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Uncle G’s FUN Television Reviews
Source: Original Netflix Series
Disjointed (Part One)
By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

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So I heard a couple/a few months back that coming soon to Netflix would be an original half-hour comedy type sitcom that would center around a California (USA) marijuana dispensary. Created by David Javerbaum (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and Chuck Lorre. For those not from this planet, Chuck is a mega-successful Hollywood person. You have seen his name on television credits that include; RoseanneTwo And A Half MenMom, and The Big Bang Theory. In his early 60’s now, Mr. Lorre has over three decades worth of experience in the entertainment industry. Even more, if you count his involvement with music. Classic Rock’s Debbie Harry recorded one of his numbers. Numerous professional accomplishments so far. No signs of slowing down. A spin-off of The Big Bang Theory entitled, Sheldon, premieres on NBC this fall season. Based on the clips I saw, I can conclude it looks mighty promising.

Regarding the new Netflix show, Disjointed, my initial question was if Chuck Lorre’s Midas touch was going to extend to this groundbreaking, cannabis oriented mainstream audience show that stars acclaimed actress, Kathy Bates. After watching the first season (part 1), my answer; kind of does. This first offering gives the sitcom a solid foundation to build on. Similar to being inside a real pot dispensary.  A lot of goodies spread throughout.

Uncle G discusses … Disjointed

Disjointed - Ruth Poster

I already mentioned the show’s star, Kathy Bates. I became aware of her some years back when she starred in a movie called; Misery (1990). A very intense film directed brilliantly by, Rob Reiner. Years earlier we would learn of him from his portrayal of Michael Stivic on the popular TV show, All In The Family.  ‘Misery’ earned Kathy an Academy Award for; Best Actress (1990). Another film I enjoyed that Kathy was in; Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). So Kathy Bates being in an adult-oriented comedy sitcom found on Netflix, and me not watching it … I would find it enticing. I know she is a very good actress that does projects worth checking out. Not that I’m a Kathy Bates fanatic (ha). I do admire her work. How about centering the program around a marijuana dispensary?

When news first broke out about ‘Disjointed’, I immediately became intrigued. The biggest reason is that I am an active, licensed, cannabis user. Nothing to brag about. I have injuries that come from breaking one’s ass trying to make a living, decade after decade. Life goes on. The promo stories for “Disjointed’ did their job. Yet, I wasn’t completely reeled in. Would have to watch the 10 episode ‘Part One’ season, for that to happen. I became aware! A couple/a few months later, I was reminded.  Completely committed, it took me four or five streaming sessions to complete all ten half hour (on the average) episodes.

I put off seeing the tenth one for a few days because I didn’t want it to end. Silly huh? A pattern I seem to be repeating when using Netflix. Example, I recently just completed watching ‘30 Rock’. Enjoyed it immensely. Towards the end (seasons 6 and 7) one could see storylines starting to weaken. Still, I hated to have Liz Lemon and what I come to think of as an example of television excellence (overall) come to a close. A solid adult-oriented comedy sitcom that didn’t insult my intelligence and was FUN to watch. Escapism (from real life) at its finest. One of the real purposes of television and film. It isn’t just to inform. In part, to help us forget life’s unpleasantries. This is what I use it for mostly.

Near that same ballpark as where one could find award-winning situation comedies like ’30 Rock’, up the street some, there’s, Disjointed. Both shows humorous in their own ways. If a well-versed cannabis user, the actual pot references found within ‘Disjointed’ made sense and having done so, in some cases motivated you to crack up (laugh out loud). The well-done ‘30 Rock’ centered around the making of a television variety show. For NBC, a potentially vast audience because anyone can watch ‘30 Rock’ age 13 and up, having watched tv sitcoms previously, and immediately understand whatever the episode’s premise. Who would watch a semi-typical American sitcom comedy that allowed cursing and tackled adult themes, presented in a unique format, that maybe even those with no experience with its main topic, would/could derive pleasure from? Seeing how Netflix just premiered Disjointed (Part One), one can assume they are crunching numbers now. The initial commitment was for 20 episodes.  For the viewer, delivered in parts, 10 shows at a time.

Without wanting to give away the whole storyline of the first released batch of ‘Disjointed’ episodes, I decided to mention some of my favorite parts. I will say storyline wise, that there is a really cool payoff at the very end of episode 10. What you find from the start of episode one to that time, is a mix of visually, mentally, and or both stimulating entertainment that likeability depends on what level of consciousness, the viewer happens to be at the moment of connectivity.

Disjointed - Promo Still

Promo Still: Disjointed (2017 Netflix) – Left to right: Aaron Moten as Travis Feldman, Ruth’s son_Dougie Baldwin as Pete, one of the dispensary’s employees, and Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman.

Uncle G’s List of Cool Things about Netflix’s Disjointed (Part One)

The intro of Pete and YouTube videos – The intro of Ruth Whitefeather Feldman – laugh track, cursing, Carter (Tone Bell) intro – Jenny (Elizabeth Ho) intro (Tokin’ Asian_med school dropout) – Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer) intro – Travis (Ruth’s son) intro – Clips of the film ‘Reefer Madness’ – Trixie Smith: Jack, I’m Mellow – Maria (Nicole Sullivan) intro (housewife_medical marijuana client) – Jenny’s tea – In between scenes; short random clips/stills – pretend commercials – LAYS! – Carter PTSD (sad and comical moments) – Absolutely incredible animation throughout all ten shows (Monty Python Flying Circus to the 10th power) – Strain O’ The Day Videos (standout Eve’s Bush) – Tae Kwon Douglas (Michael Trucco) – Dank (Chris Redd) & Dabby! – Dank & Dabby (Betsy Sodaro) YouTube Videos (The Best of Dank & Dabby: Coughing IV) – Food fight – whereas one star means iCannaFoam – White Girls and Weed – Shitballs – and … Dank and Dabby Rooftop.

Uncle G Rates … Disjointed (2017 Netflix)

Using the same ten-star rating system as the IMDb website whereas one star means it’s schwag and you should put it back under the rock in which you found it under, to ten stars which means it’s mind-blowing beyond belief, “Uncle G” rates the Netflix’s new sitcom comedy series Disjointed … 8 STARS! For me, there were 10-star moments scattered throughout. I foresee equal or better as more parts of ‘Disjointed’ are released for general consumption. The cast works! Standout characters! Clever writing! Talented people behind the camera such as James Burrows, who directed two episodes of the 10 ‘Disjointed’ episodes being aired. FYI: Mr. Burrow’s was a co-creator behind the hit 80’s TV comedy; Cheers. Working steadily in television since the 1970’s.

