Uncle G’s FUN Movie News: Troma Now Streaming Channel (2021)

03 July 2021
Uncle G’s FUN Entertainment News
Spotlight: Troma Now Streaming Channel
By Gary Brown (GaryBrown@garyunclegbrownarchives.com)

It’s a pretty big deal for an indie B film studio out of New York City to be offered on, Roku. Yesterday, was the first day for Troma Entertainment.

Roku, for those unaware, is a device (made by the company Roku) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the internet to your TV. So easy to set up and use, even I have no problem making it work. Roku is very popular these days, and to be included with its over 4,000 channels, is and or can be, a re-birth for many. Think of it as a better YouTube experience. Pertaining to Troma Entertainment, and their streaming channel, Troma Now, having an app on Roku, can open the door to countless new fans while offering something cool, affordable, and definitely something unique to even their oldest fans. And just so we are all on the same page, Troma Entertainment is an Indie B-Movie film studio similar to Full Moon Features, or The Asylum, but with way more provocative adult situations, which is good for me and other adults who could appreciate more mature subject content. And what some could even label as cinematic masterpieces, usually made right here, on American soil. Straight up; this isn’t Disney!

Just so we’re on the same page, the Troma Now streaming channel is M A (mature audience) just about, all the way. Over-the-top, often comical, violence and film gore. Frequent nudity from all sexes in everyday funny and adult situations. BUTT…and to make myself perfectly clear; NOT porn!

I‘ve first become aware of Troma Entertainment when late at night, back in the 1980s. While watching cable, I stumbled onto their hit; The Toxic Avenger (1986). Honestly, I was a young adult. Worked hard that day, I’m sure. Played hard afterward. Buzzed (booze and pot) out of my fucking mind. Stayed awake, and laughed my ass off, if I remember correctly. Found it in the back yard, the next day.

Then, it was only a matter of time before I found; Class Of Nuke ‘Em High (1986). Another Troma Entertainment classic! Yet another wild ass story! Mixed in, normal-looking ladies showing their bare breasts, for any reason at all. For myself, that just made it, all the better. When it came to nudity, I was never a prude. Enough credit isn’t given to TROMA (Tits Are Our Main Attraction) for opening doors, not only in the front, butt (not a typo) the back, as well. One crack deserves another. Whatever your preference. There is a lot that can be said positivly about gradtitus nudity. From this authors viewpoint; boobies ROCK! That aside, there are messages contained within that are more serious; pollution, over-eating, driving defensivly (yada yada yada). Different levels of maturity will dictake what a person comprehends. Mostly what is seen can be taken as in fun, and good jest. How are you with gross bodily functions?

FYI: I enjoy before viewing any Troma Entertainment film, to smoke it up a bit. If not into cannabis, puffing on old-fashion flower or vaping the sauce, any adult libation will possibly enhance the occasion. As long as no one summons the police. And not that you need to be somewhat whacked to enjoy what it is you are watching. After a long day, what can it hurt? Also, if I may suggest, being naked might help a viewer be comfier when signed on to Troma Now unless wearing official Troma entertainment merchandise. Don’t walk around bare-ass in Walmart. Not around the children, or stuffy Republicans. Asking for trouble.

Streaming Deal Of The Century

The first month of Troma Entertainment streaming channel, Troma Now, is free. Wow! After that, $4.99 a month. There are family-friendly offerings as well. Troma entertainment has been around since, 1974. They make their own in-house movies and then distribute and highlight other filmmakers’ work. Possibly some of the worst motion pictures, ever made. Served up as art, whereas critique will vary from person to person. I LIKE that, for one person’s trash, could be another person’s Oscar contender; For YOUR Consideration.

Offical Troma Now Promotion (July of 2021)

Helpful Weblinks

Troma Now – www.watch.troma.com

Troma Entertainment Official Website – www.troma.com


Gary “Uncle G” Brown – Troma Entertainment – Lloyd Kaufman Autographs (obtainned In Person on the 20th of Feb in 2014, at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Houston, TX (USA).

My oldest Lloyd Kaufman autograph, obtained by an Internet friend who only knew me at first by my then screen name; MagickBalls.

End of Story

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