Full Moon Features Buzzes Sin City – Here Come the Weedjies!

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Oct 04, 2019

Full Moon Features Buzzes Sin City – Here Come The Weedjies!

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown

In the beginning, all was not, cool. The rugged state of Nevada has had a rocky relationship with cannabis. Prohibition actually started in this state, back in the early 20th century; 1923. Way before it was to become fashionable; Marijuana Tax Act (1937).

The first cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas (Euphoria Wellness) opened its doors four years ago. The medical fight was a difficult one. Many thanks to the individuals that persisted, and fought the good fight. On behalf of those who need it the most; our Vets, Disabled, and Seniors. Speaking as a new resident, many, including myself, are appreciative.

Recreational sales in Nevada started at the beginning of 2017. Today tourists buying recreational cannabis, out purchase those who consume marijuana for medicinal purposes. This isn’t surprising. A little over twenty-one thousand were licensed to use cannabis in Nevada, last year. The state has a population of over three million.

I am currently in the process of acquiring my Nevada Medical Marijuana Licence. The bud I get is legal (no black market).  I have an out of state medical marijuana license in which the kind Nevadans legally recognize. I arrived in Vegas, this past, April, from the beautiful state of, Colorado. I decided by June 1st that I wanted to live here. The low humidity helps with my arthritis. There is a learning curve to functioning and moving around America’s 28th largest city. So far, I survived two earthquakes (slight tremors) and the second hottest summer, Las Vegas, ever had on record.

Let’s go to the movies!

Without film director/producer Charles Band, there would be no independent film company: Full Moon Features. A successful movie studio out of California. Founded in 1988. My perspective; they march to the beat of their own drummer. Their motion pictures are unique, scary, irreverent, and at times, funny as hell  Commonly referred to as; B Movies. Film snobs tend to look the other way. If someone of caliber like Robert DeNiro is not in it, why bother? Regardless of all that, Charles Band and Full Moon Features have seemed to have found a comfortable niche in a business where nowadays that’s very hard to do.

Mr. Band (Charles) is the son of the late Albert Band. Also a film director and producer. Charles has a brother, Richard. An outstanding musician/film composer. His musical scores could be found in many of Charles Band’s films. The cinema, a family affair, with an endless string of movie titles behind them that has been entertaining people like myself, for decades. I climbed onboard the Charles Band bandwagon, back in the VHS days; the 1990s. Before that, I have unbeknownst seen some of his work. Was already a fan of Ghoulies (1985) and Troll (1986).

Here’s a lesson I learned by watching well-made, small budget indie films. That it is possible with a small, decent amount of cash, that one could match and or even surpass the entertainment value in what could be found in big Hollywood extravaganzas’. Made for folks who might every now and then, enjoy their motion pictures to take them places, a little more off the beaten path. True film buffs who like weird and unusual tales such as those of a gang of animated puppets who enjoy killing, Nazi’s. Imagine that! In other outings, these creatures who move and think on their own seem to enjoy killing just about anyone foolish enough to get in their way. Sometimes containing a somewhat vigilante vibe. The deaths occurring in highly imaginable ways. Sound familiar? I can only be referring to the hugely successful Full Moon Features;  Puppet Master franchise. And yes, I just about watched them all. Quite an endeavor. There are well over, a dozen films. Countless others like myself…love them to death! Despite whatever character flaws; murderers. If I had to pick a favorite puppet from all those unique and unusual characters; Blade.

Speaking of Blade, he’s soon to have his own standalone movie: Blade: The Iron Cross. A part of ‘Charles Band’s Deadly Ten’. Full Moon Features latest and perhaps its most adventurous film making, to date. Ten full-length feature films made all within one year’s time. The movie sets, on all ten films, open to the general public. Free to witness, on the world wide web. Mistakes and foul-ups can happen. Continual behind the scenes webcasts, till the last scene is shot, and it’s a wrap. See the movies as they are being made. If already into the Charles Band/Full Moon Features Universe, you’d be pleasantly surprised at the familiar faces you’ll see walking around, in front of the camera, and behind the scenes. My viewing experiences so far with these ‘Deadly Ten’ live webcast, is that frankly, anything can happen. It’s crazy, weird, and highly entertaining.

For those in the know, cannabis and Full Moon Features movies make for a wickedly cool pair. Inhale and enjoy the show! Getting buzzed is certainly not a prerequisite to explore the Full Moon Features, universe. Actress Mindy Robinson was in at least 5 different Evil Bong flicks. She’s not a toker. Obviously cool with it. Gives off a, to each their own, vibe on the subject. What I caught when I was in her presence.

A resident of California. Mindy likes feeling safe and being a responsible gun owner helps her achieve that peace of mind. Being familiar with Mindy’s social media, I can say the impression she gives is that of a logical, responsible, fun-loving adult female. For many, not partaking makes life less difficult. That way for many adults who at certain stages of their life (career) don’t want the distraction. I went 17 years between joints, once. Not because of having a problem with it. Was helping raise other people’s children, etc..Working a lot of times, seven days a week. Doing whatever needed to keep food on the table, and a roof over our heads. I lived life as a pothead. I still enjoyed Cheech & Chong. One of my favorite rock bands is; Yes. I just didn’t smoke pot. For those of us now who live where marijuana is legal, its nice to know cannabis is there for when the times right. Way different than an alcohol buzz. I never threw up doing bongs. I might have almost coughed up a lung. Quick recovery.

