it. From hearing Geoff play Video Star to the newest material, the unreleased Guthrie rocker, the band covered themselves well.

Afterward, the whole band came out for a meet and greet. Gracious, funny, humble, accommodating, these words come to mind. Obviously, I was already a fan before I got there, but after being around the band in a more personal setting, I walked away with a newfound admiration/respect for these guys. There was a nice size crowd there, so not wanting to take advantage, I got a couple things signed. I had Geoff sign The Buggles, Age Of Plastic CD, as well as his solo release The Light Program. Chris signed ‘The Firm’s’ first release and an AC/DC Live that I had on cassette. And of course, the pullout ripped.

But who better to damage it, but Chris. “Ripped in half by Chris Slade”, too cool. Guthrie signed my Aura CD, putting “Houston 2001” under his name. And John was last. What a great sense of humor this guy has. Anyway, I walked up to him after he had walked aside talking to a couple people. I mentioned the AOL chat he just did, and he proceeded to talk about that, sounding happy about the experience. He signed Aura for me and Arena. What ended up the icing on the cake, I got my picture taken with the group before I left.

I intended for this to be a short report. I guess I had a few things to say, and I’m glad I sat here and typed it out. Of course, I want Asia to come back to Houston. Hopefully with this lineup. And perhaps on a double bill, and please guys, think seriously about being booked at an indoor venue.


Uncle G’s 420 Reviews: Uncle G’s Corner (#08) – The Birthday Issue (Topic: Meds)


WARNING! WARNING! (age 21+ Cannabis)

Red Ashtray - 02 (June 2011)

21 March 2018

Seeing how this is an archival website, I’d like to introduce to my newer 420 readers, a series of essays I did for a non-profit pro-cannabis website out of New York City, some years ago. One that I’ve been involved with since the year 2011. The webmistress is the wonderful Arlene Williams aka Ganja Granny. I love her to death! The website: Green Ribbon World.

Please note … regarding this republishing. We’re going back in time. Six years ago. I was married for the second time. That union was dissolved one day shy of us being a couple 22 years. No resentment or hard feelings. I’d rather look forward more than backward.

Editing: Versions 2.0 … my aim is to clean up any remaining typos and grammar errors. The originally published essays could be found on the Green Ribbon World website. When finally done (this could take some time) archiving all the past essays published, I’ll start writing new ones. In a way, I already have done so: Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews.




Uncle G’s Corner
Number: #08
The Birthday Issue (originally published August 2011)
Words and ‘Red Ashtray‘ photo by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Twitter @GBrown0816

Topic: Meds

This is my eighth entry in the pot journal I call; Uncle G’s Corners. Lately, I’ve been wanting to do a column on here addressing medical marijuana. I wondered to myself. I said self, is one more joint, one less Vicodin?

My use of weed started for recreational purposes. It was the 1970’s. If it felt good, more than likely I did it. Loved pot.

The first time I can say I was truly consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes was in the early 1990’s. Helped me calm down. Was a really stressful time. A period that also included a divorce. Beyond nasty. I traveled a lot. For no special reason other than to just get away. Drove from Texas to Florida. Hung there for some time. Bike Week ’92. Daytona Beach. That was a blast. I got a tattoo while there. Here’s where I learned to never get a tattoo artist stoned before he does the tattoo.

On my left shoulder, a tattoo. The word; Yes. The band. Done like the Roger Dean logo. Not that big. The guy did the letters “Y” and “S” pretty well. It’s the letter “E” that gave him problems. Nowadays I almost totally forget I even have it. Tried to get it “fixed” in Houston once. Made the colors better. Was still fucked up. Then I decided to get a complete cover up and turn it into something else. Am still working on that idea. In the meantime, the tat fades and stays the way it is.

From Florida back to Texas. Then to California. From there a hop, and then another hop, and I was in Nevada. All this time driving a 1981 Olds Cutlass. I called it; The Golden Chariot.

Spent two weeks in Las Vegas. Rented an efficiency. It had a small kitchen. Stove. I wanted to be able to make instant coffee. So I went to a grocery store. Wondering around. First time there. I find a guy doing stock in one of the aisles. I ask him if he knew where I could find a little pot. He looked at me and said I should try looking on the Strip. I laughed and said no, that I wanted a little pot so I could boil water in it. He laughed also. Aisle Four. Weird, all these years that have gone by. It was only a couple of nights ago that I mentioned to my better half that we needed a little pot. I actually let the last one we had, burn up one fine day. Was boiling water back when I was doing treatment for Hep C. Don’t tell anyone. I just sat in the office and let it happen. Like I was playing chicken. Was thinking, one more minute and I’ll get up. The whistle could not be any louder. Let it go until that one second before it starts a fire. The smell wasn’t good neither. Our secret. Don’t tell my wife. I cleaned it up, which even involved a little black spray paint, and I never told anyone. Anyway, my honey started listing me a few people whom she knew were dealing grass. Always thinking of me. I love her so.

Back in 2009, I started doing Mary Jane (I always liked that nickname ) again after a prolonged period of not using it. As previously mentioned, I had found out in 2008 that I had hepatitis C. Started a combined treatment of:

01.) Pegasys 180 MCG / 0.5ml – Single shot/injection per week.
02.) Ribavirin 600MG – twice a day

…for 48 weeks. Pretty much the whole year of 2009. Side effects were horrible. A little more than halfway through, my wife suggested smoking weed to me. Doing the treatment I was very sick. Losing weight. And one day I said; OK. I believe pot helped me finish treatment. Made it all so much more tolerable.

In May of this year, my right leg pretty much gave in on me while I was climbing down a flight of metal stairs. Discovered while doing tests, an MRI to be more specific. A herniated disc near my tailbone. Bonus prize. A torn hip muscle. Right side. I already was being treated for arthritis in my lower back. Hello Hydrocodone.

