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Thank you, for checking out the; Gary “Uncle G” Brown Archives. A catchy name for sure. Rolls right off the tongue (insert laughter).

A part of me just naturally enjoys making people laugh. Hopefully what you read on here, is enjoyable in one way, shape, or form. If one can spend a few minutes reading what I author, and while doing so be engulfed and or entertained, then I as a writer, did my job. A blue-collar journalist, typing away at the keyboard so the average person for at least a few minutes, can be enlightened and possibly even somewhat amused. 

Most stories that I have written and that are found here, were previously published. No alteration of any kind can be found here, concerning original content. As I re-post, I am correcting typos, dead links, etc..In some cases I have done an update. Usually short and percise. Tacked on at the end of what was originally written. Example; if someone mentioned in the piece died who I wrote about, and its public information that they are dead, and how they died, then that is what I report. Sometimes I add a web-link so in case the reader is interested, they can further research the topic. 

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I so far have over 200 stories that I authored, archived here on this website. If just enjoying to read and liking on the subjects I tend to cover, than its all free. A favor? I would appreachiate it if you shared stories you enjoyed with any like-minded friend or family member you may have. Advertising is expensive. Twitter and Facebook both want money from me, because to them, I am a money-making enterprise. If they only knew. Especially after my last divorce, starving artist, is more like it. Nothing to be ashamed of. My head is still ‘high’ above water. That said, there are plenty of costs trying to maintain the website, and live the life of a ‘freelance writer’. I need not to go on, any further in expaining this. If so kind and inclined to help out, here is a link to my; Writer’s Tip Jar.  Every dollar collected will go towards keeping the lights on, and buying munchies. For $30, here in the heart of Las Vegas, I can get a hot cheese pizza and a gram (wink-wink). All within one mile from where I stay. Got to love it! 

Sincerely…thank you! And most important, keep coming back. Your interest is mighty appreachiated! 

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