Uncle G’s FUN Ticket Stub Collection: Meat Loaf And TV’s Politically Incorrect (1997)

Date Published: 18 May 2012Classic Rock Radio (UK) Facebook Page
Uncle G’s FUN Ticket Stub Collection
Spotlight: Meat Loaf and Tv’s Politically Incorrect (TV Show)
By American Correspondent Gary Brown

Notice: Any and all opinions by “Uncle G” are his and his alone, and do not represent the views of CCR (UK).

Back in the Spring of 1997, my wife and I drove from our home in Houston, Texas to California so we could primarily attend a concert. Back and forth equaled about three thousand miles. Must have been a special concert, I bet you’re thinking. It indeed was; ProgFest ’97. Hosted in the city of angels, Los Angeles (USA).

Included in this 3-day progressive-rock event was; Spock’s Beard, The Flower Kings, and The John Wetton Band. Other acts as well, but these were the ones I mostly cared about. Up to that point, I had never seen John Wetton play live yet, so I was making a point of doing that, and I was just getting into the other two bands that I mentioned. I was going ape shit for Spock’s Beard. Their debut album, The Light, kicked ass, and their newest release, Beware Of Darkness, was equally just as good. They also had a good reputation for being a solid live band. It ended up that all three acts put on a show that made the trip worth wild.

The night before instead of participating in Day One of ProgFest ’97, my lovely wife and I went to a taping of an ABC Network TV program called; Politically Incorrect. This was a debate show hosted by comedian, Bill Maher. Was first on a cable channel, but then the ABC network picked it up. This was the 100th taping of the show, for the station. Was so proud of the 100th taping that they put out a press announcement. An achievement, I’m sure. Easier from them because they were a nightly program, broadcast five nights a week.

We arrive and end up with up really with the best seats in the studio. This had to do with our communication with people associated with the show. At the opening of the program, the camera pans the audience. For a split second, you can see us in the front row. So close, I caught Bill Maher’s attention pretty easily and was able to ask him a question when he was warming up the audience before the taping started. I even got a laugh — yeah me.

The program would typically have four guests on their panel where they discussed whatever was current events. I don’t remember all four people from that evening anymore. One was musician Taylor Dayne. My wife knew of her more than I did. In return, there was another musician who I knew better than she, who also was a guest. Born in Dallas, Texas. Classic Rocker; Marvin Lee Aday. Better known as, Meat Loaf.

If around my age and into rock music, odds are you are associated with the 1977 album written by Jim Steinman and produced by Todd Rundgren; Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell. I’ve been routinely playing the full album, on a semi-regular rotation, since first getting it on wax, back when it was released. Oh, and I also had it on cassette, 8-track, and now on CD.

If not for a small bad habit I picked up around that time, I would have caught Meatloaf (and what an awesome band) that winter when he played at Monmouth College, in West Long Branch, NJ, on March 7, 1978. I knew people who went. I could have gone but was heavily into drinking cough syrup laced with codeine every day, due to recently having had bronchitis, and along with smoking bags of pot, I really had no interest in interacting with anyone. By Springtime, I stopped the syrup. In the process, I was thrown out of where I was living. I was renting a room from a lady named Sandy. I really did her wrong, and would apologize now, if having the opportunity. There was a guy she rented to as well whose name was, Jay. Years later I found out that Sandy and Jay were a couple. How she ever found his minut cock under all that blubber, is beyond me. When I knew him, he worked in a sewage treatment plant. He told me people were always going to shit, and thus, interpreted that fact as job security.

Back to the main story, at the end of the taping of Politically Incorrect, the audience could see the cast and those behind the scenes having some kind of intense discussion. Hushed tones so anyone paying attention could tell something was up. And there was. Throughout the program, marijuana was basically said to be a good thing. So they made an announcement to the audience that ABC censors might not approve the show. They did, and it aired that night. A friend taped it for me; VHS days.

During the quiet part at the end of the taping, with the four-panel members still there in their seats, some guy managed to acknowledge Meatloaf. Said the word ‘Meat Loaf’ rather loudly. The audience responded positively. Mr. Aday smiled and waved his hands at the crowd. Was a cool moment.

To this day I have never seen Meat Loaf in concert. Seeing him being a part of the TV program is as close as I came. I still would like to see the guy perform one day. Hopefully, that will happen.

21 Jan 2022 Update

Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf

September 27, 1947 – January 20, 2022

Condolences to Mr. Aday’s family, friends, those he worked with, and his fans worldwide.

#MarvinLeeAday #RIPMeatLoaf #BatOutOfHell

End of Story

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