In a way, pot is seen on ‘Disjointed’ as more than just a joke. There is a positive message there. Cannabis is a threat to some. Others call it a blessing. I can understand where BIG anything can see cannabis/hemp as competition. Do the world a favor, and let it fucking compete. As ‘Disjointed’ will in whatever ratings Netflix uses to determine if to give a green light on another go-round of new stories. I’d personally like to see this show hang out some. In between new ‘parts’ … puff puff pass. Age 21 and up. And most important, no toking and then driving farm equipment. Scares the farm animals.

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Official Netflix Disjointed Facebook Page – https://twitter.com/Disjointed

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Uncle G’s Corner (#04) – Gateway Drug? Part 2

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Words and Pipe Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Uncle G’s Corner
Number: 4
April 2011

The 420 Special
Topic: Gateway Drug?
Part Two


Why is it no one says that drinking beer, will only lead later to drinking whiskey? Said as a warning. That a person drinking only beer, will one day certainly crave a stronger alcoholic beverage. Yet, it’s said with pot. Smoke weed one day. Shoot up heroin the next. Designed to be instituted as an automatic thought process. Not that it’s bad to scare the kids. I feel cannabis users should be at least 18 years of age. Am comfortable with them waiting till age twenty-one. Even if it doesn’t seem practical. Another one of those old enough to go to War and fight for our Country, but not old enough to drink a beer (which is fine in moderation for certain individuals) situations. Regardless of my experiences. This having everything to do with full body development, including that of the brain, of our younger generations. The mass message that using cannabis will lead to what I think of as real drugs, known to cause harm mentally and physically ….heroin, or crack just to use as examples, it can’t be any more wrong.

Drinking only beer one night, as compared to only smoking cannabis, is in my opinion, the worse choice between the two. Here’s a fact. Consuming too much alcohol could lead to alcohol poisoning. Simply put, a person could die indulging in this activity. Up to that end of game move, they also could have more than likely, inflicted damage to other living creatures. Animal, or human. It’s a shame that the drunks don’t only hurt themselves. Just saying.

Smoke a lot of cannabis, and odds are you would be too stoned, to even get up out of the chair you were sitting in. At least for a while. And when finally getting up to walk to the bathroom, don’t make a wrong turn and accidentally find the kitchen. Beware the munchies! You’ll never leave that room. On top of this, it’s virtually impossible to smoke oneself to death. I like that. Score one for pot.

It’s true. I consumed a ton of weed in all the time I’ve been smoking it. Two other guys and myself once tried smoking a quarter pound of grass. At one sitting. Method of consumption; bong. Regular pot. Columbian. Girls we knew got wind and crashed. Just as well. Lesson learned by me that evening was that a person can only get so high, smoking weed. Once you hit that plateau, it’s a waste of weed smoking it anymore. Nowadays with weed having higher THC counts, only a small amount of it needs to be consumed, to get that medicated feeling.

Reefer will help to stimulate your senses. It’s like your brain going zero to sixty within a few seconds. Once the THC is in your bloodstream, away you go. Accounts on the person. If in good health, and having no issues, cannabis should increase the odds of having a good day. While under the influence, let’s say you watch a movie. The popcorn tastes better. The movie is more interesting to follow. Alcohol is a depressant. Too much, and your body starts shutting down. Oops. Let the cat out of the bag. It’s true. Certainly sounds like fun (said sarcastically of course). Am sure I came close to that several times.

At age seven, my Mom passed away. Alcoholism. Not a quick death. Whiskey drinker. In the hospital mainly the last few years of her life. Yellow jaundice. Hepatitis. Wet brain. Whatever other problems. I always remembered her. She didn’t at all times remember me. Speaking of memories, most are not pleasant. One would think going through the experience, that I would stay away from the bottle. Didn’t happen that way. I was drawn to it.

My own alcoholic like journey, started right after Mom was buried. My Dad, who was a heavy drinker himself, rushed me into the Catholic religion. I was baptized. No more public school. In the third grade, it was now a Catholic education. Saint Mary’s of South Amboy, New Jersey. Here came communion. I became an altar boy. One benefit of this was that I was able to be alone, behind the altar. Preparing for the mass. A little wine for the priest. A little wine for myself. I still remember the warm feeling in my tummy, it would give me.

Between ages seven and eleven, my Dad raised me. Mostly in bars. Coke and potato chips were my favorite. I dunk the chips with the bubbles in it, in the glass of coke. The chip bubbles would then fill up with cola. Right in my mouth, it went. Delicious! Wise Potato Chips. Yummy! Bet it’s still a favorite of pot heads up North. While also at the bars, I got into music. Played CCR on the jukebox. My memories are filled with 1960’s top ten pop songs.

In the early 1970’s, my Dad had a stroke. Paralyzed one side of his body. He was a tough one. Still got around. When I was eleven, one day he had another stroke. Paralyzed from the neck down, this time. A massive heart attack that night did him in.

Now in Manasquan, New Jersey, and after my Dad’s death, I moved in with an Uncle & Aunt. By age twelve, I drank enough alcohol one day to get totally drunk. I remember coming too in a shower, my friends Mother was giving me. Good thing she was a nurse. I was sick for almost three days.

Had weed by now also. My Uncle & Aunt had two boys, older than me by a few years. The oldest one smoked pot. I would steal some of his.

Hanging out with older kids now. Drinking more. Kicked out of my Uncle and Aunt’s place, and then my first foster home. Second foster home threw me out as well. By the time I’m fourteen, I’m into the fourth home since my Father’s passing. Living in Long Branch, New Jersey. Regularly smoking weed. Drugs entered the picture.

This newest foster home seriously didn’t care. Only about the monthly checks. No adult supervision. Jail. Detention centers. Way more than one. Had my first probation officer when I was age twelve. Lasted till I turned legal, which back then was eighteen. Time on probation kept getting bumped up, with every new thing I did. I survived the experience. As I stated before, peaks and valleys. Am sure it reads like a horror story. It wasn’t all that bad.