A couple of weeks ago I went home early from a part-time job I got. Stomach pains. Was in a hospital a few hours later. Throwing up. Wicked diarrhea. At the same time. At one point I ran into a bathroom and didn’t know what to do first, throw up or shit. I sat on the toilet and threw up in a vomit bag. My cat scan showed something. Was in horrible pain. On a scale of one to ten, this was off the chart. I swear it hurt more than when my appendix came out in 2009. That totally sucked! I was of course dehydrated. Days later and the Doctor thinks it’s just something I caught. Like a virus. Took the pink stuff (I recommend cherry flavor and chilled). And no surprise, I smoked pot recuperating at home. Made me feel better. I started eating. Gave me energy. Slowly did chores around the house. If not for weed, I’m sure I would HAVE suffered way more than I did.

The treatment Saint Luke’s Hospital provided, worked as well. They were awesome by the way. I felt like my body was shutting down. A super gross ordeal to go through. I bathe daily. Believe I have established good hygiene habits. A nurse walked into the bathroom. Just opened the door. Wanted to know if I was okay. And there I was naked. Had an IV in my right hand. That damn pole beside me. While in bed, a fart turned into a liquid mess. Imagine the worse. I looked at the nurse and said; “Remember when you asked me if I could pass gas?” Seriously, how embarrassing is this to even say out loud to another human being? She was cool. Said I was in there because of massive throwing up, and diarrhea. Not surprised. She helped me. Made all the negative feelings I was going through because of the situation, disappear. God bless her.

I recently made plans to be a lab rat in an Opiate study. For a whole year. The most interesting part is I’m going to have to pee clean (no pot) for more than once during the study. Its intent is to provide 24-hour pain relief, with no harmful side effects; liver. Am sure to get at least one good pot journal from this experience, for sure. Coming attractions!

So, to answer the question, yes it does. You remember the question; is one more joint, one less Vicodin? Now going through this consistent pain due to the injuries I have, it would be easy to just sit back and pop one or two Hydrocodones a day. I’m walking with a limp. The pot is helping me cope. Take my mind off the soreness my body is going through. Helps me sit through movies like ‘Sucker Punch’. The United States Government just came out and said pot has no use, whatsoever. No mention of medical use. Yet here I am at the same time, and it’s providing me comfort that the pills can’t do, and with no nasty ass side effects. Not like the pills. Go figure. This will be an ongoing topic. More to come.

Onward through the fog….

Steve Hunter: Tone Poems Live

As Seen on Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Originally Published: 03 Nov 2014

Uncle G’s FUN Music Reviews
New Music from Classic Rockers
Spotlight: Steve Hunter – Tone Poems Live (Audio CD 2014 Singular Recordings / Gokuhi, LLC)

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Steve Hunter - Tone Poems Live - cover

If I had to describe Steve Hunter’s newest release, Tone Poems Live, then I’d say it’s an instrumental album with feeling. “Retro sounding”, a local professional Houston bass player told me. In a warehouse environment, I played it aloud for that little piece of the world to hear. Questions directed at me on what happened to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon ranged from who was the artist we were hearing, to what’s the name of the CD, and one of my personal favorites…are you going to Pink’s Pizza later on? A slice of good old fashion cheese pizza, and memories of my youth flash before me. Included in that is the guitar stylings of Steve Hunter. For back in the day and more recently, Steve played with Alice Cooper. Both the band and solo artist. Really not a bad lick anywhere, which is why I imagine they keep asking him to come back. Alice rocks!! And in part due to Steve’s musicianship over the years, Vince/Alice has received the recognition that equals that of his work with the original Alice Cooper band. Example, on Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011) Alice’s follow-up to his mega debut solo smash hit album Welcome To My Nightmare (1975), Steve’s playing steals the show on the opening song, ‘I Am Made of You’. Since doing this professionally, Mr. Hunter has performed with the legendary Lou Reed (RIP), David Lee Roth, Meat Loaf (toured), and Peter Gabriel; then add his own catalog of solo material. An outstanding career, and one that gets spotlighted in this newest live release.

For the record, this review is all about the audio CD. I have yet to view the DVD. In soon enough time, believe me, I will. In the meantime, the audio disc is holding me over nicely.

The word “live” does not, in this case, mean Steve and his band are playing in front of thousands of people doing a concert somewhere, but instead performing all together at the same time in a recording studio. Considered old school nowadays, and the way Steve is comfortable getting the task done. The results pay off.

Joining Mr. Hunter on this project is Mr. Tony Levin on bass. I would have purchased the new CD with it being a new Steve Hunter release, even if Tony wasn’t in the band. Now, I have two reasons why to purchase it. Have been a Tony Levin fan for some time now. As a new aspiring bass player with two lessons under my belt, I can safely say the man will inspire me to play the bass to the best of my abilities, till my last dying day. And by the way, Tony is having a GREAT year also. Besides working with Steve, Mr. Levin just put out the coolest traditional jazz album with his brother Pete entitled Levin Brothers (Lazy Bone Recordings). As they say, variety being the spice of life, I do branch out from classic rock from time to time. Doing just that, I came across The Levin Brothers – the CD, a newly released gem. Back to Steve, his playing is a bit of everything; bluesy, jazzy, funky, and the dude rocks! Steve Hunter – Tone Poems Live proves that with every repeated spin. Assisted by Dave Mason’s drummer, Mr. Alvino Bennett, and a very cool keyboardist with yet another impressive past, Mr. Philip Aaberg.

The Music:

Each track is a part of Steve, even if not the composer. All my years of hearing Steve on record, or on live recordings, I can only assume after all this time, that the guitar and Steve are one. That the instrument is akin to a soul mate. Something special/dear to him. I’d like to strive for the same regarding my own bass playing. With some musicians, entertaining is nothing more than a job. Pays the bills. I never get that feeling with Steve Hunter. That guitar playing isn’t just a learned skill, but when done right, the sounds emitted, a universal language enjoyed by damn near all who reside on this planet. I have met a few people over the course of my life, who say they don’t like/get music. Puzzles my mind.

The first two songs on Steve Hunter’s Tone Poem Live, ‘The Idler’ and ‘222 W. 23rd’ absolutely blow me away! From precise to funky, to even sexy. The volume is now set to LOUD. It’s not that it gets better but instead stays consistent. That’s the magic. No vocalist here and the center of attention just happens to be one of the best guitarists in music today and his friends. Accompanied by those behind the scenes that make this all a solid CD from beginning to end. Nice!!