I’m happy when I see cannabis portrayed in a positive light, as compared to Hollywood and the really not so long ago days of PSA’s. Commercials aimed against the evil reefers that were popular in their day. One puff and you’re history. Doomed with no chance of recovery. Not that marijuana, even the legal stuff is cool for everyone (age 21 and older). It’s certainly nowhere near as bad as what the American government has been telling its citizens, all these decades.

For some time now, Full Moon Features, under the eye of Charles Band, has added to the national conversation about cannabis, common sense dialogue as well as plain old funny lines/scenes about marijuana, in his films. Never done in a real derogatory way. Something as brief as showing a bizarre-looking yet friendly creature (unless provoked), puffing on a joint in the background of a scene. Nothing sinister. Five minutes later the monster as seen in the eyes of the viewer is injecting themselves with opiates, while now resembling Keith Richards. And then cast off to intergalactic rehab. I really appreciate, when I don’t see the negative. Good people have smoked marijuana, and nothing bad happened. Face it, our collective intelligence regarding cannabis has been insulted for way too long. Productive members of society, consume marijuana. Are into hemp (no THC) and CBD products (with and without THC). And listen to the Grateful Dead, because that’s a given.

In the old Public Service Announcements done for television, especially back in the 20th century, cannabis was the devil’s weed. Using it was a one-way ticket to HELL. Labeled a dangerous drug. The general public was brainwashed to believing, what is not true.

A reminder…Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs by the United States government with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are:

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy)
Marijuana (Cannabis)

It’s mind-boggling that cannabis is still on that list today. After many states here in America, legalized. Totally ridiculous!!! It’s proven nonaddict for Christ’s sake. No one ODs off of natural marijuana. Not the synthetic shit. Isn’t really pot. Buyer beware! While real cannabis, dare I say; safer than beer? That’s become a selling point for many young adults. Be warned, too much THC and one can pass out. Bad things are capable of happening, especially if not used to it. My advice…know your limits.

I watched some poor slob when I was age 16, withdrawal from heroin. We were in rehab, in northern New Jersey. The first night, he screamed throughout. Never took a break. The dude barely survived the ordeal. Took days for him to stop shaking. That won’t happen with marijuana. As mentioned many times previously, I personally know this from experience. The reality is cannabis can be proven less dangerous than what’s on the bottom of the dangerous drug list we as American citizens are all supposed to be aware of, including antidiarrheals in which people actually can shit themselves to death, if abusing or letting become habit-forming. Bulimics go down this road; Karen Carpenter (RIP). Lost her way too soon.

Let’s go back to the movies…

Danny Draven is the seasoned director of the comedy, horror film Full Moon Features is making on the day I’m on the site. He’s approachable. That helps people like me. I said hi and mentioned a Full Moon Features film he did originally entitled, Reel Evil, at least two times. Must have rehearsed that in my mind.  He smiles. Thanked him for allowing me to be a fly on the wall. A movie set to some is a sacred place. Besides all that, people also make a living doing this. Not all acting goofy, as some would imagine. I thanked Mr. Band, as well. At the start of the day, Charles walked over and welcomed me to all the craziness. His words, not mine. Very professional, and the gesture did make me feel a tad less nervous.

The hotel Full Moon Features was filming at (Artisan Hotel Boutique) had decorations throughout that were jaw-dropping. Framed erotic paintings not only on the walls but on the ceilings, as well. Fancy furniture. No kids or casino gaming. Finding the bar wasn’t a challenge. Not that I explored the whole property. Someone told me they had a swimming pool that didn’t require its users (adults) to wear clothing. Topless? I might wanna check that out, my next visit.

Weedjies - On Set - 03 (2019 06 13)_(093616)

Entrance/Exit to Artisan Hotel – Las Vegas NV USA (13 June 2019)

Everyone around me was; cast and crew. Thanks to Hugo, because besides being just a cannabis writer visiting the set, I was also an extra; Tie Dye Guy or Old Hippie Dude. My sincere gratitude to all there, that day.  Hung out over 12 hours. My stomach gave me some trouble right around dinner. Apologies to Kraft Services. Am sure the evening meal was wonderful. Hate to waste food. Had to pass.

In the last scene, I was in, I tried hanging in the back on the room. As far back as I could get. I was starting to get tired (up at 5 am). Still, I wanted to continue observing all that was going on around me. And get this! People who know me will freak; I danced. Seeing that would be worth the price of admission, all by itself. For seven years prior to this, I wrote for a classic rock internet radio station, out of the UK. I don’t dance…period! Yet, there I was. Acting like I was in a 1970s disco. Director Danny Draven, in the center of it. everything under his control. And appeared to be having FUN doing his job. Cool attitude. Sharp guy! Seriously on top of things. I wish I could have heard him give direction, better. The bull horn wasn’t loud enough. One downside to being in the back of the room. Plus I’m going deaf (keep that to yourself).

