Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Animal Punch (Hybrid by Nature’s Chemistry)

Jun 20, 2019, 7:53 AM

Recommended Reading Age: 21+ (even in Oregon)

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Animal Punch (Hybrid)
Grower: Nature’s Chemistry (Las Vegas, NV)
THC: 24.42 percent
Harvested: 21 February 2019

Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary Spotlight: Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary
Address: 2520 Maryland Pkway #02, Las Vegas, NV., 89109
Phone: (702) 707-8888

Words and Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown (Parler or Twitter @GBrown0816)

Nature’s ChemistryAnimal Punch – Photo by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

In my last cannabis review, I went on about how I loved (paraphrasing) a wonderful sativa called: Ghost Train Haze. Purchased at the same cool cannabis store, and at the same time as Ghost Train Haze, here in fabulous Las Vegas, was a hybrid they call: Animal Punch. Was the recommendation of the budtender.

The conversation started when I asked for ways to save money on medicine, including asking if they had any shake. Here’s the thing. Real psychic people are few and far between. I find through experience that you will get the most from your budtender when they know exactly with whom they are dealing with. What are the things important to you when buying cannabis? The more a budtender and myself are on the same page, the more satisfied I will be walking out the exit door. This is medicine for me. I’m far from being wealthy. I personally look for good bud, at a price I can afford. So I’ll request any or all the ‘deals’ or discounts I can get. Explaining you’re on a fixed income (vets, disabled, or a senior), can certainly help. Or not. Nothing happens unless you ask, right?

The lobby at the ‘Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary’ is inviting. Cool artwork on the wall, should I have forgotten to mention that, in my last review. The older folks who never purchased cannabis legally could have preconceived images; crackhouse. The reality is it’s a super 180-degree turn from that. Very professional in every aspect, including the environment in which they operate. As clean as clean can be, even the people (excluding customers and other outsiders). From what I can tell when poking around the Inyo Fine Cannabis dispensary, quick impressions, those involved love their job there. I can only imagine the benefits.

Uncle G” rates the overall dispensary; 5 stars (out of 5).

Uncle G” discusses NC – Animal Punch (Hybrid)

Smell The Sweet Aroma – Nature’s ChemistryAnimal Punch – Photo by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Remember, I’m looking to save some money. The budtender told me about what Nature’s Chemistry sells under the ‘shake’ banner, and swore it was a good smoke. Contained some nice little buds. What brought this on was I mentioned a write up I did on some ‘shake’ from a competing cannabis dispensary, also found in the Las Vegas area. That after submitting the positive write-up, felt I was kinder with my praises than I perhaps should have been. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So I purchased enough, at a very fair price, so that I could say a few more words about how important it is, to have affordable medical cannabis out there. Especially for our vets, disabled, and seniors. Those on a fixed budget. And twice-divorced guys like myself. Good news! My very knowledgeable budtender steered me the right way. Give that man a raise (if I have not said that already in the said previous article).

The cannabis strain, Animal Punch, has enough THC, that the punch it carries is very real, indeed. A wild family tree; Purple Punch X Animal Cookies. Made me cough, a lot. A friend of mine also that I shared this with. I like second opinions. Made him cough, a lot, as well. No complaints from either of us. Part of the experience. Pot to me, a side effect, is that it acts as a decongestant. Doing ‘Animal Punch’ I would cough (like I said) and then blow my nose for at least, 5 minutes. Combine the high, which starts kicking in around 4 minutes (smoking), with the clearest nasal passages one can have, and I felt absolutely wonderful. In the process, I admit that the noise, coughing, spitting, and blowing my nose isn’t good for those people around me. Lucky for me all are usually understanding.

I felt at times while under the influence of Animal Punch, to be somewhat energetic. No problem going about my day. Performed as needed. Low dose throughout. Good sleep. That’s at night, or whenever your awake cycle is over. Add food and here comes the expected, crash. Or let a few hours go by between tokes, and here it comes. No zombie shit. Should wake up feeling refreshed. I love the line; can improve quality of life. That’s my experience with Animal Punch in the last few days. Good medicine!

My friend said he felt sometimes ‘stony’ a bit into the high. Meaning a tad, spacey. That’s when you know it’s working. My guess is that’s the indica side kicking in. Can’t say the same myself. Once again shows that cannabis affects people, different ways. Both of us seasoned pot smokers. It’s also what we’re currently used to; tolerance.

Uncle G” rates…Nature’s Chemistry Animal Punch

Using the one to a five-star rating system, whereas one star means it sucks dirty bong water, to five stars which means, we didn’t have six. All kidding aside. If I say something is 5 stars, I’m afraid Y’all will rush out and buy it all up, so there won’t be any leftover for myself. I truly care about each one of you, reading this. My actions will confirm that; 5 stars! Especially for the money. Made it a good value deal. When I was a recreational user, I would have loved, Animal Punch. Works like a medicine, and yep…will get you high as a kite. Lovely product!

Helpful Weblinks

Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensarywww.inyolasvegas.com

Nature’s Chemistryhttp://www.natureschemistrynv.com/


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