Web Series / Movie Review: Trophy Heads

As Seen On: ClassicRockRadio.co.uk
First Published: 03 Feb 2015
Uncle G’s FUN Web Series / Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Full Moon Features Web Series: Trophy Heads
By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

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I’m sure in the time I have been writing for ClassicRockRadio Dot EU (now ClassicRockRadio.CO.UK) that I mentioned my love for B Horror / Science Fiction movies at least once. Nowadays, mostly independent endeavors seem to catch my attention. A favorite Indie motion picture studio out of Hollywood that I seriously dig, is Full Moon Features. The leader of the pack being one of the coolest Hollywood behind-the-scenes types you ever want to be around. It’s President of the company; Charles Band. The man’s a Jack-Of-All-Trades type being the creator of story ideas, producing, and directing. Since the 1970’s, Charles has been putting forth some of the most outrageous, disturbing, hysterical, and tantalizing entertainment on the planet. Much of it is tongue in cheek, or pulled out by the roots, and served up as an appetizer.

I became aware of what was then Full Moon Pictures, back in the days of renting VHS tapes. Maybe it was their 1996 release with Jacqueline Lovell entitled, Head Of The Family, that got my attention? Puppetmaster (1989)? Subspecies(1991)? Bad Channels (1992)? Demonic Toys (1992)? Whichever one, for it didn’t take experiencing too many Full Moon Pictures / Charles Band films before I was totally hooked. For the adults, add the product pitches and all the cool behind the scenes stuff, and all you need is popcorn and your favorite grown up libation. Weed works just as well. Matter of fact, in some cases it’s more like tailor made.

Trophy Heads is the Full Moon Feature debut into original programming via their own Internet Channel: FullMoonStreaming Dot Com. An original web-series. Five episodes made so far (Season One). Half hour broadcast with commercials for when it appears on cable television. Classified a comedy / horror program. An above average cast of actors. Includes cool cameo’s. Music wise we have Richard Band’s involvement, and his older brother behind the lens. Talented people behind the scenes, for it shows in all five episodes. I watched all five episodes on Hulu Plus. Only reason why I ordered it. Trophy Heads is now out on DVD and Blu-ray. Includes killer special features. Worth the price of admission.

Uncle G’s HIGH-LITES (2014 Trophy Heads_Full Moon Features)

Right off the wooden bat with a bunch of rusty ten penny nails sticking out, is the theme song. I LOVE TV THEME SONGS! At the drop of an eyeball, I could whistle the 1960’s hit ‘The Addams Family’ main and closing musical pieces. So I really do appreciate it when a new television theme song rolls around that’s worth learning how to whistle. The theme to Trophy Heads is serious earworm material. At times I seem to not be able to GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. Should really see a doctor for that.

The main premise / story works very well. Wonderful actors (Maria Olsen / Adam Noble Roberts) portray a Mother-Son team you’d hate to ever run into. The son’s fixation is on B movie scream queens of the past, and his fear of them getting older and fading away. Mom being the ‘Enabler from Hell’ loses any traces of sanity she has left, and helps junior with his ambitious plans to correct one of life’s major wrongs. Here in Max’s own special way, he recreates scenes from the various actress’ film career. And it’s here when we take it up a notch with the introduction of our victims. Ladies, that if one was into B movies of the past, one might recognize. One Scream Queen (Linnea Quigley) recites one of my favorite lines of dialogue:

“Have you bathed in the blood of the Lord?”

Well that, and I got a kick out of when yet another Scream Queen said:

“I don’t wanna be in your fucking movie!”

Snuff film that is. So who could really blame her?

Rating: Using the one to ten star rating system, whereas one star really, really sucks, to ten stars which means it’s cool to spend your hard earned money on, I rate Full Moon Features Web Series: Trophy Heads – 10 stars! Seriously, I could find nothing wrong. It’s all I come to expect from Full Moon Features and more. Plus, there are BARE BOOBIES! Presented in a way that makes the twelve year old boy still clinging on to life in me smile. Available now on FullMoonStreaming Dot Com, and should you still treasure actually owning the DVD / Blu-ray, try looking first on line at FullMoonDirect Dot Com. Lots of cool shit there besides. OH…regarding FullMoonStreaming…an archive of films that will keep you busy for many years to come. For around seven bucks a month. I might have to look into subscribing to that myself.

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