Uncle’s G’s FUN DVD Movie Reviews: Slaughter High (1986)

Date Published: 30 August 2012Classic Rock Radio (UK) Official Facebook Page

Uncle’s G’s FUN DVD Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Slaughter High (1986)

By Gary BrownAmerican Correspondent


I watched this a few nights ago night. On DVD, as part of a horror 8 movie pack, I got at Walmart some time ago. It states that the version is, uncut. Since I never saw the original in any shape or form, I can’t say if the unrated version is actually better or not. Right now, I believe it’s the only version you’ll get of the movie on DVD.

Frankly, it’s a horrible flick in many ways. An ’80’s slasher flick. The acting and dialog completely suck. Special effects for a slasher film, are decent, but nothing to brag about. Has actors in their 30’s playing a bunch of asshole high school kids. The unruly group torture a fellow student super nerd, name Marty, with cruel pranks. Done on April Fools Day. Presented in a way that almost made it seem OK. Harmless fun. Not really, for they end up hurting him so badly that 10 years later, our victim decides to have his revenge by killing them all. And that’s the thing. The story really isn’t that bad. It’s just that everything else is, and that’s where the problems are. It took 41 minutes into the film to show the first kill. Another five minutes into it and we see the first glimpse of female gratuitous nudity. The pace was way too slow. Reminded me of Killjoy 2 (2002). The same build-up of characters that no one gives a shit about.

The characters that the viewer was primed to care about, wasn’t worth the effort. Matter of fact, it’s fairly easy to root for Marty / The Killer (10 years later — not a spoiler — obvious as to who it is) as he goes around killing each one. Serves them all right !! Never presented as it being Marty outright, when it came time for the reveal, I wasn’t shocked at all. Figured it all out. Doing so is damn near a given. I can imagine some moviegoer saying; “Might not be Marty. Too obvious.” Damn sure not me. So really, not only a slasher film but a revenge one as well. I think they should have sold it from that angle if you ask me.

Here are two reasons why I didn’t turn this off, and also why this film is still worth viewing; Harry Manfredini (music), and Caroline Munro (star actress). Both do a good job, and pretty much appear to make the best out of what they got. Manfredini’s score, especially in the chase scenes, is excellent. This is the 1980’s, which means it’s keyboard-heavy. It even has a theme song, which gives the popcorn flick it’s own unique sound/identity.

Caroline Munro’s been in a lot of cool B films over the years, including a couple of Hammer Films; Dracula A.D. 1972 / Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. The story goes they wanted her to do more, but that also they wanted her naked. A no-nudity clause in her contracts explains why googling her name don’t pull up racier photos, and also why she wasn’t in more Hammer movies. A good looking brunette, she started off as a model and then became an actress. Now in her 60’s, she’s made a good career for herself. Caroline has her own website, does conventions, and sells autographs. Not given up acting yet, this year she’s in a new film (comedy) out of the UK; Eldorado.

Rating: Using the same 10 star rating system as the IMDb uses, Slaughter High is lucky receiving 4 of them. Don’t go out of your way to see this, but if it comes along, its something to watch. Cool for this DVD 8 Pack collection. E-Bay or Amazon, you might be able to find it.

Carol Munro Official Website: www.carolinemunro.org

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