Sometimes I got lucky. Was forced by court order, to visit Rahway Prison in New Jersey, so I could participate in the Scared Straight program, a week AFTER they filmed the movie. Like Maxwell Smart would say; missed it by that much. So close. The documentary was hugely popular, and frankly, I would have hated to have to been in it.

As luck would have it, I was yet again arrested after completing the Scared Straight proceedings. Imagine that. Not scared straight. Frightened sideways perhaps? Fleeing from a runaway stolen car. That’s what they call a car after everyone inside it, bails out while the car was still proceeding, forward. Judge suspended sentence. Was warned if I was ever in front of the courts again, that I would have to do the time for what the charges were in this case, and whatever other time for whatever else I did. Oh, in a maximum ADULT security jail. Seeing how I was like seventeen then. A social worker I had advised me to take a tooth-brush with me before the trial. Close one.

A saving grace was that I always was a hard worker. Specializing in semi-skilled labor. Passed on college. Marriage number one was a total failure. Was a foster parent. The kid called me the male provider. We never bonded. No relationship. She liked my ex-wife better. It was really when I was in my early thirties, that I started to pull my head out of my ass. Cannabis stayed with me off and on, till I quit everything back in ’92, and got to know myself better.

Looking back now, out of everything I did back then, cannabis truly, hurt me the least. Matter of fact, I was only smoking that when I decided in the early nineties that I’d try to turn my life around. Yet again. Failed a few times before that. Didn’t matter. Was disappointing putting pot aside. I wanted the totally straight effect. Knew one day grass would be back in my life.

I wonder to myself. I said; self…..has my experience with pot shown that it was a gateway drug? Answer being; nope. Booze and drugs were. Both opened lots of doors. Alcohol seriously releases the inhibitions. Made me search for other highs. Pot never did that. It always made me feel somewhat content. When smoking pot, I’d hang around the ones shooting coke in their arms and always say; no thanks. Nice folks that they were, they always leave me a corner of the bag to snort. One night when drinking, and there was no pot, I said yes to the persistent question of did I finally want to try it the right way.

In a field. In the Carolina’s someplace. At night. A group of us gathered around the headlights, so we could see. I said yes, and they came down like vampires. Acting all happy. The needle was prepared. In it went. Was the best high ever. Experienced in a field, in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful dark night sky. Lots of stars. The weather and temperature were perfect. As I already knew it would be. That’s why up to then, I didn’t try it. That’s the problem. It’s a new game now.

You chase that first high. It was that incredible. At first, I controlled it. Silly drug addict. Coke controls you. Still, I kicked that and alcohol back in 1986. Almost died doing so. Detox was horrible. The itching from all the needle holes healing in my arms drove me crazy. I would have dreams, seeing myself shoot up. So vivid. Took a couple years getting Lady Cocaine out of my system. I stole for her. I’d help steal window air conditioners and sell them for coke. Me and a guy who had one fake leg, and one real one. Stealing kept me on three day binges. The weirdest thing is going to bed on Wednesday, and waking up Friday. Almost went to jail for that drug. Glad I freed myself from its clenches. One of the worst mistakes I ever made, was getting seriously involved with cocaine. One of the best things I ever did, was getting it out of my life.

See what happens with no parental guidance. Today, I’m cool with everything. I took responsibility for all my actions. Got rid of what some might call, the nasty habits. Read a BIG book. Tried to salvage some of my religious experiences. At least make sense of them. Found a good woman. Came to terms with really heavy issues. One was I decided, that my Mom was sick. Nothing personal. She didn’t drink herself to death because she hated me. A little boy will think that. Regarding my behavior; I brought the bottle to my lips. The pills to my mouth. The needles to my veins. Nobody’s fault but mine. From then on, I dealt with it. Took full responsibility for my actions. Carried on. And it’s been a work in progress, ever since. The last time I displayed self-destructive behavior, was around 1992. The time before that was way worse. Mid 1980’s. The cocaine days.

And now in 2011, I just smoke pot. Medically speaking; helps with stress….helps me relax….helps me have fun. Helps me sleep. Medical benefits. And sometimes, I just enjoy getting high. The older me, having fun is staying at home with the wife, smoking a couple bowls, and watching television. Having a nice dinner. Enjoying each others company. If circumstances are different, and I’m home alone, I can keep myself entertained. I like listening to music. A BIG part of my life. I write, using the computer. Keep myself busy. I imagine the man with everything, continues to crave more. Like an obsession. I’m of course striving for better, but content having what I do. Cannabis is an asset in my life. Not a liability.

Here’s a big question. As bad as I was in the past with booze and drugs, why is it pot isn’t motivating me to go back to using them again? In August of 2009, or sometime close to that, I decided to continue my use of cannabis. Smoking pretty much daily, ever since. Why no gateway effect? I certainly qualify. If anything, I’m the damn red flag. “Warning Will Robinson!” I’m not even smoking cigarettes. People figured if I smoked weed, that I would pretty much automatically go back to smoking cigarettes. In a previous entry, I mentioned this. It has not happened yet. Still cigarette free. Since November of 2007 (what the hell — worth mentioning again).

I think it’s because pot doesn’t really do that. A side effect of cannabis isn’t that you’ll predestined to advance your use of other substances. Drink screwdrivers all night long, and then on the way home, contract a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Pot doesn’t do that.

People get confused. They socially smoke cannabis. Then go out drinking. The effects of the weed disappear. The effects of the alcohol take over. In some cases, here comes whatever other drugs, like cocaine. Later on coming forward is a good-looking lady in a black rubber suit, with a long whip in her hand. Pot doesn’t do that. My experience is that sex is enhanced when under the cannabis spell. So it could make that situation at least, somewhat more entertaining. And finally, my conclusion is that this gateway talk is pure nonsense. A tactic used to help keep pot use controlled, and or illegal.

Don’t be afraid to debate this. Do the research yourself. Remember the difference between someone like me remarking from experience, and someone who only knows what they read in books. Question where the so called facts, come from. Apply your own logic. The next time you hear about how using pot will certainly lead its users to other illegal drugs down the road (notice how there is never any concern about the legal ones), tell them to knock it off. Shout when you say; “Uncle G thinks you’re full of crap. Nonsense I tell you…NONSENSE.” Laugh, turn around, and then walk off. Logic never seems to work with these people. Maybe irritation will?

