Gary “Uncle G” Brown Meets Michael Bruce (Original Member of Alice Cooper)

19 November 2018

Introduction: In the year 1997 I discovered an online Alice Cooper discussion list called; SickThings. I was only participating a very short time when I learned via the discussion list that original member of Alice Cooper… Michael Bruce was going to be appearing at a bar that was literally just a couple miles from my townhouse. He played there once a week for a month. The now ex-wife and I went every time. She ended up getting a schoolgirl crush on him, which I believed was innocent. Michael and I ended up becoming good friends; a brother from another mother.

Here’s my first time being in the company of Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductee; Michael Owen Bruce.    

MB - with Valerie (late 1990's) - 02 - at the Brown's residence_picmonkeyed

Candid Photo of Michael Bruce by Gary “Uncle G” Brown


Originally Posted: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 12:44:33 AM

Slightly Re-Edited18 November 2018
Re: Michael Bruce at Cardi’s (02 Sept 1997_Houston, TX USA)
Submitted by: Gary Brown

Hey Everybody, Due to working all day and night yesterday, I had little or no time to get on here and make a few comments about being at M.B.’s “Live Rehearsal”.

Reading how Alice Cooper’s Michael Bruce was gonna hit the stage at about 10 PM, my wife Alexandra and I arrived about an hour early. For the record, Cardi’s is a nightclub that according to the folks who work there, all agree has seen it’s better days. The same could be said for this side of the city; southwest. Yet Cardi’s isn’t a bad place. Excellent hard rock environment to practice/play in. Alice actually performed here some years back. I would have liked to have caught that.

Walking around a little bit, I came across these 3 guys standing around by the front door, talking. I walked up, said hi and bullshit a little. Two of them went back to work, and I hung out with the last remaining guy talking about teaching defensive driving, in which I do for a living. After a few minutes, I excused myself, not wanting to have no manners and leaving my wife sitting at the table by herself.

Was a small but nice size crowd. People were here like me to see Michael. and then the regulars were mixed in, a few not knowing who MB was. When Michael hit the stage with John Glenn, I was surprised. He ended up being one of the 3 guys I was just hanging with! I felt so bad, I didn’t have a clue. The last picture I saw of Michael Bruce was taken in 1977. Being 20 years ago, he’s naturally gotten older looking. What comes to my mind, was a comment I read not too long ago. When the original Alice Cooper was together, Alice got all the attention. One could be standing next to any of the guys in the band and not have a clue who they were. From experience, I now know this is true. Just saying, but up to this point, I paid more attention to Alice over the years, then to any of the other members. He was after all, who the emphasis was on, and not the main songwriter; Michael Bruce. I think other fans on here (SickThings) will know what it is I am trying to say.

Anyway, the night carried on with Michael and his drummer doing some of the all-time Alice Cooper Band songs. Just the two of them. All of the material they covered had me glued to my seat, just mesmerized. Sitting here, I still can’t get over the fact that my wife and I had the pleasure of watching Michael/John rehearse. To be present during what I believe is gonna be a very successful comeback for a musician who truly deserves the recognition, and it be not just Vince (in this case) was indeed an honor and a pleasure.

Michael ended up playing two sets. During the time he was on stage and off, I found him to be one of the nicest down to earth guys you would ever want to meet. Not once for the record did I ever hear him say anything bad about any of his old band members. After the show, I asked him to sign a few things I had with me. Looking at the booklet for “Muscle Of Love”, he smiled and made a pleasant comment about the photoshoot itself.

Alice Cooper - Muscle Of Love - in person autograph - Bruce_Buxton_Smith - center of bookletNote: Alice Cooper – Muscle Of Love autographed CD booklet in which I, later on, had Glen and Neal sign, is now a part of the Bryan KaTman Erickson Collection.

While on the subject of ‘Michael Bruce’ the person, I have to admit what caught my attention the most was his sense of humor. When around him you want to pay attention to his every word, for you never know when one of his very funny one-liners is coming at you. A lot of these comments were about himself, showing to me anyway that he does not take the rock star stuff that seriously. What he did take earnestly was his playing of the music that he appears to love so much. Looking at him and his drummer on that stage was watching two guys performing publicly for all the right reasons.

Songs: I still can’t believe I saw him do the songs he performed. Just a few highlights here were; I’m Eighteen, Be My Lover, Under My Wheels, Desperado, Caught In A Dream, Second Coming, Hard Hearted Alice, and an awesome performance of Halo Of Flies. On top of all this, I had the opportunity of hearing two newer songs that proved to me that the man NEVER lost anything as far as his songwriting goes.

For those only interested in Alice, I hope I didn’t bore anyone with my comments. The fact of the matter to me anyway, is Michael/Glen/Dennis/Neal are as every bit as much Alice Cooper, as Alice is. I’m a big fan of Alice (the singer) myself. Saying that these 4 guys, to me, are 80 percent of one of the best rock bands in the history of rock music. To get to see one or any of the other 3 guys in concert would be something that is very special indeed. After seeing Michael Tuesday night do a display of classic Alice tunes and new music to go along with it … to not support him, would be a big loss for us all.

Quick Comment: I met Jeff Jatras!!!! Remember, this computer stuff can be a little one-sided. We read the words on a computer screen, and in the process, we are missing the flesh and blood behind what created them. From all accounts, Jeff appears to be a great guy, with a sincere interest in his client. It’s gotta be hard learning the ropes in public. In this very public forum, I would like to say to him that if there is anything I could do to help bring MB to the public’s attention, please feel free and ask. Having once help organize labor unions for the ACLU, I know from experience that having a solid foundation is the most important thing one can do when trying to achieve a goal. The fan base is already there. From what I can tell a lot of this (comeback) is in the works. The ‘live rehearsal’ was good thinking.

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  1. Cool story and recap….did you review Michael’s Shark Island concert? I went to it with you. I remember both the concert and wet tee-shirt concert.


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