Houston Record Show 1997_The Cooper’s Have Landed


The following is a ‘carefully written’ report from yours truly. Was for public viewing. A very special occasion if a fan of the original Alice Cooper group. Five guys, and a team behind them who knew what the fuck they were doing. The band stopped to exist with the success of the singers first solo record; Welcome To My Nightmare (1975).  His legal name went from his birth name, Vincent Damon Furnier, to Alice Cooper. Isn’t that wild? Not if you’re one of the remaining 4 guys from the original unit. Years ago. And speaking of, the following is also from way back in the twentieth century. The year was; 1997. I was part of the Alice Cooper Online Community. Alice’s 1989 Trash rekindled an interest. Before that, it was his third solo release, Lace And Whiskey (1977), where I totally stopped caring.  Vince turned the act into a circus. Once back I purchased whatever Alice solo stuff I didn’t have. It being 2019, I think he deserves to be in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame on his own merits. A given, really. I wonder what’s the holdup?

BonusGary “Uncle G” Brown’s Untold Stories

I did a beer run for Glen Buxton. How fucking cool is that? Glen’s chain-smoking cigarettes; Old Gold or Basics 100s. Whoever is in charge of the record show, had no real authoritative skills. It was quite apparent that either Glen behaves the way he wants, or he would not be a part. One of the stars of the show. Everyone looked the other way. Along with the beer I got a couple of brown paper bags. Help hide the obvious.

When the guys walked into the record show (nice size convention room located in a fancy hotel) one of the vendors played Alice Cooper music aloud; Clones (We’re All). I immediately went out to my car and brought back in my collection of original Alice Cooper music. I had the first edition CDs. Alice solo music was now; Alice Cooper – Killer (1972). Glen Buxton (as do the others) shines on this album. Alice Cooper – School’s Out (1972) is a masterpiece.  Like his work on Alice Cooper – Love It To Death (1971),  Glen again excels. And here I was all these years later, at the record show, in Houston, Texas (USA) hanging out beside him while he circles around looking for jazz albums. Tragically Glen passed away (19 October 1997) soon after returning home (Iowa).

Sun, 5 Oct 1997 20:52:44 -0500
QALA32B@prodigy.com (MR GARY BROWN)

To: SickThings@LISTS.WKU.EDU
Subject: Re: Glen, Michael, and Neal: In Person.

Hey Everybody, I’m sitting here at home not believing what I just got home from.

Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, and Neal Smith were together for a record show that took place in Houston, TX…The three guys, along with Richie Scarlet played meet the fans for about 4 hours. They had several tables set up and the four of them talked to folks pretty much all afternoon long and signed autographs (for a fee).

On the tables, they had merchandise for sale that I’m sure some real Cooper band fans reading this now would just LOVE to have. What I remember among other things was, Neal having these cool pictured mouse pads, Glen with this really nice 8×10 color shot, and Michael had his book, and a video I bought but did not watch yet called “The Red House Sessions”. This he made with Richie Scarlet and has a release date of 1997. All items were priced affordable. I was glad to see that the guys were not overcharging their fans. Believe me, some musicians do just that. The four rock stars presented themselves very down to earth, and that thread was consistent the whole day.

Glen Buxton_Neal Smith (Houston Record Show 1997) - FB Size_picmonkeyed
Photo by Gary Brown – Glen Buxton and Neal Smith 


While there the guys said that they were going to play LIVE together. This very special event will happen next Sunday the 12th, at a place called “Area 51” in Houston. So I believe it is located on Richmond Avenue at Fountain View. The doors open at 7 PM. I’m hoping Jeff can correct me if I’m wrong, or follow up with some additional facts.

Now, I know this is very short notice, but maybe whatever folks will be going from ST can get together before the show. I’m sure if I look I can find some Dennys or someplace where we can all shoot the bull before the doors open. Please e-mail if interested, and we can take it from there.

Playing bass will be Richie Scarlet, which will explain to some on here, why he was at this appearance. I have never heard him play bass, but if he plays it just half as well as I have heard him play guitar then I know this is the guy for the job. Filling in for Dennis on all the classic songs I would imagine being difficult for anyone who tried it. I do have Richie’s new CD “Wise Guy From New York”. Played it 3 times today. Having some history jamming with Michael Bruce, I’m sure this guy, in my opinion, will do just fine.

Richie Scarlet - Wise Guy From NY (in person autograph)

It was great to just stand there and see these guys together today. All the time while signing stuff and talking to fans, casually chatting to each other. Seemingly enjoying each others company.

I did talk to Michael and Neal. Both of them could not have been any nicer.

A couple minutes of today that I will never forget, was with, Glen Buxton. The record show was over (5 PM) and my wife and I were walking out to our cars. I looked over to my left, and there was Glen walking to his ride I guess. I asked him if he enjoyed himself today, and he looked at me smiling. He told me he sure did and went on for a minute or two about it while we walked. For some unknown reason, I found it important to ask him that question. Making me laugh is one thing. That moment with Glen made me smile.

G. Brown

P.S. I met my first person from the list (Sick Things) here; Bryan Erickson. Enjoyed the talk we had, and am looking forward to us getting together for next weeks show.

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