Onward Through The Fog,

Uncle G

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Uncle G’s Corner – Gateway Drug? Part One


Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Uncle G’s Corner (#04) – Gateway Drug? Part 1

27 Sept 2017
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Words and Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Seeing how this is an archival website, I’d like to introduce to my newer 420 readers, a series of essays I did for a non-profit pro-cannabis website out of New York City, some years ago. One that I’ve been involved with since the year 2011. The webmistress is the wonderful Arlene Williams aka Ganja Granny. I love her to death! The website: Green Ribbon World.

Please note … we’re going back in time. Six years ago. I was married. That one came crashing down in which I was awarded a divorce, one day shy of us being a couple 22 years. No resentment or hard feelings. I wish her well. This is growth. Can’t say I felt that way about wife #02 only months ago. Life goes on. Other aspects in which other parts changed as well. Time stands for no one.

Editing: Versions 2.0 … my aim is to clean up any remaining typos and grammar errors. The originally published essays could be found on the Green Ribbon World website. When finally done (this could take some time) archiving all the past essays published, I’ll start writing new ones. In a way, I already have done so: Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews.


Green Ribbon World (website)

Uncle G’s Corner
Number: 4
April 2011

The 420 Special
Topic: Gateway Drug?
Part One

How many times has this happened? A news story about how cannabis is being considered for legalization. On the TV screen, a reporter, and a stuffy looking, middle-aged person. The reporter asks; “Do you ever see marijuana, legal in this State?” And what else is there to know about the one being asked this? A political representative, currently pretending to do the people’s business. Here’s the response. “Marijuana is a gateway drug!” The voice is loud and stated very matter of fact. Serious look on their face. Appears well rehearsed. Keep in mind, the weapon used here is words. And these words in particular, weird how closely related they are to that other famous political bullshit line; do it for the children.

An example, you say. Here’s one. Let’s raise the price of cigarettes to twenty dollars a pack. Now the kids can’t afford to smoke. I’d say just about most folks would understand this. And in doing so, making the price higher for the adult users, it’s unfortunately, one of those things. For some, there now newest financial crisis, equivalent to collateral damage. They just have to deal with it. As long as the kids are safe. Just keep repeating; it’s for the children. Wanting a better mankind for all. How could a person, not be for that?

Months later you hear the politicians are depending on the extra revenue, generated from that move, to make the yearly budget. They are even disappointed when the money taken in, shows decline from their projected estimates. None of that was said in the past. What was said, was that raising prices would help children. That was the only reason given, wasn’t it? That’s what I remember anyway. And something else happened. A lot of people in their fine State quit smoking cigarettes. Taxes so high it made the product non-affordable anymore. The price is now way too high. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the ones calling themselves our elected elite, lead me to believe that they care more about themselves, their supporters, and their inner world, then they do ‘the kids’. Why not just tell us the truth to start with? I will. The true intention of the “gateway” remark, remember that……is and has always been, to see to it, that cannabis stays illegal.

Our politician has supporters that strongly oppose legalization/decriminalization of cannabis. Thinking about this, the first reason I came up with was, and all too obvious to me was the fear of losing money. Hear me out now (even if you’re reading this). Mostly everyone can identify. General population believes that only the wealthy could afford to lose money. We all got bills. Everyone’s got to eat.

Americans spend on the average, billions of dollars a year, for nothing more than to escape reality. You know, something to help cope with life’s little challenges. How far one goes up the ladder, is up to the individual. So step right up. Booze and pills to the rescue. Soon word gets around that this one brand of muscle relaxer is so much better if one swallows down the pill with a glass of chilled, red wine.

And what do we do when under their influence? One thing really popular is watching reality television. Great zone out material. The reason most love it so I imagine would be to watch what other people’s real life is. Jokes on us. Hollywood made even reality TV, fake. Get this, Jessica Simpson isn’t really all that dumb. Because of a clothing line/empire she has, the lady is damn near a billionaire nowadays. Good for her! Wonder if she has a hemp line? Tee-shirts and whatnot? Support what you believe in. That’s what I say.

So some people figure if pot was made legal, that some of the folks, would buy less alcohol, and need fewer pharmaceuticals. So the answer to making it legal is; no. Portray the weed as evil instead. And say it with conviction. Like it’s the final word. Attitude must be that any action taken to legalize, goes no further. Too bad our friend, the political puppet from paragraph one, don’t see what lies ahead.

Cannabis users are tired of hearing the word; no. The fight for legalization/decriminalization is ongoing. Lately, battles have both been won and lost. Each victory makes the next one a tad easier. Each State has its own version. One day I predict, that the conflicts will go away. Weed will be legal in all States. Cannabis will blend into everyone’s daily life. The only questions will be why, and when to use it. Not having an answer could be just as good an answer, as any other one. Restrictions on weed? There should have never been any rules, or boundaries placed on cannabis. Be it used for recreational, medical, or religious purposes.

I remember some of the 70’s. While sitting on the bowl, I would read publications like National Lampoon, Hustler, or High Times. I thought NORML was a cool organization.

Sometimes when smoking grass, I’d do bongs with the older folks. Defined here as late teens, to people in or around their 30’s. This would have happened from my mid-teens to becoming legal (1979) years.

During the intake of the cannabis, stories would be passed around. A conversation would ensue. Sometimes, about what we were presently inhaling. This time around, it’s the studies of monkeys in a lab somewhere. Official Marijuana Studies. By the United States Government.

The furry primates were forced to wear gas masks, that contained 24/7, piped in reefer smoke. Someone would say they saw pictures. “The monkeys were totally wasted man.” Breathing in Government grown pot. Higher THC levels, may I remind you. Way better than the regular weed we were purchasing. And after being bombarded with all this smoke, they then said how the monkeys were presently, in a coma-like state. Credited to the marijuana, of course. The conclusion which was formed for you was that if you smoked pot, then you’d become brain-damaged. After all, that’s what happened to the monkeys. Goes without even saying that this too could also happen to human beings. I didn’t really believe this garbage. How stupid is this? Of course, we’d expect those results with the monkeys. What human constantly smokes high THC cannabis all day, and all night? From a gas mask? For a long ass period of time? Believe me, people have tried. I figure without the masks. Sooner or later they’d pass out. Hopefully not head first in a bowl of cereal. Horrible headline;

Marijuana User Drowns Face First In a BIG bowl of (insert the name of your favorite cereal munchies when under pot’s influence; Stoned Mini-Wheats?)

