Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews: Baby Oopsie (2021)

Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Baby Oopsie (2021 Full Moon Features)

By Blue-Collar Journalist Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Recommended Reading Age: 16+

One of the most recent movies to come out of Full Moon Features from the new Full Moon Manor in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is a film entitled, Baby Oopsie. It connects to one of the indie movie studios, greatest hits; Demonic Toys (1992). That was a totally FUN “R” rated horror comedy movie where ordinarily innocent toys, come to life and are being controlled by a demon. They try to destroy all that is in their path, which includes people. This popular movie was produced in part by Charles Band, owner of Full Moon Features and other movie companies that you may have heard of; Charles Band Productions, Surrender Cinema, Empire Pictures, and many more. Charles Band’s name is on the credits of countless of motion pictures and he’s been doing this, all his life. A professional back in the 1970s. An expert in his field.

An auto-bio will soon be released on director/producer/story idea guy; Charles Band. I’m already looking forward to what my gut tells me will be interesting book, filled with all kinds of enlightening and funny stories. Entitled; Confessions of a PuppetMaster: A Hollywood Memoir of Ghouls, Guts, and Gonzo Filmmaking. Personally, I can’t wait to start reading the words printed off those first edition, hard-cover pages. Has a marvelous sense of humor. Without reading it yet, I strongly recommend.

When engulfed in the Full Moon Features universe, one will notice certain names, again and again, when checking out the credits. Be it in front of, or behind the camera. I’ll guess that I’m correct when assuming that since the 1970s, Charles Band has worked with literally, thousands of people.

One name that pops up in the credits along with Mr. Band’s from time to time is, William Butler. He’s an actor, writer, producer, and director. Doing this for quite some time. Now in his 50s, Billy (sometimes credited as) has an impressive resume’, whose credits as an actor include him working in both the Friday The 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchises. Some of my favorite stuff out of Mr. Butler is his work in the already mentioned Gingerdead Man series. The sequels to the original Gingerdead Man, crack me up. Both Gingerdead Man 2: Passion Of The Crust (2008) and Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011) are very well done.

Uncle GDISCUSSES Baby Oopsie (2021 Full Moon Features)

Please Note: On the Full Moon Features streaming channel, Baby Oopsie, although a full-length motion picture, is divided up into two different parts (episodes_chapters). For this write-up, I ignore all that, and treat it all as one full-lenght motion picture. The same it will play out in DVD or Blu-ray formats. A cool way to premiere in the streaming world. Builds excitement, and similar to the old cliff-hangers of yesterday’s Saturday afternoon matinee films.

No Bats

A non-traditional opening for a Full Moon Features film. Storywise, a well-established beginning.  A strong score (and music throughout by Rick Butler and Fred Rapoport). The movie was written by William Butler. Directed by William Butler. One man, one vision. Sounds like a lot of hard work.

Baby Oopsie – Full Moon Features (2021)

I understand that when first approached, how Mr. Butler wasn’t that excited about the project. He just finished another Full Moon Features movie, The Resonator: Miskatonic U. So popular, it’s getting a sequel. I enjoyed it, myself. Regarding Baby Oopsie, doing a movie with puppets/dolls and working within a certain budget, can be challenging. Those Chucky movies, as an example, and now the new Chucky TV show, have millions of dollars in their respected budgets. It must cost a small fortune every time they pry Jennifer Tilly away from a poker table. Way less money to spend, on Baby Oopsie. To still make it work and put out something just as, if not more enjoyable for viewers, having experience, then perhaps, is where the key is, and Billy Butler has that. Hire good people, and knock it out. No egos on the set. Its all one big team effort. Just like Charles Band does. Probally, his father did it this way as well. Everyone clearly understands the same thing. What matters most, is the results.

I enjoyed Baby Oopsie, beginning to end. In all reality, isn’t that all that matters? Not me personally, but for me as part of a ticket-buying public. And if I liked it a whole lot, if I was a collecter, after streaming it, I’d buy the DVD or Blu-ray when it comes out, and if my budget permits, maybe even grab some got-to-have merchandise such as a Demonic Toy/Baby Oopsie T-shirt. Meanwhile, I’ll stay subscribed to the streaming channel to help support. You do get a lot of bang, for your buck. Full Moon Streaming, love you long time. Give you plenty of pleasure. Full Moon Streaming has everything a person who relishes motion pictures! The more odd and outragious, the better. I do my research before I start typing any new story. From family type entertainment to adult shenanigans, and things you should only watch, while in the nude. Full Moon Streaming, has it all.

Baby Oopsie stars a multi-talented female, who on the world wide web, has been nicknamed the McRib Lady. That’s not an insult, nor a bad thing. Her comedic videos have received millions of views on YouTube. Is in the process of taking the nation by storm. It’s the very talented, Libbie Higgins. Mostly known for her superior improvisational skills. Quick-witted.