Rating: I could go on and on about each track and how wonderful I find sitting back and enjoying each and every song. Instead, I’ll speed up the process and just say flat out that if anything I said up to this points interest you, then go check this out. Just stick Steve’s Tone Poem Live CD in your home stereo, press play, and let its marvelous sounds fill the space you feel secure enough to walk around naked in from time to time. Not too loud that the cops come banging on the door. Kills the mood.

Uncle G’s rating of Steve Hunter – Tone Poems Live, using the one to five star rating system commonly found on the Internet, I give 5 Stars (and five exclamation points). This CD is worthy of major awards and at least one follow up project with the same musicians.

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Space City Comic Con 2015: The Trade

As Seen on Classic Rock Radio (UK)
First Published: 12 Aug 2015
Space City Comic Con 2015
Chapter Three: The Trade
By Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Space City Comic Con 2015 - BannerStar Trek: Voyager 20th Year Anniversary – Space City Comic Con 2015 Reunion Banner

So I walk up to actor Garrett Wang’s table, looking to do a trade. Garrett is best known at least to this convention, for his role as Ensign Harry Kim. A popular character that lasted all seven seasons, on the third spin-off from the original 1960’s Star Trek television program. Fan favorite; Star Trek Voyager. First run episodes ran from 1995 to 2001. Closer to what I personally think the original Star Trek show was about; exploring the unknown, character development, and having scenes of good lookin’ women in heavenly attire. The science fiction series in total, filmed one hundred and seventy episodes. I have many favorites. Most of which center around Jeri Ryan and her 7 Of 9 character (wink wink). Excellent storytellin’ throughout its entire run. State of the art effects used back in the day (14 years ago). Bravo to all the series employed, behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Now, back to Garrett.

The day before this, I had an opportunity to ask Mr. Wang a question for a story idea I thought of. Had to do with Voyager’s Holodeck, and using its technology, being able to recreate one musical event of the past. For yours truly I used Woodstock as an example. The main reason is that I was still in my single digits when that took place. If older I’m sure I would have at least tried to attend. Using the fictional spacecraft’s technology, I could do that. For those who read my story, Garrett’s answer was he’d use the Holodeck so he could attend an Elvis Presley concert. In my mind, a super cool answer. In part because outside the NGR Center, in which we were, was the Houston Astrodome. Still standing and in need of a little renovation. I’m being sarcastic here. The place looks like a shit-hole, as compared to its glory days. Has been voted by city residents to be torn down. Yet, there it is. Historical in a sense that grand events from the past taken place there, including Elvis playing at the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The last time was back in 1974. Played two shows, for a combined attendance of; 88,119. During one performance Elvis commented about the large size of the audience saying it was the largest crowd he’d ever played for. Like they say, things are bigger in Texas.

So forty-one years ago across the hot parking lot from the building Garrett and I were in, was where the legendary Elvis Presley and his band played.

Walking up to Garrett, I thanked him for being cool the day before and answering my question. Next came the setup for a proposed trade I wanted to do with him. I said (paraphrasing) I will trade you your autograph on a 3×5 card that I will supply, costing you nothing, and in return I will give you this CD, and I hand it to him. Now, remember everything I said up to this point. Here’s the CD I made a copy of only a few hours beforehand; Elvis Presley – Event Number Eight: Houston, Texas, U.S.A. March 3, 1974.

Now for those who want to Google and buy this CD themselves, it’s really not for sale. At least not legally. This is what is typically referred to in the trading circles as a: bootleg. A ton of Elvis’s shows was recorded back in the day. Many of them soundboards. Which is what ‘Event Number Eight’ is. Sounds better then if at the actual event.

Anyone who attended a concert at the Astrodome in person, in which I did more than once, knows the sound was borderline horrible. Plain and simple, the acoustics sucked. Makes sense the soundboard recording is better sounding. Listening to this treasured recording would be a real trip for those who I bump into every now and then who attended either one of the performances. I stay about thirty-five minutes away from the Astrodome. Many of those in attendance at either one of the two shows that fateful day is still alive. I’ll run into folks every blue moon who once they find out that I write for a classic rock station, want to tell me every detail of their being there. Talked about like it was the historical event that it was. Entertaining recollections indeed. All the world loved Elvis, especially Houston Texas.

So Garrett has the home-made CD-R in his hand. He starts reading aloud what took me almost an hour to print. One word explanation; arthritis. But it’s cool. Something I wanted to do. Got the idea while having morning coffee going over the day before events. A light bulb went off over my head when I was reading Garrett’s answer to my holodeck question.

For like a year, a decade ago, I got into a serious Elvis Presley kick. Started buying his CDs. Since a kid, I have been into trading. Too poor to buy everything. Pertaining to music, not regular products. I always loved broadcasted concerts, and pretty early on would stay up late at night and record them over the radio. And then I make copies and trade. Others did the same thing with musicians/bands they liked. Then I discovered bootlegs. As a collector of music and having thousands of CDs, some of these rare recordings are too good to pass up. I found a serious Elvis collector who also liked Prog-Rock, so off to the races we went. I remember one he wanted was Yes @ Roosevelt Stadium, back in the 1970’s. A concert I was at as a matter of fact. Broadcast by what was at the time, New York City’s top rock station; WNEW FM. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how I got a very special collector’s CD of Elvis at the Astrodome in 1974. The entire show, afternoon performance. Broke attendance records, only to that night, break another attendance record. That’s impressive!

So Garrett is reading aloud the cover I made of the CD. Has a hint of excitement in his voice as he’s going down the tracks, reciting one great song title after another; All Shook Up, Love Me Tender, Hound Dog, Fever, Suspicious Minds, and then the closing number, Can’t Help Falling In Love. Garrett looks at me and says; “I’ll trade!”. Took my 3×5 card and signed it. We both smiled. I thanked him and left so he could get back to business and sign autographs for money.

Elvis Presley - Event Number 8 - backing (text)                                                Track Listing and ACTUAL photo!