To be continued…

Uncle G’s Corner – Gateway Drug? (Part 2)


Gateway Drug? (Part 1) Originally Published


Steve Hunter: Short Stories

Uncle G’s Classic Rock CD Collection
Topic: Steve Hunter (Short Stories – 2008)
By: Gary Brown aka “Uncle G”
American Correspondent for ClassicRockRadio.co.uk

*First Published: 28 August 2012*

I started getting into Steve Hunter’s work back in the 1970’s. Over the years, he has become one of my favorite rock guitarists. A maestro really, he’s capable of much more than just your average, everyday guitar player. Excels in any style played. Definitely, a player you want to hear more from, once you hear Steve play for the first time.

If you like extraordinary guitar players, then Hunter’s your guy. Once hooked, like I was after having played Alice Cooper’s ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ a hundred or more times, then that’s it. From there, you expand your knowledge of Hunter’s work. Then it’s like you can’t get enough. Steve Hunter can play the hardest of any electric guitar player out there nowadays. Can rock with the best of them. Turn that around and he can play the most beautiful music that any six-string instrument can muster. Experienced, and at the top of his game. It’s one incredible guitar solo after another. Dude’s on his game, always.

My introduction to Steve Hunter was Alice Cooper. Steve was in Alice’s original solo band. Had worked with the Coopers previously. Worked with Bob Ezrin. In the beginning, himself and Dick Wagner were on guitar duty. One of the best double guitarist team to come down the pike. They had to be. The previous double guitar team Alice worked with, original members of Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton, were extraordinary at the job they did. Anything less than that, and it would not have worked as well as it did. Together, they helped launch Alice into his new solo career.

Before and after the Cooper hookup, Hunter’s worked with other musicians; Mitch Ryder, Lou Reed, Jack Bruce, Dr. John, Peter Gabriel, David Lee Roth, and Bette Midler, just to name a few. The last one may surprise you. In 1979 a film came out that was widely popular; The Rose. Look at the musician credits, and you’ll spot Steve’s name.

One more I’ll mention is a legendary star of stage and TV; Mr. Glen Campbell. Steve had the honor to appear on Glen’s 61st studio album release, 2011’s ‘Ghost On A Canvas’. So you see, Hunter really has worked with a lot of fine musicians/groups over the years. Has played on a long list of classic hit rock songs, including one of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs; Solsbury Hill.

Steve Hunter - Short Stories - CD Cover (autographed)

Short Stories is the first solo album / CD that I heard of Mr. Hunter’s. I knew before playing it, that the CD was an instrumental. So right off the bat, it got my attention. I have always loved the instrumental format/segments in songs. Lyrics are its own art form. To me what matters most is the actual music. Don’t get me wrong. Add words to most tunes and that’s when it becomes memorable. Believe it or not, there are and always has been musical compositions that are better off without a vocalist(s) and words getting in the way. Such is the case here with Steve Hunter’s 2008 CD, Short Stories. The song titles offering clues as to what the musician could be visualizing with each composition. Besides that, it’s the guitar and its various styles of being played that Steve lets narrate with each well-crafted piece that makes up this CD. Steve’s wife Karen is listed in the credits for vocalization on one of the harder rockin’ songs; PeaceWork. Awesome tune !! Reminds me of Jeff Beck some. If one had to be compared to someone, a very high honor would be to have your name even mentioned in the same sentence as, Mr. Jeff Beck.

Every sound you hear on Short Stories is credited to Steve; drums, bass, the whole nine yards. A multi-instrumentalist in every sense of the word. Short Stories, a product as good as any rock player goes serious musician, has yet to conjure up. There are some awesome instrumental rock albums out there that center around the guitar. This is another one. The Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for 2008 could have been for any song on this release. I’m guessing they never heard it.

I remember my first listen to this CD like it was yesterday. Actually, was only a couple weeks or so before writing this, that I first acquired the CD. Here’s how it happened. A couple/few weeks ago (as I already said) I was listening to Alice Cooper’s latest studio offering; Welcome To My Nightmare 2. Steve’s playing is all over this. Produced by Bob Ezrin. The whole CD has a great sound, and Steve plays some really hot licks on this. Motivated me when next online to do a Google search, and see what else Mr. Hunter has been up to lately. I knew he recently bowed out of the Cooper band to concentrate on making solo music. A tad more research and us fans find out there was also an additional reason; Steve’s legally blind now. Suffers from pigmentary glaucoma. Keeps a diary on his official website; My Blind Blog. On a personal note, it’s hard not to admire a guy who’s capable of making lemonade, when life threw a curveball and gave him lemons. People in the music/recording industry routinely throw praise at this man. My good friend…an honorary brother…Wil says Steve’s; “a cool guy.” Mr. Hunter recently stepped in for another cool guy, Glen Buxton, when Alice Cooper made it into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Buxton passed away. Hunter did an outstanding job representing him. Plus…Steve’s just an all around exceptional guitar player/musician.

Back to my story and how I got Steve’s CD; Short Stories. I purchased it on Hunter’s official website. Came autographed too. Steve’s musical abilities shine from the start of this CD to the very last note at the end. Encompasses several different styles of playing, so not to bore the listener. I think he did that just to show off. Regardless, it’s a fantastic offering. What I loved most while playing this on my home stereo really loud was Steve did me the favor and didn’t forget how someone like myself became a fan. The man plays a mean rock guitar all throughout this. My only critique of the whole CD is that a couple songs could have been longer. Ends suddenly, whereas I felt he was in such a good groove that the tune could have carried on a bit longer. If that’s my only problem, then I don’t have a problem. What I have is a desire to listen to another one of Steve’s solo works.

I mentioned Steve’s website already. If you have not checked it out in a while, please do so now. Well…not immediately right this second. Please finish reading this first. On the website, you can learn and celebrate all of Steve’s accomplishments in rock n’ roll. Not only that, but you can tag along and experience him and his quest to go forward. New music for the year 2012, is right around the corner. Bookmark and please help support. Buy a song…buy a whole CD worth of songs. Mr. Hunter’s an independent musician nowadays. Like everyone else, man’s got to pay the bills. Take it from Uncle G, it’s money well spent. I have played Steve’s Short Stories repeatedly since its arrival in my mailbox. In the house and in the car. I even brought it to work with me. Worth every penny I paid for it. Good reactions when friends come over and I have it playing on the stereo. Short Stories has already in this short time become a personal favorite of mine. Damn shame it took me four years to discover it. Don’t be the same way. Remember and bookmark Mr. Hunter’s website. And stay abreast. You’ll be glad you did.

