Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Uncle G’s Corner (#09) – What’s a Movement?

WARNING! WARNING! (age 21+ Cannabis)

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
…because if not FUN, what else would they be?

Words and Bong Photo by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

20 May 2018

Seeing how this is an archival website, I’d like to introduce to my newer 420 readers, a series of essays I did for a non-profit pro-cannabis website out of New York City, some years ago. One that I’ve gotten involved with, back in the year, 2011. The webmistress was the wonderful Arlene Williams aka Ganja Granny. I love her to death! The website, Green Ribbon World, sadly disappeared here recently. I was happy and grateful to be a part.

Please note … regarding this republishing. We’re going back in time. Things were different. I was married for the second time. That union was dissolved one day shy of us being a couple 22 years. Add the time we dated, and now it’s closer to 25 years. No resentment or hard feelings. I’d rather look forward more than backward.


Versions 2.0 of Uncle G’s Corner…My aim is to clean up any remaining typos and grammar errors. Content remains the same as it first appeared. When I’m finally done (this could take some time) archiving all the past essays published, I’ll start writing new ones. In a way, I already have done so: Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews.

Gary “Uncle G” Brown (08 Aug 2017)

Uncle G’s Corner
Number: 09
September 2011
Subject: What’s a Movement?

Turning fifty years old, I realize maintaining good bodily functions, should be number one on my list of things to do. But that’s not the meaning of the word “movement” that I am referring to. Here’s the one I’m thinking of: a group of people with a common ideology, working together while disregarding each others age, race, or ethnicity.

The President of the United States; Barack Hussein Obama II, started his political career by getting involved in grassroots activities, organizing in neighborhoods, and rose above obscurity from there. That’s the condensed Uncle G’s Corner version.

In the year 2004, Barack Obama was elected Senator. In part because of questionable sexual conduct disclosed about his challenger. Welcome to the wonderful world of politics. So, at that time, one can say, a virtual unknown outside the State of Illinois. He gave a knock out speech at the 2004 DNC. With a slow and steady line of new supporters, the man’s popularity over the next four years soared. People who lived in the United States their whole life and I’m referring to the ones here for decades, who never voted before, ended up at the polls in 2008 to vote for him as President of the United States. Obviously, a lot had happened for Obama within that four-year period. It took work. Not only on his part but also all that was supporting him. Mission accomplished. While some were convinced it could never happen, the same naysayers awoke on November 5th to find out, it just did

On Election Day in ’08, there in the thick of things was Cousin Pookie standing in line. Never in this dude’s life did he participate in the electoral process before. Normally, he would have cared less. He typically referred to politics as; “happy horse shit”. Yet here he was, motivated. The very same thing that he lacked any interest in previously was now his incentive for bathing, and finding his way to the local public library. So he could vote for his candidate. Afterward, he then went home and while sitting on the porch having a 40, told the grandchildren that he played a part in one of the biggest movements of recent history; The 2008 Presidential Election.

Cousin Pookie nailed it on the head. It was one of the biggest political movements we’ve seen in many a year gone by. Took a common front, to get the job done. People were walking around with Obama’s face on their tee shirt. “Yes We Can” became “Yes We Did”. I also went to the local library to vote. There was a line out the door. Hard to believe that was almost four years ago. What an exciting time in American politics. All kinds of groups and organizations doing their thing separately yet united, with everyone involved, wanting the same outcome. Even if not liking the results, one must at least admire the way it all came together and was played out.

Question: Could we do the same in regards to legalizing marijuana?

Ganja Granny in a recent conversation with yours truly suggested something akin to a million-person rally in Washington, DC. Happening on a day synonymous with marijuana; April 20th. The next one coming up in 2012. From that date, a mere six months and however many days, until we elect a new President of the United States. Timing makes sense. Matter of fact, the timing could not be any more perfect. Should get at least some attention from the Presidential hopefuls. Those type people only tend to recognize something when it’s convenient for them. Be cool if not from the current elected President himself. After all, he did admit to inhaling

Imagine a successful gathering pertaining to cannabis. Getting all those who support the federal legalization of marijuana, be it, they actually consume weed or not, together in one place. Demanding the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana. Right now! As soon as humanly possible.

Requests get ignored. Being polite isn’t working. Back in the late 1970’s, I attended a NORML protest. The only time I’ve been to Washington DC. All these years later and the closest we come so far to legalizing weed is medical marijuana. And that’s not even across the board. Federal laws override whatever it is the States do. What States do legalize, consumers then have to jump through hoops in order to qualify.

One example would be that in order to use/inhale legally that one would need to apply for a license/permit to do so. Unless independently wealthy, these same people all have to work one way or another to pay their bills, and in this example, buy their weed. And it can’t be from Bubba on the corner. I know he’s been treating you fairly all this time. Dude rolls an awesome joint. Unfortunately, he’s not part of the program. You now have to buy your cannabis/medicine from cannabis dispensaries. All this and your wallet’s wide open. This all isn’t free. Check this out. Being legal costs you money. If you’re saying you’re sick and need cannabis to help with whatever condition you have, then you’ll have to see a Doctor. He or she will need to write you a prescription. Now here is where the dispensary fits in. Comparing this to paying a fine and jail time, it’s easy to comprehend why people actually do all this. The belief at first being once licensed, that’s all cool now. Puff at your leisure. But wait…..not so fast. The job you slave at forty hours or more a week to get money, still considers marijuana a drug. You pee dirty, and it’s rehab or the unemployment line. Now you can purchase marijuana legally, but in essence, you can’t smoke it. As Alice Cooper once said, “Welcome To My Nightmare.” And speaking of, here’s another deeply distressing bad dream. Traveling from one State that’s cool with weed to another one that’s not, could mean large fines and a new residence; jail.

