Uncle G’s FUN Netflix Reviews: Disjointed (Part One)

Date First Published: 25 September 2017Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Uncle G’s FUN Netflix Reviews
Source: Original Netflix Series
Spotlight: Disjointed (Part One)
Written by: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

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So I heard a couple/a few months back that coming soon to Netflix would be an original half-hour comedy type sitcom that would center around a California (USA) marijuana dispensary. Created by David Javerbaum (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and Chuck Lorre. For those not from this planet, Chuck is a mega-successful Hollywood person. You have seen his name on television credits that include; RoseanneTwo And A Half MenMom, and The Big Bang Theory. In his early 60’s now, Mr. Lorre has over three decades worth of experience in the entertainment industry. Even more, if you count his involvement with music. Classic Rock’s Debbie Harry recorded one of his numbers. Numerous professional accomplishments so far. No signs of slowing down. A spin-off of The Big Bang Theory entitled, Sheldon, premieres on NBC this fall season. Based on the clips I saw, I can conclude it looks mighty promising.

Regarding the new Netflix show, Disjointed, my initial question was if Chuck Lorre’s Midas touch was going to extend to this groundbreaking, cannabis oriented mainstream audience show that stars acclaimed actress, Kathy Bates. After watching the first season (part 1), my answer; kind of does. This first offering gives the sitcom a solid foundation to build on. Similar to being inside a real pot dispensary.  A lot of goodies spread throughout.

Uncle G discusses … Disjointed

Disjointed - Ruth Poster

I already mentioned the show’s star, Kathy Bates. I became aware of her some years back when she starred in a movie called; Misery (1990). A very intense film directed brilliantly by, Rob Reiner. Years earlier we would learn of him from his portrayal of Michael Stivic on the popular TV show, All In The Family.  ‘Misery’ earned Kathy an Academy Award for; Best Actress (1990). Another film I enjoyed that Kathy was in; Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). So Kathy Bates being in an adult-oriented comedy sitcom found on Netflix, and me not watching it … I would find it enticing. I know she is a very good actress that does projects worth checking out. Not that I’m a Kathy Bates fanatic (ha). I do admire her work. How about centering the program around a marijuana dispensary?

When news first broke out about ‘Disjointed’, I immediately became intrigued. The biggest reason is that I am an active, licensed, cannabis user. Nothing to brag about. I have injuries that come from breaking one’s ass trying to make a living, decade after decade. Life goes on. The promo stories for “Disjointed’ did their job. Yet, I wasn’t completely reeled in. Would have to watch the 10 episode ‘Part One’ season, for that to happen. I became aware! A couple/a few months later, I was reminded.  Completely committed, it took me four or five streaming sessions to complete all ten half hour (on the average) episodes.

I put off seeing the tenth one for a few days because I didn’t want it to end. Silly huh? A pattern I seem to be repeating when using Netflix. Example, I recently just completed watching ‘30 Rock’. Enjoyed it immensely. Towards the end (seasons 6 and 7) one could see storylines starting to weaken. Still, I hated to have Liz Lemon and what I come to think of as an example of television excellence (overall) come to a close. A solid adult-oriented comedy sitcom that didn’t insult my intelligence and was FUN to watch. Escapism (from real life) at its finest. One of the real purposes of television and film. It isn’t just to inform. In part, to help us forget life’s unpleasantries. This is what I use it for mostly.

Near that same ballpark as where one could find award-winning situation comedies like ’30 Rock’, up the street some, there’s, Disjointed. Both shows humorous in their own ways. If a well-versed cannabis user, the actual pot references found within ‘Disjointed’ made sense and having done so, in some cases motivated you to crack up (laugh out loud). The well-done ‘30 Rock’ centered around the making of a television variety show. For NBC, a potentially vast audience because anyone can watch ‘30 Rock’ age 13 and up, having watched tv sitcoms previously, and immediately understand whatever the episode’s premise. Who would watch a semi-typical American sitcom comedy that allowed cursing and tackled adult themes, presented in a unique format, that maybe even those with no experience with its main topic, would/could derive pleasure from? Seeing how Netflix just premiered Disjointed (Part One), one can assume they are crunching numbers now. The initial commitment was for 20 episodes.  For the viewer, delivered in parts, 10 shows at a time.

Without wanting to give away the whole storyline of the first released batch of ‘Disjointed’ episodes, I decided to mention some of my favorite parts. I will say storyline wise, that there is a really cool payoff at the very end of episode 10. What you find from the start of episode one to that time, is a mix of visually, mentally, and or both stimulating entertainment that likeability depends on what level of consciousness, the viewer happens to be at the moment of connectivity.

Disjointed - Promo Still

Promo Still: Disjointed (2017 Netflix) – Left to right: Aaron Moten as Travis Feldman, Ruth’s son_Dougie Baldwin as Pete, one of the dispensary’s employees, and Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman.

Uncle G’s List of Cool Things about Netflix’s Disjointed (Part One)

The intro of Pete and YouTube videos – The intro of Ruth Whitefeather Feldman – laugh track, cursing, Carter (Tone Bell) intro – Jenny (Elizabeth Ho) intro (Tokin’ Asian_med school dropout) – Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer) intro – Travis (Ruth’s son) intro – Clips of the film ‘Reefer Madness’ – Trixie Smith: Jack, I’m Mellow – Maria (Nicole Sullivan) intro (housewife_medical marijuana client) – Jenny’s tea – In between scenes; short random clips/stills – pretend commercials – LAYS! – Carter PTSD (sad and comical moments) – Absolutely incredible animation throughout all ten shows (Monty Python Flying Circus to the 10th power) – Strain O’ The Day Videos (standout Eve’s Bush) – Tae Kwon Douglas (Michael Trucco) – Dank (Chris Redd) & Dabby! – Dank & Dabby (Betsy Sodaro) YouTube Videos (The Best of Dank & Dabby: Coughing IV) – Food fight – whereas one star means iCannaFoam – White Girls and Weed – Shitballs – and … Dank and Dabby Rooftop.

Uncle G Rates … Disjointed (2017 Netflix)

Using the same ten-star rating system as the IMDb website whereas one star means it’s schwag and you should put it back under the rock in which you found it under, to ten stars which means it’s mind-blowing beyond belief, “Uncle G” rates the Netflix’s new sitcom comedy series Disjointed … 8 STARS! For me, there were 10-star moments scattered throughout. I foresee equal or better as more parts of ‘Disjointed’ are released for general consumption. The cast works! Standout characters! Clever writing! Talented people behind the camera such as James Burrows, who directed two episodes of the 10 ‘Disjointed’ episodes being aired. FYI: Mr. Burrow’s was a co-creator behind the hit 80’s TV comedy; Cheers. Working steadily in television since the 1970’s.

In a way, pot is seen on ‘Disjointed’ as more than just a joke. There is a positive message there. Cannabis is a threat to some. Others call it a blessing. I can understand where BIG anything can see cannabis/hemp as competition. Do the world a favor, and let it fucking compete. As ‘Disjointed’ will in whatever ratings Netflix uses to determine if to give a green light on another go-round of new stories. I’d personally like to see this show hang out some. In between new ‘parts’ … puff puff pass. Age 21 and up. And most important, no toking and then driving farm equipment. That scares the farm animals.

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Official Netflix Disjointed Facebook Page – https://twitter.com/Disjointed

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