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Uncle G’s FUN Music Reviews: Dick – Dangerous Dreams

ClassicRockRadio.co.uk Music Review

Spotlight: Dick – Dangerous Dreams (2017)

By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Twitter @GBrown0816

Dick - Dangerous Dreams (1400 x 1400 RBG)

You know, the one thing Jon Kirkman requested from me on the day I became a correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (UK), was not to post prog-rock stories all the time. A friendly reminder that the station has a huge rock n’ roll playlist, consisting of every form of rock music imaginable from the 1960’s and on. Thousands of musicians and bands under the classic rock umbrella, in which to do stories on. And that I did.

Over the past five years via Classic Rock Radio’s main website, and or its social media pages, I mentioned a ton of different people and products associated with them. Nowadays focusing on either interviews or straight up music/movie reviews. And then anything under the  ‘pop culture’ roof, should I get a bug up my bum and feel compelled to express my opinion about whatever it is.

Pertaining to music, Classic Rock Radio (UK) has given me the opportunity to do pieces on acts I’ve known for decades, or be it something new to these now maturing ears. And remember, it has been said that in general, people over age fifty do indeed if able, become more adventurous. That for me is where ‘Dick’ comes in.

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter gentleman by the name of Jaakko Soimakallio recording under the name, Dick, somewhere in Finland, contacted me through my archival website asking if I’d be interested in hearing his new album. I get these requests several times, every day. No exaggeration. Not all from Finland, of course. The website is still fairly new. One can add also as contacts, Twitter or my own personal Facebook page. No guarantee. Only so much time in a day. Yet I appreciate the requests because the fact of the matter is, I need topics to write about. One doesn’t need to be established, to create something worth the time for others like myself to check out. Saying that … no country or opera music, okay?

Comparing myself to other entertainment journalists out there, I know there are some that listen twice to something, and then type a thousand words on it, declaring to the whole WORLD, their yay or nay vote. Works for them … I just don’t do shit that way. MAIN reason. Knowing and understanding myself, my own first impression can be and is WRONG on many occasions. My mind needs to absorb and sometimes even understand all the sounds that made up the beats and tones, that make up the full project. I write (type really), expressing my viewpoint, when I feel it’s the proper time to do so, and not a minute sooner. Include editing, and you’re typically looking at a few weeks or longer.

I told Jaakko yes, by the way. Snail mail from Finland. The dude sent me two CDs, autographing one.

Note: The CD artwork by Niina Helimaa is extremely well done. Niina did a wonderful job on the wrap and booklet, capturing the overall feel of the music found within.

“Uncle G” discusses … Dick – Dangerous Dreams (2017)

A death of a friend, one of the first ones I made here in Fort Collins occurred right after I gave this CD, the first couple spins. The human condition. We all at one time or another experience situations that we’d rather not. Then a health issue for myself popped up. Nothing modern medicine can’t (hopefully) take care of. Taking some time off my writing, I did go back to Dick – Dangerous Dreams. Seven tracks total with one being an instrumental. Is certainly put together like a prog-rock album. The influences should one hear them, can range from random 1970’s/1980’s FM radio sounds to a classic rock group like Steely Dan. And I say that due to the album (Dick – Dangerous Dreams) having a tad of rock-jazziness to it. Blend in some Gabriel era Genesis. I can see old school art rock fans getting into this, as much as I do the Millennials.

Oh … lovely instrumental; Winter Ghost. Well done! Repeat plays for sure!

“Uncle G” rates … Dick – Dangerous Dreams (2017)

Using a five-star rating system, whereas one star basically means it SUCKS THROUGH A LONG  STRAW to five stars in which would mean I seriously think it’s worth your time and money checking out, Uncle G rates Dick – Dangerous Dreams (insert a Jaakko Soimakallio drum roll) … 5 STARS! In a nutshell, Dick – Dangerous Dreams has become a soundtrack to my Summer of 2017. Strong writing! Original and modern Progressive Rock that sounds GREAT on a decent set of headphones.

FYI: Since I mentioned headphones, for decades now (since the 1970’s) yours truly has been using; Sennheiser. Top notch products! I always get my money’s worth, plus!

I’ll close by again saying what some might find shocking: “I really LIKE Dick!” And again, THANKS to Jaakko for playing on a hunch. Sorry, I took so long in regards to producing at least a few words on your CD. Keep making music my new friend, and I’ll keep listening. and please pass on congrats to ALL involved in putting out such a solid album. Am looking forward to seeing where things go musically from here. DICK & Finland (country of origin) ROCKS!


Dick – Dangerous Dreams (Bandcamp Dot Com)


Dick (Official Website)


Gary “Uncle G” Brown Archival Website


Trevor Rabin – Jacaranda

As Seen On ClassicRockRadio.co.uk
First Published: 28 July 2012
Spotlight: Trevor Rabin – Jacaranda
Music Review by Classic Rock Radio (UK) American Correspondent Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816


Trevor Rabin - Jacaranda - cover

Then: I, like many other YesFans became aware of Trevor Rabin back when the hit album 90125 came out. Read the name in the credits. When the tour came I checked it out. Yes was now a band with a new focus. They had a hit song with Owner Of A Lonely Heart, and the album was making the charts. All seemly guided by a very competent new guitarist. Not only did he play guitar, but other instruments as well. An all around multi-instrumentalist. Add to that, songwriter. He says ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’ came to him while sitting on the toilet. Plus he sings. All this he does very well. A talented musician and performer.

Trevor stayed with Yes, appearing on three other studio releases; Big Generator, Union, and Talk. At the end of the Talk tour, Mr. Rabin resigned from the band to focus on becoming a movie score composer. I always personally loved the medium myself. I grew up admiring the composing skills of John Williams. Another 20th century Beethoven. His scores equated to some of the best classic pieces even written. Typically performed with a symphony.

Not to be confused with songs that appear in movies. A song in a movie would, later on, appear on the film’s soundtrack. Keep in mind, a soundtrack is not a score. A score is typically original music composed and performed just for the film. Could also include dialogue or sound effects from the movie. Think Vangelis – Blade Runner.