So how cool is that? Thanks to Garrett Wang for playing along TWICE with me. I hope very much he enjoyed listening to the live Elvis recording. It was more a gift than it was a way of obtaining his autograph. Afterward, I thought it would make for a cool story to tell. That’s what I do right? I explained to a Space City Comic Con volunteer while just hanging out, that I was in all actuality, a storyteller. Not that I wasn’t able to be a stick to the facts reporter. I learned journalism 101 back in high school. Writing to me is more fun this way.

While at the Con, and observing that which was going on around me, I happened to watch Garrett with his fans. The dude can’t be any cooler. Doing a simple Google search will show one picture after another of Garrett behaving wonderfully with whoever approached him. I would recommend if the opportunity ever arose of being able to attend a convention and Garrett was there, to go up and say hello. Just bring your wallet. Leave the trading up to the professionals.

Garrett Wang (in person_25 July 2015)Garrett Wang Star Trek: Voyager Promo Photo + Garrett Wang autographed 3×5 card

Yahoo Groups: Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#03)

As found on Yahoo Groups; ACG – The Original Alice Cooper Group. Moderated by longtime friend, Bryan Erickson.

Featured Image: Michael Bruce in Concert! Cardi’s – Houston TX (28 March 1998) Photo by Gary Brown

NICE to find another edition of; The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List. Whereas I just found and archived TOMBML #05, here is two issues before. Cool to be rediscovering ALL this. And now … on to the show!

August 14, 2000

The Michael Bruce Mailing List

Newsletter #3

Hi Everyone, Welcome to another edition of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List. Let’s have Michael start us off:

Recent Appearances

I had the pleasure of doing a benefit a couple of weeks ago for the Stevens and Pruett foundation that work with children and animals. It was the annual Dawgs on Hogs fest in Lake Somerville, Texas. We all had a great time playing music for a great cause.


If you want to listen to MP3’s that I “think” are really cool, then check out “Too Young 2000” and “Nuclear Warriors” songs at my MP3 site, and hear these classic tunes while they are available in our little neighborhood! A special thanks to Dougie and Andy. Thanks to Dan also by the way. In case you don’t already have it, the web address is;


Complimentary Website (TOMBML)

I’m happy to announce the debut of the homepage that goes along with T.O.M.B.M.L.. The plan is to update it every once in a while, so keep checking it out because you’ll never know when it’s gonna change.


The release of the 2nd edition “No More Mr. Nice Guy” in September is finally upon us. The revised edition will contain more new pictures and a new chapter about the passing of Glen Buxton and the mini Cooper reunion at Alice’s restaurant in Phx. last fall. If you’d like an autographed copy of this classic rock rag, email me at Michaelobruce@… and I’ll make sure you get a copy!


If you’d like to pick up an autographed copy of the “Billion Dollar Babies – Early Studio Tracks” or the joining together of In My Own Way and Rock Rolls On entitled “I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name”, there is a limited amount of test pressings still available. So before these are gone, and the CD’s are produced in quantity, E-mail me for more information on how to get one.

Questions for Michael

1.) Subj: Got the CD!

Date: 8/1/00 7:34:36 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Judsonpornhead@… (Judson P)

To: Michaelobruce@… (Michael Bruce), GBrown8287@… (Gary Brown)

Hey guys,

I got the CD yesterday! I listened to the first three songs this morning while I ran. KICK ASS!

Question, was the ” Miss You ” track on there laid down with you singing and then later you guys asked Alice to do the vocals for the Battle Axe CD? Now I can’t remember, but I thought you guys got Alice to do the vocals on one song on that album.

Thanks for signing it too!


MB: Yes, that is me singing on I Miss You. I performed all the lead vocals on the BattleAxe album. I wish we could have persuaded Alice to sing on any track. The album was written as a farewell when we realized Alice was never coming home again! The song was written by Neal Smith and lyrics by Michael Bruce. Dunn Edwards helped with the arrangement of the music. I think this tune has a bad ass bass line.

2.) from cblakey001@… wrote:

Hello all.

Got the CD ( Billion Dollar Babies – Early Studio Tracks ) in the mail today and gave it a spin. For the garage-style recording and the novelty of it (and the autograph on the cover) I give it two thumbs up. For not being the original beloved recording (or even close) I give it one thumb up.

Anyway, I apologize to all (especially to Michael if he’s listening) that I was such a shit about not getting it several months ago.

The things I said about Michael back then were uncool and I am truly sorry.

MB: Very understandable. We did have our share of problems.Yes Blakely, I always have my ears open and my mouth shut when it come to listening to the fans. I seem to be a slow start but when I get going I manage to get the job done. Thanks for the great comments on the CD.

Contest Winner

In Volume # 3 we had a contest, prize being an autographed( by Michael ) Goldmine magazine with The Alice Cooper Group on the cover. Here’s the post that was sent to us that we are calling a winner:

Subj: Contest

Date: 6/17/00 7:51:29 PM Central Daylight Time

From: rbjblatt@…

To: GBrown8287@…

According to this excellent website,


the date would’ve been April 6, 1974, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Michael and Alice both mentioned in their books that the band did a brief South American tour after the “Muscle Of Love” holiday tour. Guitarist Mick M. said the date may have been April 8, though.

Thanks a lot,

Richard B.

Additional comment: I realized that after I asked the question, that I wasn’t 100% sure of the answer myself. I asked Michael and his answer was he didn’t remember. He basically told me to just go with what you said. Since this does have his name on it…..congratulations !!!!! And a big thanks to ALL who participated. We’ll have more contests in the future.

Closing Comments: Thanks given as always to everyone who subscribed so far. Please feel free to pass on the word….help sign up a friend…or 20…the more, the better. Keep sending in those posts and questions. It’s very much appreciated.

See you again in Newsletter Volume #4.

Gary Brown

Coordinator of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List.


For day to day discussion on Michael and the other members of the Alice Cooper Group, we endorse the ACG Mailing List (moderator: Bryan Erickson) found here on eGroups.

Updated 2018: Cool MB Items (Space City Memories)

TOMBML - Contest Winner Richard Blatt_with Michael Bruce - 2

Photo: Richard Blatt and Michael Bruce. Photo by TOMBML coordinator; Gary Brown 

Michael Bruce - I'll Never Forget Old What's His Name - CD

Test Pressing: Michael Bruce – I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name. CD cover design by Dan Tuttle. Label design by TOMBML Coordinator; Gary Brown.