Weedjies - Danny Draven_Extras (GB)

Pictured: Director, Danny Draven, in the center of madness. The picture is compliments of, Full Moon Features. Can you find “Uncle G“?  

A Neal Smith drumroll, please (imagine the sounds of drums now playing). The movie’s title is:

Weedjies! Halloweed Night

Weedjies - Happy Halloweed - poster - 02 

FYI: Weedjies are weird little creatures that come out of an Ouiji board. For a visual, check out the nicely done poster for the movie. The horror/comedy, made as a ‘tip of the hat’ to the 1985 horror/comedy; Ghoulies. That’s the one where a slimy, ugly demon, popped his head up from inside a toilet. Surprise! Parents of small toddlers loved their kids seeing that on Tv. A real game-changer; toilet training. Mr. Band tells it was better than I, and besides, it’s his story. Ask when you see him. The new, Weedjies! Halloweed Night, was made with that blast from the past, very much in mind.

Let that all sink in, now. At least one film reviewer will categorize Weedjies! Halloweed Night, a stoner movie, especially with a title like that. As a result, those who choose to indulge probably will have high expectations. To others, the word weed brings with it nothing but bad jokes and childish adult humor. Here’s how I see it. No matter how horrible, as long as there’s no lie projected about marijuana, the dialogue or scene serves a purpose. The flip side of decades-old propaganda.

Smoking a doobie and becoming stark raving mad, ten minutes later. Life totally ruined. In a Joe Friday (Dragnet) story on Tv back in the late 1960s and 1970s, that would happen verbatim. Appeared sane at first. Smoked the reefer. A story which showed a successful pot smoker in any way, shape, or form, would never get past television censors. Yet, the real world had them, including millionaire musicians, Tv and Movie people. Respected members of the community. Hard-working folks! Living in the shadows. Afraid that if the public found out, they would not be taken seriously on a professional level; stoner. Thankfully attitudes and opinions are changing.

In the United States, the cannabis industry has grown leaps and bounds, especially in the last decade. Several elected politicians who were long against, now are in support. In the Summer of 2019, marijuana isn’t such a dirty word. Besides, how can one hate something that helps people and is worth trillions? Sadly, there are still those who oppose. Their audience gets smaller with each passing day. For the meek as a whole, today’s potheads in the eye of the law, easy targets (money grab) for all these years, will overcome.

About sixty percent of those who vote, are now fine with marijuana being legalized and decriminalized, all throughout the United States, and its territories. Myself included. Reefer madness, again? Stories can be found in the mainstream press about marijuana, every 24-hour cycle. Articles about legal sales, or where tax money is going. Don’t believe everything you read. Every legal pot dispensary I’ve been in, be it in Colorado, or Nevada, has been thoroughly professional. These people have a lot of laws to obey if wanting to stay open. Remember, those who oppose? Cannabis, even where legal, still has its enemies. For an adult where that is, its a choice when seeking an alternative to booze, or a hopeful remedy to whatever that ails them. And no more knuckle-dragging, 20th-century negative attitudes about what growers and budtenders now call, flower, unless accompanied by facts and scientific data.

Full Moon Features/Charles Band Deadly 10Weedjies! Halloweed Night debuts on October 21st, 2019. The Full Moon Features link found down below, will get you to the Full Moon Features streaming channel, found on Amazon, Roku, and wherever else.  A soon to be called; masterpiece of epic proportions. And don’t forget, as long as it wasn’t lost on the cutting room floor…I’m a dancing fool.

Bonus Photos

Halloweed Night - Mindy Robinson_GB - 01b (2019 06 13)_(155640)

Photo: On set, Mindy Robinson, and Gary “Uncle G” Brown (13 June 2019)

Halloweed Night - Libbie Higgins_GB_Robin Sydney - 02 (2019 06 13)_(133255)

Left to Right: Libbie Higgins, Gary “Uncle G” Brown, and Robin Sydney

Helpful Web Links

Full Moon Features – https://www.fullmoonfeatures.com
Charles Band’s Deadly Ten – www.deadlyten.com
Mindy Robinson – https://twitter.com/iheartmindy
Danny Draven – https://twitter.com/dannydraven + https://www.facebook.com/realdannydraven

Artisan Hotel Boutique (where filmed) – https://www.artisanhotel.com/

Dragon Dreams Photo (female photographer in Las Vegas, NV USA. Specializes in fantasy work and retouching) – https://www.facebook.com/DragonDreamsPhotography/

Shane Bitterling (writer) – https://twitter.com/shanebitterling

Update (Oct 2020) – Weedjies! Happy Halloweed, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 27, 2020. It can be purchased via Full Moon Features themselves, or anywhere DVD and Blu-ray movies are sold; Amazon Dot Com.

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