When you think of the film Jaws (original score by John Williams), the music you hear in your head is likely to be the main theme which was composed by Williams. The music was meant to envision a shark attack. A short and very effective instrumental.

An example of a song in a movie that would appear on a follow-up soundtrack could be; Aerosmith’s – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Was in the 1998 disaster film; Armageddon. Was a big hit for the band. Appeared in the actual movie during some mushy love scene.

The score or the original instrumental music heard in the background of the film Armageddon, was composed by Trevor Rabin. His first real BIG hit in films. So being a fan of both Aerosmith and Rabin’s, I ended up purchasing both the soundtrack and the score from the film.

After a while, the scores were becoming hard to find or were too highly priced to keep up getting them all. I do have a small collection anyway of his film work.

Here’s a sample of titles that Trevor did the music for:

The Glimmer Man (1996)
Con Air (1997) …with Mark Mancina…before that Trevor also helped Mark with his score to the film, Twister (1996).
Armageddon (1998)
Jack Frost (1998) …does a cameo as Trevor, The Jack Frost Band Lead Guitarist.
Deep Blue Sea (1999)
Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)
Remember The Titans (2000)
The 6th Day (2000)…does commentary on the DVD
Rock Star (2001)
Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
National Treasure (2004)
Flyboys (2006)
Snakes On A Plane (2006)
National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (2007)
Get Smart (2008)
I Am Number 4 (2011)

Add to this, his guest appearances over the years; Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Manfred Mann, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Seal, Paul Rodgers, Rick Wakeman, and Roger Hodgson just to name a few. And by the way, all this is NOT everything Trevor has ever done. The information I listed, just an attempt to answer the question as to who Trevor Rabin is. People ask me this. So there, in a nutshell, is my answer. Trevor has an official website. Additional information can be found there. I recommend bookmarking/keeping up. A player in the world of classic rock. Someone whose CD’s I automatically purchase based on past performances. My opinion is he helped resurrect the band Yes. Without his help, the relaunch of the group would have never happened, or been anywhere as successful. Worked out well for both. Yes needed the new blood, and Rabin needed a place he could shine.

Now: In May of this year, Trevor released what would be his fifth solo record; Jacaranda. To compare it to previous solo efforts would not be fair. Trevor’s matured as a musician. Not so he’s boring anyone to death. He’s been at this game for a few decades now. The man’s progressed. Kind of funny since he’s made a name for himself doing progressive pop type songs. Where some of our greats remain the same, Trevor’s taken his playing, and composing to a whole other level. In my past columns, I made mention of Twenty Century Beethoven’s. Twenty First Century now. Here’s old school showing itself. Musicians whom I would consider among the ranks of the great classical composers of yesterday. Two Hundred years from now I bet a symphony orchestra on another planet performs the music of this man.

Jacaranda: An almost all instrumental that covers a wide range of different musical styles. Worth every penny I paid for it. When’s the last time you could say that about a CD you purchased?

I knew I’d be writing this review on here. It’s impossible to comment about anything intelligently unless you know at least a little something about the subject matter. So I listened to this CD at least twenty times within the past few days. In the process, I have gotten to know it really well. I love instrumentals. I like when things are changed up some. Which could explain my getting into progressive rock as much as I do. I wrote a few notes alongside song titles. So to cut the suspense, I’ll tell you ahead of time I like Rabin’s Jacaranda very much. Here’s some of why.

Spider Boogie — Quick picking fun jam.
Market Street — Final Eyes 2. At times a similar tone or rhythm that reminded me of.
Anerley Road — Old style start — dream like jazz style — a solid song.
Through The Tunnel: Ball’s to the wall moments.
The Branch Office — nice melody.
Rescue: Very Mike Oldfield like. In a way too beautiful for words.
Killanney 1 & 2 — Piano playing that rivals Vangelis or Wakeman.
Storks Bill Geranium Waltz — like a song heard and applauded 300 years ago.
Me And My Boy — it’s a rocker !! Multi-layered & very cool.
Freethought — feelin’ happy.
Zoo Lake — lazy feeling in an old fashion kind of way.
Gazania — Happy ending.

Trevor plays almost just about everything you hear on this CD. It’s simply incredible. He’s a magnificent player in every sense of the word. Classic rock fans take note. Two current players accompanying Jeff Beck lately are found on here; Vinnie Colaiuta, and Tal Wilkenfeld. Trevor in the liner notes, remarks how happy he was with their appearance on here. Good job producing. They can be heard and enjoyed.

If the song titles sound or read a little strange, it’s due to this CD being autobiographical. In the liner notes on each song, Trevor makes comments with a lot of them being stories of his growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Uncle G’s favorite one is from a song called; Zoo Lake. It reads in part: When I was around 17, we use to go out on a rowing for 20 cents an hour and smoke some pot. Hard place to be stopped in the middle of the lake”.

For the classic rocker whose looking to branch out some. For everyone else who likes good music. Hopefully, it won’t be so long between solos for us to get the next one. A fantasy concert would be Trevor doing music from Yes and his films. I’d like to see that, and maybe for one night Trevor conducting the Boston Pops Orchestras. I love to hear them do Endless Dream.

Uncle G’s CD Rating: From one to five stars…Trevor Rabin’s Jacaranda: 5 stars !!

Official Trevor Rabin Website


Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#13)

Recommended Age: 21 +
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Edible Report (#13)
Type of Edible: Gummies
Name of Company: Robhots (EST. 2015)
Medicinal: Yes!
Product: Robhots Mega Dose Infused Gummies
Flavors: Pineapple and Tangerine
THC: Contains TEN 50mg THC Gummies; 500 mg Active THC (entire bottle)

Story and Incidental Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Robhots - Mega Dose - Pineapple_Tangerine - box (2017 09 08)

Welcome back returning readers, and also to those venturing into uncharted waters. Fair warning for the newbies, for from what I’m told, ‘yours truly’ can be an acquired taste. People have different points of view. Accounts on the time of day, and what the subject is. Pertaining to myself, I try to as a writer, to offer a variety of topics. Most fitting under the pop culture umbrella. I’m an individual and not into group think. Am fairly capable of drawing my own conclusion. I’m not an academic. Average ‘Joe’ type, blue collar kind of guy. I believe that alternative medicine is some serious shit. Cannabis may not be a cure all, but it sure can compliment, or get this …. perhaps even alter for the better what the average person is prescribed by their doctor(s). How many countless of stories are out there of people consuming pot to help get through difficult times? I have my own. Is part of a book that is still available on Amazon (dot com). Cannabis treats me well. Booze damn near killed me.