GB - with Bryan Erickson at Outback Pub (09 May 1998)Photo: Gary Brown and Bryan Erickson at the Outback Pub, in Houston TX USA (09 May 1998)

Yahoo Groups: The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)


Yahoo Groups: Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)

As found on Yahoo Groups; ACG – The Original Alice Cooper Group. Moderated by longtime friend, Bryan Erickson.

Note: Background information is I accidentally happened to stumble on to this while researching something else (Billion Dollar Babies) on the old, Yahoo Groups. I had lost all records; TOMBML. The newsletter centered around ‘now’ Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee (Alice Cooper); Michael Bruce. I met him back in ’97 at a bar (Cardi’s) he was doing live rehearsals at in Houston Texas. The both of us became close friends … brother from another mother … yadda yadda yadda. For three and a half years I helped Michael with his AOL website and this mailing list. My involvement was a true pleasure! And here … in my archives like it should be … at least one issue of; The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List.

Dedicated to the memory of Dennis Horn (February 17, 1953 – January 18, 2008)

Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)

July 15, 2001

Hi Gang, I bet you were thinking we forgot all about doing the next newsletter. Believe it or not, it’s finally time for another one. As is the usual practice, Michael will lead us off:

Hi all, sorry for the delay. Well, I guess I should tell you I had a great time in the UK playing and singing my little heart out. Alice’s daughter and band came to my show after they played in Scotland, and we all jammed and had a great time. The guys in Fistfull of Alice were great and I have heard they are coming to the GBMW.

I will be releasing a CD after the first of the year of original music on my new label Millennium Records in the UK. We will reissue many of my past releases and rare cuts as well. Hope to see many of you in LA for the GBMW and my best to all.

Your super bud,

Michael Bruce 07/12/01

Questions for Michael

Subj: Re: Questions

Date: 2/12/01 4:54:51 PM Central Standard Time

From: slade25@…

To: TheOfficialMichaelBruceMailingList-owner@yahoogroups.com

Hi Michael, A few questions:

  1. Michael, On your 1975 solo release, you covered Slade’s “So Far So Good” and did a fine job of it. My question is Michael, what made you select this particular track and are/was you a fan of Slade? (Noddy Holder & Jim Lea)?

If you have any memories about Slade or a quote, I’d love to hear about it, be it good or bad.

MB: Hi Steve. I really liked the cut, and yes. I met Slade when we performed on Top of the POP in 1971 in England. And all I have are good memories.

  1. Did the Billion Dollar Babies ever tour?

MB: We did four shows and then retired.

  1. I’ve been reading a lot on several of the Alice Cooper mailing lists, that some guy name Tom Kelly was really the ACG’s first manager. I think that is what the guy is saying. The whole topic is very confusing. I’m guessing this was in the days when you guys were recording under Zappa’s label, or maybe even before that. It all sounds pretty bizarre to me. Was he involved, or wasn’t he?

Keep rockin’ Michael !



MB: I don’t have any memory of Tom Kelly managing the band.


Subj: Re: Michael Bruce in the UK

Date: 6/4/01 3:15:41 AM Central Daylight Time

From: r.hutchinson@… (Richard Hutchinson)

To: GBrown8287@…

I’m not sure if it’s here where I’m supposed to e-mail but I’m sure it’ll get where it’s supposed to be going!


Well, I got to Trillians around 6.00pm as I knew it was going to be busy.Trillians being the only rock bar left in Newcastle (The Mayfair,responsible for the Black Sabbath song Fairies Wear Boots, was knocked down last year) is usually full every night so I knew I had to get there early.There were only about 20 – 30 people there at that time.

I went straight to the bar, ordered a drink a turned round. There was Michael Bruce sitting in the corner and I had to admit I was star struck and too shy. I wanted to go straight over, but a part of me thought hey ‘ he’s doing a gig. Needs to relax, maybe he’s sick of guys coming to him all the time ….. Anyway I pretended to be watching the TV screen behind and was waiting for someone else to make the first move.

It was starting to get pretty busy and by the time the guys were tuning upthere were approx. 150-200 people there. As soon as Mike came off stage afan rushed to meet him, with 1st Ed. NMMNG Book and Battle Axe vinyl. He asked me to take a photo of him and Mike. So I overcame my initial fear and had a chat with Mike. He was very approachable, seemed so relaxed and was raring to go. He left almost immediately unfortunately to freshen up back at his hotel and the support band came on. They were called the Billion $Brats. This is their review which I posted to another list.

The Billion Dollar Brats were great. The singer did mention that he had been let down by two guys and had a makeshift group. A pity that they could only do a few songs. One’s that I can remember are:

Long Way To Go – Yeah Yeah Yeah – Escape – Sick Things – Public Animal # 9 (this one came off really well).

I even got a mention off the singer as he said he had to look at me for help with some of the words! A few of the guys in the audience knew some of the singer’s previous groups so he was pleased with

that. I think the Brats also did Mike well, by rocking away at the front of the stage too when it was Mike’s turn on stage. A pity thatthey couldn’t rehearse properly it would have been great too see them play a full list.

We didn’t have to wait too long before Mike came off and I shouted encouragement as he walked onto the stage. He seemed really chuffed and raring to go. By this time the audience increased to about 300-350. We were treated to the following songs:

Instrumental Intro/Hello Hooray – Under My Wheels – Is It My Body – Second Coming – Ballad of Dwight Fry – Desperado – Hard Hearted Alice – Billion Dollar Babies – Be My Lover – As Rock Rolls On – My Stars – Left For Dead Meat- No More Mr Nice Guy – Muscle Of Love – I`m Eighteen – School`s Out – Halo of Flies – Caught in a Dream

People my age (24) may never get to hear some of these songs played live, and the band was great through out. There was a slight technical problem at one point and the audience was very patient through this I must add. At only one point did I think of what it would be like to see Alice, Neal, Glen, Dennis and Mike rocking together. Mike was a strong enough character to be the focal point for the band, and I must say that ‘a fistful of alice’ were in fine form and really played their parts well. Mike said that there will be another UK tour, which I’m keeping my fingers crossed for, and from his reaction to the crowd here I think there will be larger tours next time.