Baby Oopsie is Libbie’s second Full Moon Features film. In the first one, she plays a party guest and has only a small limited amount of time on screen. It was a speaking role. Libbie made the best out of it, and handed in a terriffic performance. In this new comedy/horror flick, she plays the central character, Sybil Pittman. Does so superbly!

Baby Oopsie in a way, is modeled after a 1973 Tv movie of the week. Its title was, The Girl Most Likely To… and starred actress Stockard Channing. I saw it when the movie first aired. Was presented in a way that I never really forgotten the story. In Baby Oopsie, it’s similar that an introverted young adult female who routinely lets life shit all over her, by all those around. She gets revenge in a most unique way. With the help of an old doll that needs repairs, in which was delivered with care, straight from Hell.

Libbie’s character Sybil has a Vlog and a small-loyal fanbase. This is where she displays her skills in restoreing dolls. Shot in her Cleveland Heights home, the woman has well over a thousand clothed and plastic dolls that she collects and fixes up when needing repairs. A professional at what she does but not marketing her skills appropriately, to pay bills, she’s working a 40 hour a week job that sucks through a long straw. From the time she leaves her house (really its her abusive evil stepmother’s, whose name is Mitzy) till the time she returns, Sybil’s day is filled with stress and anxiety. One absolute bitch, is her supervisor, Karen. What a cunt! Sybil’s relief comes from pills, revengueful fantasies, and her world of ordinarily inanimate objects. Is the doll collecting an obsession? Is Sybil a hoarder? Oh well. All this dysfunctionality and something bad sooner or later was just bound to happen. And it did. One day a special doll arrived, who needed the repairs that only an expert could fix. A baby doll who could walk, talk, and do things out of love, for its new, Mommy. Is it Baby Oopsie to the rescue? Once a demonic toy…well, you know.

The one…the only…Baby Oopsie. So cute! (2021 Full Moon Features)

One of many Full Moon Features easter eggs in the Baby Oopsie movie is a preview of an up-and-coming Puppet Master video game. Well done product placement. I’m not a gamer but I know a pretty lady who is, so I’ll be checking it out myself, when available.

Meanwhile, back in the hood, the real star of the new movie, Baby Oopsie, besides the director and special effects team, is actress, Libby Higgens. She displays real acting abilities here. It’s someone else, in a long list of names, that Hollywood legend, Charles Band, can say is that he put in her first film. Well…that would be, Weedjies! Halloweed Night, which was directed by Danny Draven, and was released back in 2019. Libbie plays a party guest in that. A horror comedy movie that centers around a costume party held on Halloween night. If you remember and enjoyed Ghoulies, from back in the day, then you’ll love this Halloweed gem. Think; Ghoulies in Sin City. Cannabis friendly, but not really a stoner movie, per se. Filmed in Las Vegas, the year before COVID-19 stopped the city, dead in its tracks. So, Baby Oopsie, would be Libby’s second feature film, under the watchful eye of Mr. Band, and Full Moon Features.

Uncle GRATES Baby Oopsie (2021)

Using the same rating system that the IMDb website uses, whereas one star means it’s a shitstain on society, to 10 stars which means it’s magnificent, and a gift to an entertainment starved public, “Uncle G” rates Baby Oopsie…10 stars! And why the fuck not? Baby Oopsie is all it should be. When watching you’ll laugh, and you’ll be frightened thinking; What if theirs a knock on the door, and theirs a package, and it’s not the food I ordered?

Baby Oopsie, ROCKS! I have successfully been able to submerge myself in the main characters (Sybil’s) world. Who didn’t at one time want revenge on someone who did you wrong? The world day in and day out, continually shits on you. Don’t you want to possibly hurt or even kill the one(s) responable, in the most bizarre way possible? Wood chipper accident? If you said yes to that, then you might want to consult professional help, or save your money and live vicariously through a character that if in real life, you might see occasionally in your everyday travels. Someone you notice but don’t give a second thought to. A working stiff by day and a unique star of a doll restoration Vlog, in the evening. Sybil calls herself: “The Doll Whisperer” She has loyal viewers, who tune into her show, who also collect and care about, new born dolls. A shame, but not all toys that are originally intended for children, are as innocent/well behaved as they appear. Some become automated and end up doing the bidding for who are essentially evil human beings, or demons who want to control a certain situation or the whole world. Poor Sybil. Things appearently just got out of hand.


Baby Oopsie, in my opinion, is a positive addition to the Demonic Toys franchise. I hope to see a sequel to this particular storyline. Maybe Mr. Butler won’t mind? My regards to the cast and crew. Good job! The voice of Baby Oopsie, Jill Bartlett, did an excellent job! I especially loved the profanity. Baby Oopsie, lives again! And Darren Gierowski. What’s that Aerosmith tune? Oh yeah; Dude Looks Like A Lady.

Official Full Moon Features ‘Baby Oopsie’ Trailer

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Ruku: www.ruku.com (Full Moon Features App)

Libbie Higgins Official YouTube Page: www.youtube.com/c/LibbieHiggins

End of Story

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