The last published write up I authored was just days ago for a classic rock 24/7 Internet station: Classic Rock Radio (UK). Doing this for five years now. My official title is; American Correspondent. The newest article was all about; Dick. For those interested, the piece can be found doing a simple Internet search. Just cut and paste the following into any Internet search engine:

Gary “Uncle G” Brown – Dick

That should do it. I’ve since received praise and good news regarding that review. The station informed me that I’m drawing in more female readers than usual.

Uncle G discusses … Robhots – Infused Gummies: MEGA Dose – Medicinal – Pineapple and Tangerine Flavor – Active 50 mg THC (infused with THC Distillate) – Gummies.

Robhots - Different Products

Banner by RobHots

I recently wrote about another cannabis edible made by Robhots. A 125mg THC mango gummy. I absolutely loved it! After that, it got me thinking about seriously trying to use only, or even mostly, medicated edibles throughout my day. Less pharmaceutical (if safely possible). One of the first questions that I wanted to answer for myself, was if this could be affordable, for the average everyday blue collar person out there. I’ll take for granted that professional business folk, could easily afford pot, especially at medical prices. So not really an issue with them. Make around 30 thousand and be married with two kids, and a large dog with an endless appetite, and it matters what things cost. I’m focusing on sixty thousand or less. These folks (including myself) have a budget. Be it a senior living solely off their social security. Disabled is the same. Or earn between 10 and 15 bucks an hour (two part-time 20-hour jobs). Part of life for the mature/adult thing is to be financially responsible. If cannabis is to replace what can be a very cheap pharmaceutical solution, it at least needs to be just as affordable.

Aspirin can kill you. I was told back in the 1970’s by an adult in which I was under their care, that an aspirin overdose was a nasty way to do yourself in. Tears up your stomach. Being a teen, I, of course, questioned this. What would one care about tearing up their stomachs, if wanting to be dead anyway?”

Point is what is considered a normal everyday go to, can be abused, possibly harming you fatally. Eat a whole bottle. The kind that looks like a knock-off M&M candy (colorful coated tablets so not to tear up your stomach). The results are, you’re dead! No coming back from that. Stiff City! That’s if the wicked witch Aunt Patsy who informed me of this was indeed correct. I smoked a ton of pot over the decades. I never once OD’ed on it. Of course, I wasn’t ever hoping to do that. Most people who have too much THC in their system will go to sleep. Been there, done that! Anytime it happened, I always woke up.

The cannabis edibles (medical) infused with raw THC Distillate (remember them) were packaged in a box, that inside contained a child proof plastic container, where the cannabis gummies could be found. All the information the law wants you to know and more is printed on the outside packaging. I had a real fresh batch. Oh, and it comes with a cool Robhots sticker. Smart advertising. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon (1972), came with two stickers, and a poster (album).

Robhots - Sticker_Container (2017 09 08)

Successfully opening the child proof container (typically the same as what flower is sold in), the sweet fruity aroma was evident. On a Tuesday I consumed two tangerine gummies. A total of 100 mg of distillate THC. Dosing was spaced apart. Was reacting within an hour, or so it seemed. About four hours into it, I felt that I could safely do another tangerine medicated gummy. Whole and not cut/divided to lower the dose. Can do this with a butter knife, btw. Having simple mathematical skills, and one can figure out a dose for themselves that they can handle, without going off the deep end. Something that can help me forget about my injuries, that’s almost just as damn good as the opiates I can get at a local pharmacy, for a super low cost.

Know the strain. These gummies are a hybrid, more sativa than indica. All my tests were done during the day. Complimenting the experience with medium-strong ground coffee; Maxwell House. The caffeine and edible give me a ‘high’ that worked for me. Wake n’ Bake! When medicated, I was more than able to get stuff done. No melting in bed while watching Netflix.

A crazy-delicious gummy, made so one would purposely not taste anything resembling Mother Earth.  Awesome effects! Isn’t that what we want? Otherwise, we might as well be eating candy. The next time, three gummies, spaced out to last from the time I awoke to the time I crashed at night. The chronic pain was minimal. Two tangerines, and seeking variety, one pineapple, in which tasted as good as the tangerine ones.

For those keeping the flavor score; one container has ten pieces, so the breakup is Tangerine 4, and Pineapple 6. Wonderful for these taste buds! If not having THC as an active ingredient, I’d still eat the gummies. The whole thing at one sitting would be easily doable.

The last five solid gummies were split up two and three. Two more different days. Was sorry on the fourth and final testing day. During all that, I smoked less flower. Took my nerve medication only at night. No over the counter pain relievers. No thinking of doing opiates, or buying a pint of Jack Daniels. Congratulations Robhots!

FYI: Regarding opiates/booze, and just so we’re all on the same page … those are physically addicting. People can become mentally addicted to pot. It’s not for all adults. Take a person with mental disabilities and get them high on pot, and what you’ll get is a stoned mentally disabled person. Food for thought.

Uncle G Recommends

Walk out price at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, at the time I picked this up, was about $36.00 (including tax .. having valid marijuana license) … ten medicated THC infused tasty gummies … breaks down to $3.60 a gummy. Lasted me four days. If money was no object, I believe three of these gummies a day, and then smoking some strong indica (cannabis) at night, could help keep the doctor away. Lower my smoke intake. Include the cost of flower and tax, and again having a valid marijuana license, we’re looking at about $12.80 a day. Pharmaceuticals are of course cheaper, over the counter as well as that which could be prescribed. If affordable, nothing better in investing in, than one’s health. Of course, I recommend this

Of course, I recommend this Robhots product. If looking for it to be financially feasible, and again this is with weed (1/4 gram at night), it’s a three to four hundred dollar a month habit. Based on prices I’m seeing today around the Fort Collins area (medical prices). For others, maybe less THC than what it would take for myself., and that would lower the cost; 2 edibles a day instead of three. Forgo the smoking. Lots of ways to make it work.

Robhots make a wonderful line of products. At least the two different items I checked out so far. I deem this was a cool writing assignment. Thanks to the incredible budtenders at Verts (in Fort Collins, CO) for recommending.

Uncle G’s Helpful Weblinks

Robhots (21+) – www.Robhots.com

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary –  www.vertsdispensary.com