Thanks Michael for a great night, I was the one at the front on the stage and to your right with the light beige shirt on, and I will definitely see you on your next tour. You rocked Newcastle.


Official Plugs

  1. The GBMW:

From: “Paul Brenton” <rtcoop@…>

Date: Sat Jul 14, 2001 10:42 am

Subject: Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend – Update

Three weeks from now we will be together in Hollywood to honor Glen Buxton and enjoy the early sites and sounds of the legendary Alice Cooper group for the Glen Buxton Memorial weekend (August 3 – 5).

I am very happy to announce that, in addition to the debut of Bouchard, Dunaway& Smith, the Whisky stage will welcome “Last Romance” from Italy; from Phoenix,”Grandma’s New Wig” (featuring ex-Laser Beat/20th Century Zoo and dear friend of Glen’s and the Coopers’, Skip Ladd); and also from

Phoenix, “Sustain”(featuring Mike Postel, ex-bandmate in Glen’s “Virgin”).

Stay tuned for other music announcements…

If you are planning to attend, please send me a private email to rtcoop@… with your full name and that of those attending with you. The response has been tremendous and where our space limits the number of attendees, we will give preference to those who have pre-registered. There is no cost to register, but there will be a charge for admission to the exclusive/private event at the Whisky.

The event hotel is the Hyatt West Hollywood. If you intend on staying at the hotel, please contact the hotel directly at 800-233-1234 and be sure to ask for the preferred “GBMW” rate.

It is really shaping up to be a special weekend for the family, friends and fans to salute G.B.

I look forward to seeing you there.



  1. I have two items here that both have to do with our friend Billy James:
  1. Last I talked to Billy about the Bruce Cameron CD Midnight Daydream, he informed me that he had very few CD’s left for sale, and that their were no plans on producing anymore at this time. Can you say “out of print”? This was an excellent release that came out just two years ago. Michael is on two songs. Neal Smith plays drums on almost half the CD. It’s a must have item. If interested, you can send a E-mail to Billy through his Ant-Bee website to inquire if he has any left. If you don’t already have it bookmarked, that web address is:


  1. I just got done reading Billy’s latest book; Necessity is….The Early Years of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention. Hard to write about this subject and not include at least a mention of the Alice Cooper Group.

Of course, their is. Besides that, if you ever had an interest in Zappa along with The Mothers, you’ll find this book a real pleasure to read. Again, this could be found on the Ant-Bee site. Just hit the words; “Mailorder Muck” for information about how to obtain it.

  1. Michael’s old buddies Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, along with Joe Bouchard has a newly recorded song called “Fallen Angel” on the just out CD; Brain Surgeons And Friends – To Helen With Love – A Tribute To The Life And Music Of Helen Wheels. This song should instantly become a favorite among the Cooper crowd. The intro alone is well worth the price of the CD. It kicks major ass. Hopefully, they will perform this at the up and coming GBMW. It’s a good, solid track that gives everyone a good clue as to what the band will sound like on their soon to be released CD. The label it’s on, Cellsum Records has a website:


T.O.M.B.M.L. Website

A few new things appear on here. One is a recent picture of Alice and Michael taken in the UK. The site does get updated from time to time. We’re up to four pages now. If it’s been a while since you looked, go ahead and check it out.

Next Contest

I’m sure we could find something to give as a prize. Problem is, we’re hard pressed at the present time to come up with what the next contest should be. Any idea’s? If so, please send them our way. We’ll take a look and try to pick out something interesting.

Closing Comments

Thanks to all for being so patient waiting for this issue to come out. Hard to believe a half a year has gone by since we did Newsletter # 4. Unfortunately, a few things sent between then and now were either printed out and again eaten by one of my dogs, or just became kind of outdated. We’re doing our best here. Keep those E-mails and posts coming, and we’ll try to get the next newsletter out in a little less time.

Gary Brown

Coordinator / Webkeeper of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List / Website.

Updated 2018 – Cool MB Items (Space City Memories)

Michael Bruce - I'll Never Forget Old What His Name - actual cd

MB Collector’s Item. Actual ‘Test Pressing’ of Michael Bruce – I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name. 

TOMBML - Contest Winner Richard Blatt_with Michael Bruce

One time TOMBML contest winner; Richard Blatt with Michael. Photo snapped by Gary Brown.

GB_Michael Bruce - 02 (April 15_2006)

Gary Brown_Michael Bruce (Houston TX April 15, 2006)


The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List:


Michael’s endorsed “official” website:


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Wonders In Aliceland:


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Glen Buxton’s Cold Room – A daily discussion list moderated by Glen’s sister Janice:


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if all else fails: GBrown8287@…

For day to day discussion on Michael and the other members of the Alice Cooper Group, we highly endorse the ACG Mailing List found here on Yahoo Groups.

Uncle G’s 420 Reviews: Uncle G’s Corner (#07) “MEDICATED MOMENTS”

WARNING! WARNING! (age 21+ Cannabis)

16 February 2018
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews – Uncle G’s Corner (#07) “MEDICATED MOMENTS”

Words and Street Lamp Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Seeing how this is an archival website, I’d like to introduce to my newer 420 readers, a series of essays I did for a non-profit pro-cannabis website out of New York City, some years ago. One that I’ve been involved with since the year 2011. The webmistress is the wonderful Arlene Williams aka Ganja Granny. I love her to death! The website: Green Ribbon World.

Please note … regarding this republishing. We’re going back in time. Six years ago. I was married for the second time. This past February (2017) that union was dissolved one day shy of us being a couple 22 years. No resentment or hard feelings. I’d rather look forward more than backward.

Editing: Versions 2.0 … my aim is to clean up any remaining typos and grammar errors. The originally published essays could be found on the Green Ribbon World website. When finally done (this could take some time) archiving all the past essays published, I’ll start writing new ones. In a way, I already have done so: Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews.

Uncle G’s Corner
Number: 7
August 2011

Topic: Medicated Moments – The “let’s go to a play” Experience

Driving there as we were getting close, I had this bad feeling in my gut. Think neighborhoods. Think plays. Think New York City. Are you thinking? OK, follow me.

