Uncle G’s FUN Music Reviews: Jack Frost (1998)

Date Published: 06 December 2013Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Uncle G’s FUN Music Reviews
Spotlight: Jack FrostMusic from the Motion Picture Jack Frost (1998)

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown
US Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Fifteen years ago ‘Jack Frost’, a Christmas holiday movie came out which unfortunately tanked at the box office. Still, when around this time of year, the movie and songs from it, are played by old fans and new ones alike. The film nor the music really didn’t suck. One of those comedies/dramas that people like myself sit down and watch every blue Moon. It has become a tradition with me at least, to play THREE songs off the Jack Frost soundtrack, every year around the Christmas holiday. This isn’t the score. Wish it was. Composed by Trevor Rabin. He performs as well. Matter of fact Trevor has a bit part/role in the film playing the guitar player in a fictional blues Christmas band called; The Jack Frost Band. When watching the movie you’ll even see Mr. Rabin, who by the way does a pretty good job acting on the big screen.

Here are the THREE songs that I dig and are in Uncle G’s opinion without a doubt worth seeking out; e-Bay or iTunes maybe. Am guessing the Jack Frost soundtrack CD is OOP (out of print) and has been for many years. A reflection of the film’s poor box-office sales. Of course, I could be wrong?

1.) Frosty The Snowman by The Jack Frost Band (which included Michael Keaton and Trevor Rabin).
2.) Have A Little Faith by The Jack Frost Band
3.) Frostbite by Trevor Rabin (instrumental).

So in closing, if planning a music setlist for a Christmas party, and desiring a couple of badass blues style Christmas tunes, and then a cool piano-led original composition (Frostbite) with a feel of the winter holiday, then go no further. All instruments on Frostbite are performed by an ex-Yes guitarist and for many years now one of my favorite film score composers; Trevor Rabin. Second only to maestro John Williams. A statement which I hope Mr. Rabin would not mind me saying.

Trevor Rabin Official Website: www.trevorrabin.net

End of Story

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