Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews: Nazis At The Center Of The Earth (2012)

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Date Published: 25 July 2012

Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Nazis At The Center Of The Earth (2012 The Asylum)

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown (American Correspondent for CCR UK)

What a cool title. I have a DVD collection that I’m well into having over six hundred titles. Think cheap. I don’t pay a lot for DVDs as a rule. I consider them almost throwaway entertainment. Most times I watch a movie one time. So I buy a DVD, view it, and then it sits on a shelf. In which I’m running out of room by the way. Was thinking of selling some. Weed out the collection a tad bit. It’s either that or buy another bookcase to store them in. Whatever happens, I’m keeping this one.

I don’t want to give away that much of the story. This is a fun film. Without saying, it’s a low budget B-Film. Saying that, think whatever you believe the best results to be. Based on that title. I bet it’s close to what we already got here.

A story you’d have to have a double-digit IQ to believe. It’s also pure entertainment. This is science fiction. With an open mind, one can forget all about life, and stay glued to the TV screen while all kinds of crazy shit occur. They bring back from the dead; Adolf Hitler. He’s a robot. I kept thinking RoboCop 2 or 3. The one with the drug addict. And Gingerdead Man 2. Another main character; Josef Mengele. Imagine the fun with these two characters.

Almost 400 effects. Some were a little cheesy, but some others were also presented remarkably well. For less than a quarter-million dollars (rumored amount of budget), a job well done by all involved.

Is it worth the ten bucks Walmart wanted for it? My nephew did influence me some into buying it. Over the years unbeknown to him, I was making the now almost 18 years old, a B Movie fan. There we were in Wally World looking at the new movies. This JUMPED out at him. Who’s surprised? With a title like that? Of course, he’s interested. A good pick actually. And…good for him. In my mind, I taught this soon to be an adult, well.

The Asylum Official Website (the makers of Sharknado and Z Nation): www.theasylum.cc



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