Broadway is known for its theater. The best shows, starring the best performers. For productions that for whatever reasons are not currently on the great white way, those are said to be located; off-Broadway. Nicer than saying it still needs a little work and thus is not ready for the big time just yet. Or maybe never will. Other plays, perhaps due to the lack of investors they had, or that they simply weren’t that good, the more off-Broadway they were.

Completing the set-up, if I may. Here it comes.

Freneticore Presents
Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds
Performance: 19 Feb 2011

Should this have been in New York City, you’d find it in New Jersey. Rimshot, please.

Exit 105 if one believes in fate. But this was Houston. Highway 45 heading south towards Galveston. At exit whatever, make a left. A few miles into the hood we go. An old part of Texas settled in the early 1800’s.

The theater we were going to call home a building that one might guess, use to be some kind of warehouse. First impression anyway. And like just about everything else over there that surrounded it, major renovations were needed. This part of Texas has indeed seen it’s better days. Even the main theater sign, could have used a refreshing coat of paint. Arriving, we parked on the side of the building. Was pretty much well-lit up. About the same as us (pot humor — don’t you love it).

My eyes looked all around. Potholes. Broken concrete. My wife’s like; are you sure this is it? My inner voice kept repeating; “great…..just great.” For this was just the beginning. Next, a nauseating feeling in the stomach, followed by a trip to the land of total disappointment. So buckle up.

My pretty wife and I were the first patrons there. And it appeared at least for a while, that we’d be the only ones to arrive. As eight o’ clock approached (show time), a few people did start showing up. Then more. Most dressed rather casual foregoing the proper attire for an evening like this. I’ve been to plays in the past. In New York City. On Broadway. And also downtown from where I am now; The Houston Theater District. Guys typically wore suits & ties. The misses and I dressed nice, and like just about everyone else, more on the comfortable side. This was a rock musical after all. In total, maybe 40 to 50 people showed up. Add the cast and folks that worked the theater. I’m guessing somewhere around 75 there, either in front of or behind the stage.

So, after sitting in the car a while, we went inside. There was a box office set up, on the right hand side. An employee was there. Glancing back and forth I could see the lobby was just that, a lobby. Nothing special. Like the sign outside, it too could have used, a fresh coat of paint. Dirty white walls. And not much furniture. Was mostly barren except for a few fliers made from Xerox paper, scattered here and there.

They had an official program for the show we were about to see. Nothing out of the ordinary. Plays usually do. This one here, nothing fancy/glossy. Not like that promotional postcard they had. The cover for Wayne’s album; Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds. Showed what they called a war machine, attacking a ship. Cool drawing. Science Fiction Fantasy. I so dig that. And like I said, this was printed on nice looking, glossy card stock paper. Too bad, the program that I was holding, was nothing like that. In my hands instead was a few pieces of white regular twenty pound printer paper, folded together that someone higher up in the organization, must have assumed would do the trick. Not even color ink. Another cost saving decision. Let’s have; a generic playbill. Grade schoolers could have done better here.

Our tickets were 15 bucks a piece. So they had a limited budget I’m sure. It stated in their ad/promotion that the City Of Houston gave them some cash. Were they talking loose change? Here’s three quarters, and two nickels. Now beat it! Sure could not have been much. What appeared as a serious lack of funds, reflected on everything. Think of the movies of yesterday when you heard; “Let’s put on a show!” The Little Rascals did this. In a run down location. Props were trash they found scattered around. Shields used for a sword fighting scene were actually garbage can lids. Need I say more?

In the lobby, they had beverages you could purchase. Pepsi / Diet Pepsi / Doctor Pepper…all in a can. Yours for two bucks each. At least it was cold. I did see one beer can; Lone Star. Texas proud I guess. And one bottle of whiskey. No shot glass. No cups that I saw anywhere in sight. Not even plastic ones, as I would expect from what I have seen so far of this establishment. Maybe one just took a drink of the intoxicating liquor, right out of the bottle? All that shared bacteria. Yum yum! The girl who two hits ago had a sore throat. Congratulations, so do you now. Then again the bottle could have been there for looks? Sure did look like a display of what they were offering. Purchased soda for ourselves, and threw a dollar in a tip jar. He looked needy.

Finally, we were let in. Ends up they were experiencing some kind of difficulty. The show started late. When called, like cattle, we all proceeded through the tall black, swing open and close, black door. A few steps to the stage, and seating. Think small. Theater seating. A hundred seats maybe? Not new looking. A dark red fabric covered the seats. Had that broken down, well used porn theater kind of look. Stale smell in the air. At least the floor wasn’t sticky.

We had front row seats. A three seat setup, on the left side of the theater. My wife took the inside aisle. I in the middle. And this younger heavyset woman, on my right. A complete stranger. And strange she was. Had her phone out so she could text the entire time. Add the word annoying to her description. Made these suppose to be sexy, suggesting sounds to a guy that was working the play throughout the evening. My wife and I just looked at each other. WTF? Sounded more like a cat with a huge ass hairball caught in its throat. Too funny. Meanwhile, the one my seat neighbor publicly lusted after, was busy working. Stagehand. There he was in front of us, on his knees, hooking up a speaker I swear I saw in a stoners bedroom, back in the 1970’s.

The stage was bare. Two projection screens in the background, where they used still images to help set the mood. Over the years, I’ve seen rock bands do this, and frankly much better. Porcupine Tree does a cool projection show. For one, the imagines they project, tend to fit the screen behind the band. Music synchronized perfectly. This one here, sometimes the pictures didn’t fit right. Was crooked a little. More icing on the cake. Now envision still being stoned and sitting there watching this all unfold before your eyes? From all we have seen and experienced so far, it is hard to conceive that things could get much worse.

Up to now, patrons of this event have not seen anything visual representing the play they were about to see, but for the official cover drawing that Jeff Wayne used for his project. The second time I mention this. Not to say I have not witnessed a lot since our trip coming here started. Much has happened between us getting ready to see the play, to where we were now.

