About The Author

Gary Brown aka Gary “Uncle G” Brown was born in Florida, back in the summer of 1961. A move to Texas in the early nineteen sixties, and then a more permanent relocation to New Jersey that lasted two decades, from the years 1966 to 1986.

An only child, his mother, a professional musician, passed away from the direct result of being an alcoholic when Gary was just seven years old. His father died of a massive heart attack at age 67, just four years later.

In multiple foster homes until age 16, Gary worked hard so to free himself from the system. In 1977, at the age of 16, he received his G.E.D., one year before he was actually scheduled to graduate from the public school system. Next came a full time job (40 hours). And many part time gigs so to add to the wealth. For the next thirty-five plus years, a mixture of white and blue-collar jobs followed. Sometimes working seven days a week.

Always trying to perform professionally to the best of his abilities for whoever was signing the paychecks, this overtime began to physically take its toll. Doctors commonly refer to these types of injuries as; wear and tear. When you know for sure, your ass is getting old. Ever the fighter, to combat this, Gary nowadays devotes his life to his health and hobbies, which include both writing and photography.

Since moving back as an adult and having lived in Texas twice in his life for a total of three decades, this all ended towards the end of 2015, when Gary decided a change of pace was in order. Separation/Divorce will do that. Started off with a 9-month detour in Northeastern Pennsylvania visiting an older half-brother diagnosed/suffering from the early stages of dementia. Then “Uncle G” relocated in September of 2016, to Fort Collins, Colorado (USA).

In 2017 after being one day shy of marriage for 22 years, Gary was divorced in a Harris County Courthouse (Texas) from his second wife. It happened with Gary being present on the phone (speaker) while in Fort Collins Colorado and acting in his own defense. His first time being ‘single’ since the Summer of ’92.

In March 2018, Mr. Brown moved to Greeley (Colorado). After a year, he took the advice that the city so freely gives; “Go west, young man.” “Uncle G” in April of 2019 ended up in fabulous, Las Vegas, NV (USA). So far he’s settled in, and enjoying the desert climate.

NV - LV - Sign - 18 (2019 08 02)_(142738)Photo: Gary Brown at the Fabulous (and world famous) Las Vegas Sign; 02 Aug 2019

GB’s other hobbies include traveling, trying to keep up with pop culture/current affairs, and musically, learning how to play the keyboard, which, at last report, is still in the chopsticks (beginner) stages.

Writing Credits: Having a computer in his life back in 1995, Gary quickly embraced the online music scene. Over the years he’s helped several professional musicians promote themselves over the Internet including; Michael Bruce (of Alice Cooper), Peter Banks (of Yes), and avant-garde artist/author/musical promoter genius: Billy James (aka Ant-Bee).

In 2010 after surviving treatment which lasted pretty much all of 2009, and being cured of Hep C, Gary became published for the first time, contributing a chapter to a medical book (Conquering Hep C And Surviving Treatment) on the subject, in which Gary wrote a chapter (six pages) discussing the difficulties of surviving the last half of treatment. Authored by Tim Duncan – Cate Olivolo (MSN, FNP-C). Gary’s donation was written under the pseudonym; MagickBalls.

In 2011 and 2012, Gary produced several opinion pieces for what was called, Uncle G’s Corner, on the pro-cannabis website; GreenRibbonWorld.com — and by doing so formed a lifetime friendship with its webmistress; Arlene Williams aka Ganja Granny.

Shortly thereafter in 2012, Gary took the position of ‘American Correspondent’ for Classic Rock Radio (UK)   – a 24/7 Internet Classic Rock Station out of Liverpool, England. Under the watchful eyes of its owner, Jon Kirkman (UK Radio Personality) Gary’s activities included; promotion (social media), conducting interviews, daily news stories, reviews (music or film), personal stories about himself, and the occasional opinion piece. A few of these contributions included Gary’s own photography, and for Halloween one year, a real commercial entirely done by Mr. Brown for the station. The music is Gary’s own composition; To Score A Dream.

In 2017 Gary’s first “FUN 420” reviews, digging into the world of marijuana edibles, was released. Was well received. The 1st 13 were done with a tie-in to a cannabis dispensary in Fort Collins, CO. (USA).

Liner Notes: Back in 2015, Gary did the liner notes (CD EP) for a band out of Houston called; Generation:landslide …in 2017 a few words in the booklet that accompanied Empire’s 3 CD box set; Empire – featuring Peter Banks and Sydney Foxx – The Complete Recordings. And in 2018, the liner notes for a Michael Bruce re-issue; Michael Bruce – Rock Rolls On.

Michael Bruce - GB Liner Notes (2019 01 09)_(111633)

2019 Updates

In July 2019, Gary decided to take a change from being a regular, almost daily contributor to Classic Rock Radio (UK), to just a part-time gig. He feels being a part of the team at Classic Rock Radio (UK) was up to this point, an incredible learning experience, with many heartfelt thanks given to Jon Kirkman and staff for the insightful (so far) seven-year run.

On the 21st of October in 2019, Gary “Uncle G” Brown made his movie debut, in a Full Moon Features film entitled; Weedjies! Halloweed Night. Directed by, Danny Draven. Gary was there so he could do a story. The article can be found here, on this very website (seek and you shall find). GB was asked if he could help out; be an extra. “An excellent experience”, says “Uncle G”. Credited (Gary Brown) as a party guest. The setup…it’s a Halloween party with people wearing costumes. Gary went as a generic; hippie. Wearing a green tie-dye T-shirt, a red headband (that had a mind of its own and kept riding up his forehead), shades, a pair of Converse, and some hip bell-bottom jeans. No speaking lines, “Uncle G” was directed (background extra) by Danny Draven and the legendary, Charles Band.

Weedjies - Danny Draven_Extras (GB)        Weedjies! Halloweed Night – Promo Photo courtesy of Full Moon Features 

Between 2019 and 2021, Mr. Brown did several articles for NewsWeed, a pro-cannabis website/newspaper. Opened the door for, Uncle G’s FUN Las Vegas Reviews. And in 2022, there was an appearance on the Classic Rock Radio (UK) Facebook page.  This was Gary’s first one, in 3 years, in which he offered up a review for Cleopatra Records; Synthesizer Classics (2022 various artists).

In 2022, Gary was honored to be able to contribute a couple photos to a new book on musician, Richie Scarlet. Entitled; Richie Scarlet – The Emperor Of Rock And Roll: The History In Photos by Jean Ramsey. A little background. Gary met Richie, back in 1997, while living in Houston, Tx (USA). Richie helped a few of the guys in the original Alice Cooper group, playing bass, with a couple gigs the guys did. The following year, Richie was back in Space City, as a special guest at a Michael Bruce Group gig. It was from that concert, that Mr. Brown’s photos which he contributed, were taken. Photo Credit goes to; Gary “Uncle G” Brown.   

On Gary’s personal Facebook page is the following motto; “When life gives lemons, give them back and grab a handful of grapes instead. You’ll be glad you did.”

Blast From The Past 

Possibly still available on Amazon Dot Com — A REAL book that Gary Brown contributed a full chapter, Magickball’s Story, written under the pseudonym; MagickBalls

Book - Hep C (MagickBalls)