Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Ghost Train Haze (Nature’s Chemistry)

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews

Strain: Sativa – Ghost Train Haze
Grower: Nature’s Chemistry (Las Vegas, NV)
THC: 29.40 percent
Harvested: 04 April 2019

Purchased at: Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary
Address: 2520 Maryland Pkway #02, Las Vegas, NV., 89109
Phone: (702) 707-8888

Words and Photos by Gary “Uncle G” Brown Twitter @GBrown0816

Note: I wrote this piece in hopes of it getting published on a cannabis-friendly website, here in Las Vegas. AND then everything with that set-up went to shit. And so the write-up did nothing but sit. Time as it usually does continued to march forward. The review was authored before COVID-19. Over 15 months ago. Weird reading it now. Save, or delete? I gave heavy thought and concluded that the piece was worthy of archiving. after reading, you could believe otherwise. Dated 06 June 2019. And without further ado…

From the desk of Gary “Uncle G” Brown

So I’ve been as of late, exclusively smoking a sativa called: Ghost Train Haze. Very well known, strain. Has a great reputation. So I had to find out, myself. Guess what? Reports are true! Thanks, Cannabis Gods for over-looking such a outstanding creation. I’m thinking this would be good steady head stash. Similar to the last cannabis strain I reviewed, Pineapple Express, the high can end making you feel extremely tired. Different variables. More of that later on.

I found Ghost Train Haze medical marijuana at a very cool marijuana dispensary here in Vegas called: Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary. It caught my eye when on a bus and heading towards, The Strip (west). Got off the bus, crossed the road, and there they were. In a strip mall setting. Well kept up outdoors. Great signage. You know when there that you’re at the right place.

Once checked in, past security, you’re in a very clean lobby where various advertisements for cannabis products are about. There is a receptionist that will check you in. If medical, this is where you would say so (if a newbie). The next room over is where the magic happens. All kinds of cannabis items, there for purchasing. Remember being 10 years old and walking in a toy store. The same feeling in a way. This is medicinal as well. Not all fun and games. Can’t say I ever felt euphoria when inside a CVS store. Go figure.

I looked around first, as I’m older and in no hurry, what so ever. Sometimes I walk with a cane, but I try not to. Meanwhile, I can hear a budtender say: “Next”. It was my turn. It was a guy who followed up by saying I could take my time and that he’d be there when I was ready. Isn’t that’s nice! Think about it. Flip side. How many blackmarket-illegal pot dealers found in a Walmart parking lot, talk like that? Offer me a variety of different strains? Let me take this moment and say; I love wherever cannabis is legal. Why? I fucking hate being in jail. Cannabis was first Federally prohibited in 1937. What a long strange trip it’s been. I’m only happy when full cannabis legalization and decriminalization is the law of this country (and its territories). Hemp is on its way to saving the world. Medical cannabis will as well whenever our lawmakers can pull their heads out of their asses, and make it so.

And speaking of that expression; make it so. The actor known for saying that line, Sir Patrick Stewart, has just come out saying he uses cannabis edibles for his arthritis. I smoke for mine, presently. One of the reasons why I consume almost daily. I can understand where an edible might be more effective. Having chronic pain it would take a nice budget to afford to medicate like that, 24/7. Bud is cheaper. And while in that ballpark, not being extremely wealthy myself (yet) I noticed while investigating that the displays at the counter, displayed all the information you need to get you down the path you want; sativa, indica, hybred sativa dominate, etc…, as well as fair prices. Insert a knowledgeable and likable budtender. Expect a line to form behind me. To have a source of knowledge obtainable and not use it; ignorant. Budtenders can be totally cool, or obnoxious jerks. I asked the kind man if his name would be on the receipt, in which he replied, yes. My name is there. He’ll read this and know it is him. Add smoke lounges, to these dispensaries, and offer a lush sativa such as this, and people will talk. Literally…side effect; makes you chatty. Colorado and Nevada have talked about letting consumers try cannabis products while they’re in the dispensaries. I’ll like this, for sure. Word to the wise; offer designated driving. An idea; offer Vets, Disabled, and our Seniors, jobs. As part-time drivers. Same as offering a lift from the airport to the casino.

“Uncle G” discusses…NC – Ghost Strain Haze

Off the bat when opening the jar, you smell an overwhelming sense of goodness. Like fresh cookies out of an oven. An addicting odor. Not the same to everyone. To a new lady friend that I had the honor of smoking some of this with, it smelled; “Spicy”. I mentioned an overwhelming citrus sensation. Even in taste. Expect the more earthy, and be happy when it reminds you of lemons or limes. My pretty new friend, also a medical marijuana user. After 4 minutes had gone by since inhaling, she also commented that it was; “Potent.” As was the booze we were both consuming. Nice legs and she was a good conversationalist. It was a hot, Sunday afternoon, in fabulous Las Vegas. What would you do? The lesson I learned; Cold draft beer with an orange slice in it, and free Mexican food can be quite a pair. The next morning, beware. Your asshole may not like it. Really, one should not think of their significant other(s) this way. Open a window and spray some Lysol and the putrid sewage smell will go away. May justify why it may be best to have one’s own private bathroom? Was it worth it, you ask? Hell yeah!

In real life I’m a full-time freelance journalist. I have a tipping jar on my website. People are nice. I see a future here, in Las Vegas. Something cool will sooner or later happen. My 24-hour cycle is different than most. I can virtually do my job naked, here in my room, at 3 AM in the morning. Never leave the house. All I need is my Chromebook and a firm pillow to sit on. A task performed in solitude, that is intended for the masses. I’m a middle-aged two-time divorced, white male. No real family (that I care to acknowledge). I lead a life of Reily in some respects. I have my everyday aches and pains. We all have our difficulties in some respect or another. Life is for living.

Being a licensed cannabis user, having a medical cannabis strain like ‘NC – Ghost Train Haze’ in the medicine cabinet, is in many respects, a good thing to have. Imagine not. The flip side is looking at yourself in the med cabinet looking like crap, and popping a pill. Or sitting on the side of the bed doing a shot of whiskey. I’d rather do a bong hit, and try going back to sleep.

My only real complaint is coming down off the buzz. When using a sativa in moderation all day, I tend to cease smoking for the most part, by early evening. Especially a potent one such as this. That or I’m up half the night. Doing that, I tend to get a more natural feeling of sleep (or nap). Wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle whatever is next.

“Uncle G” RATES…NC – Ghost Train Haze (sativa)

Using a one to a five-star rating system, whereas one star means you can skip it, to 5 stars which means that I, the author of this piece, would spend his own money on it and want it included in his own private stash (long sentence)…I rate the cannabis purchased at the Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary; 5 stars! The medical cannabis strain, Ghost Train Haze, improved quality of life. Beware of major munchie attacks! And also of getting pregnant. Some things should go without saying.

My personal experience being a consumer (medical) at the Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary, I would rate them, 5 stars as well. I’ve actually shopped there twice. Both times a happy ending. You know, that could also be said about a different type of satisfaction, found at a massage parlor up the road. Like they say; what happens in Las Vegas…you know.

Helpful Website Links

Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensarywww.inyolasvegas.com

Nature’s Chemistryhttp://www.natureschemistrynv.com/

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