Now back to Ganja Granny’s idea. Imagine, a million pro cannabis people, all gathered together at one location, who all believe in the same thing. That hot dogs were meant to be eaten with mustard. No…only kidding. That Marijuana Prohibition needs to end, as soon as possible. No more Federal Laws that screw with what the States, each as individuals and on their own, decide and vote for what they think would be the best way to handle Marijuana reform on the whole. One State and the voters don’t dig it, fine. But those others who are interested, should be able to do what they think is right, for the citizens within their borders. One thing that’s good for everyone is being able to afford those huge State budgets. Who can’t use a few extra bucks? The economic incentives that present themselves can get mighty hard to ignore. Easier to consider when consuming cannabis by adults age 18 and older is commonly regarded nowadays by law enforcement as a victimless crime.

I ask myself. I say self; do these million people marches in Washington, DC really work, or does it just create a mass body odor smell that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) once had the nerve to publicly complain about? To actually have a million people assembled, is a HUGE accomplishment. And if all pledge to use deodorant, Mr. Reid should not be that put out.

Hate to point this one out. Many times folks, who set out with this as an objective, fell short. Protests/marches that focused on equality, or whatever other hot topic that was the center of attention at the time. Not exactly, a million people showed up. But then that may account, on whom you ask. The count sometimes will change with whose doing the counting. Weird huh? Should Glen Beck have a rally, and the counter dislikes Beck’s political views, that person can write/post on the Internet the very next day; “Beck Fails To Draw A Large Crowd.” Yet there are photos. Other head counts from other sources. All I’m left to conclude is that the correct number of folks didn’t fit in with the observer’s definition of “large”.

If only a quarter million show up, should it be deemed a failure? Now let’s answer a question, with another one. Have you ever heard of the 250 rule? Network TV at one time paid attention to this. A somewhat formula on how the general consensus was. Simply, if one person complained, then that would equal 250 complaints. Reason being that it was believed that the other 249 people felt the same way, and that they just didn’t have the time nor means to communicate with them. Now remember, this was before the Internet and its offspring, electronic mail. So let us say Ganja Granny holds her get together. Right up the road from the White House. Twenty Thousand shows up. Each one, wearing a green ribbon just like the one found here at Green Ribbon World. At 4:20 PM, they all light up a fatty and as one, take a toke and give thumbs up to whoever is paying attention. Would make for a great photo huh? Who is to say later on that it was all a waste of time? Just one person in attendance with the command of the media, and knowledge of how to achieve the goal, is all that is needed to seriously get the ball rolling. I’ll stand behind that person myself if I know for sure Federal legalization in favor of legalization, and decriminalization could seriously be around the corner. And damn straight, I’ll vote/support that person when and if the time ever came they needed it. You pat my back, and I’ll pat yours. Am confidant all others in favor of making pot legal would as well

With the Internet, and word of mouth among the cannabis community being passed around, anything is possible. Remember the old saying; strength in numbers? Qualified to participate and attend would be every group and every individual positively involved with weed. They all should anyway. It is that important. From Bubba to the Grandmother of two children who smokes every night just to relax. If everyone, who uses marijuana got involved, or just did whatever they could for the proposed legalization of it, buying cannabis could be as legal and commonplace as buying a beer is today.

Ganja Granny

Here’s an almost 75-year-old woman from New York City. She survives breast cancer. Treatment kicks her ass. Cannabis made for cool rescue medication. Not only did marijuana aid her in her struggle to survive, but it also opened her eyes and mind to how silly marijuana prohibition really is. I myself think that Chris Brown poses more of a threat being interviewed and asked Rihanna questions than marijuana ever would be to the citizens of our Country.

Here’s a reality check. We’re a grassroots operation here at Green Ribbon World. To organize an event like Ganja Granny is dreaming of, would take more funds and time then we would possibly ever have. But if you’re not doing anything this coming April 20th, and just happen to be around the Washington DC area, think about checking out what cannabis related activities are out there. And if you can, wear a green ribbon. Let us say the usual groups and organizations are there conducting whatever business they are behind; medical marijuana, growing or distributing. Remember just this, legalize, and decriminalize. I would focus on that first. And then I let the rest, just work itself out. You know it will. Fact is, cannabis should be totally assessable to all of our adult citizen population. Isn’t it time we stopped taking baby steps towards that and just clearly let our Government officials know this is what we want?

Last but not least, I’d like to acknowledge two politicians who seem to be paying us cannabis consumers some attention; Ron Paul, and the equally outspoken Barney Frank. I suggest being cool and swallowing whatever bad feelings should you have for either of these guys. Support them, and their effort. The bill (HR 2306) might not pass, but at least they have the balls to try. It may not be total legalization, but it sure would loosen the tight grip around our favorite plant’s stalk.

Onward through the fog……..

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