Before walking out the door at home, we smoked weed. Not a huge amount. Folks are allowed an alcoholic drink or two right and be within the legal limits to drive safely. With pot, enough to get a light, pleasant buzz. We were out for the evening. To see a play. This is cool, right? Ever since making that exit off Hwy 45, it’s really been one buzz kill, right after the other. Still, there was hope. That is until the play began. Very quickly dreams were crushed that anything good was going to happen throughout the rest of the proceedings.

On top of all my other complaints, or as I see them, observations, one main one was directly right in front of me as I sat there dumbfounded as to what I was witnessing. Did I mention that the stage wasn’t elevated? I actually did see plays in New York City. I saw Godspell twice. It was the free wine at intermission that I liked best. They had an elevated stage. Had to walk up a few stairs to have the guy playing Jesus whose now playing bartender, come over and fill up my cup.

The straw that broke the camels back. I tell myself; I say self, we’re never coming back here again. We fled as a matter of fact, right after the show ended. No looking back when driving away. Foot on the gas. But I digress. Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of HG Wells War Of The Worlds has just begun, with sounds hitting my ears, being played out of a badly operated sound system. Everything was coming out of the right speaker(s). To make it even worse, mostly re-recorded music/speech/vocals. Imagine hearing parts of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of HG Wells War Of The Worlds, being performed by a lounge band in a Holiday Inn Hotel. No Justin Hayward. No David Essex. And no one even attempting to sound anywhere as good as them. Why bother? Just make it up as you go along. That seemed at times to be the approach.

So here on a wooden floor, right in front of us, they proceeded to give this a go, as only I’m sure, they could. Did I mention that this theater’s history, is dance? Lots of dancing. Wish I’d had known beforehand. Might have given me a clue as to what was to come. I would understand advertising that stated it was their own interpretation of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds. If I would have been informed of that, I would have stayed home. Could have played Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds on the stereo, medicated, and with the misses, had a much better time.

In this performance, maybe ten dancers/performers or so. More female than male. Not a bad or good thing. Just an observation.

They had a Martian. A guy in what looked like a really used, sports mascot, head to toe suit. Furry, and having a horribly bad hair day. A suit that I’m sure would be deemed by Major League Baseball, to be not appropriate for use in front of a live crowd, ever. A character not in the original story if I remember it right. The Martian’s did send out mechanical scouts. But I don’t recall beings. Not a human being like this wearing a prop probably gotten from a Salvation Army store. Discounted. Priced to go, I’m sure. See what I said about making shit up.

Check this out. Super unexpected. Girls did what seemed to me, and more than once, lesbian dances. It’s how I interpreted it. Lots of rolling around on the floor, and touching. At one point, three of them wore red/pink bodysuits. Very tight. Tight enough, we now got; cameltoe. Think anatomy class. And I remember reading on the postcard promoting the play that it was family friendly. No children in this audience. A good thing. I can only imagine if there was; Mommy….why is that ladies right nipple, sticking out more than her left one? In which Mom replies; too much dry ice, Dear.

Like a real Broadway type play, there was an intermission. All of this activity ceased, giving one a type of reprieve, and the time to form an updated opinion of the nights’ affairs, so far.

Question. Could this play be it’s so bad, that’s it’s good? Think the classic 50’s horror film; Plan Nine From Outer Space. A movie that by regular movie standards, is terrible at best. Lite up a joint and the jokes write themselves. Funny how that is. One can make a film and later on have it appreciated for being something the filmmaker never intended it to be. And that’s OK. Remember; Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes? As many people will tell you that movie sucked, that will tell you it’s good. There really is magic in the movies.

There were periods of the first part of this play, that I laughed harder than I have in ages. Because it’s so horrendously terrible. A build-up of one horrible thing, after another. And here, the silver lining. The awful barren stage look. Add to that, the terrible acting. Even worse singing when not pretending with the prerecorded vocals. And I sensed they really didn’t know the lyrics they were doing lip synchronization too. Hard to believe any of the performers were fans of the album, before getting involved with this.

I’ll admit this crap, was unbelievably funny. But not laughing in their faces so to hurt their feelings. A benefit of the doubt, we can say the performers were trying. Some harder than others. Besides, it’s not polite to be in public and have bad manners. At least, not on purpose. Unless they deserved it. In which these thespians didn’t. They were just in a bad production. Management of the theater should take responsibility. It shocks me that no one during rehearsal just stated honestly, that this really sucked. It’s a bad presentation of what really is a cool play. This includes real special effects as one can look up on the Internet. Google it. The biggest special effect this play had, was dry ice. And way too much of it. Like they didn’t know how to shut off the machine. Or they were purposely trying to cover up the whole state of stinky affairs they had going on. Someone should have punched the person who signaled this play to start this evening. “Ladies & Gentlemen” — pow.

I have to admit, the second part of the play was better than the first. Could be because the realization that this was as good as it gets, applied. There was a standout performer. A lady; Ekanem Ebinne. Played her part well. Sang well. Not a huge part. Seemed to make it her own. Everyone else made me laugh. Of course, we know that wasn’t their intention.

The play ended. People applauded believe it or not. We got up, and as I said before, immediately walked to our car. My wife commented on the way home, that she liked the dancing parts. Think I replied with; my balls itch.

Here’s my short review; absolutely dreadful. A misrepresentation of the actual play. End of review. See, I said it was short.

Disappointed? Sure. But it was a night out. We don’t get a lot of those. The words, “weird experience” sums it up nicely. I bet we’ll never forget the evening. That’s for sure.

In the theater’s advertisement, it reads: …..”will thrill and entertain you with a new take on the timeless classic.” That could very much apply to the real Jeff Wayne’s Musical World Of The Worlds. Unless Freneticore meant a new take, on a new take? From the HG Wells classic book to the Orson Welles famous radio production in 1938, to thrilling movies, to Wayne’s musical. Which this wasn’t. One leap after another. And they did end up taking something from me; my money. Maybe that’s the only “take” these folks at Freneticore were going for?

Oh…..when we got home, the misses and I got totally wasted smoking hydro. And laughed. This time, out loud.

Onward through the fog…..

Uncle G

Music played while typing: Yes – Fly from Here (album)