Uncle G’s FUN Dinner Ideas: Frito Pie Casserole (2014)

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Date: October 13, 2014

Recommended Reading Age: 16+

Uncle G’s FUN Dinner Ideas
Spotlight: Frito Pie Casserole

From the desk of Gary “Uncle G” Brown

When I use to suffer from horrible acid reflux, I had to be VERY careful about what I ate. Certain foods or beverages would make me instantly sick. Since my operation to fix the acid reflux problem a few months ago (June 2014) I have been slowly testing the waters, and just basically seeing what kind of foods/beverages I can NOW get away with consuming.

Frito Pie Casserole

A few good people where I work part-time over at Texas Art Supply this past Saturday gave me the idea of exactly how to do this. My cooking skills are LIMITED. This yummy meal is so easy to make that anyone, including me, could totally ace this. Here’s how we do it.

Supplies Needed

ONE BIG bag of Fritos
One onion (i purchased a small tub of fresh onions already chopped and ready to go)
One fat can of Wolf Chili
A nice size bag of shredded cheddar cheese
One larger-sized aluminum pan or glass dish to bake it in.

What To Do

Taking out the dish you’ll cook this in, the first thing you’ll do is open the bag of Fritos, and layer the whole bottom with chips.

Next, open the can of chili, and spread that even on top of the Fritos. Next comes the onions. I layered like I did the chili, but without using as much. I wanted to have onions in every bite, but I didn’t want to overpower the dish by using too much.

Last but not least is the yummy shredded CHEESE. Cover the WHOLE thing. If you use the whole bag, so be it. For what it’s worth, I do prefer using Kraft. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. When the temp is at its mark, bake for 25 minutes. My wise older brother James Matthew Brown occasionally will school me in the fine art of cooking. He says that it’s always better to cook at a LOWER temperature. I imagine you could bake this at a higher degree, and for less time. Doing it slower…the Jim Brown way…look at the accompanying cell phone photos. Came out beautifully, and it tasted SUPER YUMMY. I rate Frido Pie Casserole…FUN to eat!

Finished! Delicious! The meal was cooked and the photo was taken by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Note: To ALL my 420 Friends…this meal totally rocks! Follow the instructions. Take a few hits, and dig in.

  • GB *

Update Feb 2022

Half-Brother Jim and I had a falling out, back in 2016. A long story that I’ll tell, one of these days. Let’s just say that he’s dead to me. And Jazz, another half-brother, and the one who suggested my moving to the east coast, all I can say is: “OMG!” Thanks for nothing, Bro’. He states on social media that I’m not a real Brown. That I was found under a rock. Real funny! Crazy talk. These people are older than me. Includes a half-sister who is a cunt and a half. Bitter bitch! And last but not least, there is another half-sister; Connie. We have known about each other for decades, and have yet to speak. To this day, I have yet to meet her. Probably for the best.

Surprise – Surprise!!!

Check this out! A little research showed that my Dad never really married their Mom. Matter of fact, he ran far away from her, telling folks she was bleeding him dry; money. At the time, the man was a self-made millionaire. The make-shift family situation must have been more drama than he could handle. Jim Brown left those assholes, penniless. On the flip side, my father married my mom, around the time I was born. A huge shock for them, I imagine. One does reap, what they sow. So I ask the question; who’s the real Brown?

James William Brown 1905-1973 (May He Rest In Peace)

I worked part-time for Texas Art Supply, for a few years. I was a picker.

Gary “Uncle G” Brown – Texas Art Supply (31 December 2011)

I had to give up the job in November of 2015, after coming home one night from work and finding my then-wife in the house, with a male friend. In part, that’s what she told the cops when they arrived. A small army of them. Their cherry lights lit up the hood. She drove away with the car we shared. I was basically fucked. No way to get to work. It was a mile to the closest store. I was living in Katy, Texas, which is really a bedroom community. West of Houston. Long story short, a brother from another mother came to the rescue and that’s how I ended up getting to know some of my blood family, better. It took nine months for me to decide to never talk to any of them, again. Anyone on my father’s side of the family; fuck ’em all. Ends up people who are not family, are the closest to me. I’m grateful. They know who they are. I have a step-brother on my mom’s side that I’m just getting to know. If compared to the Browns, he’s a breath of fresh air. I think I’ll keep him. A shitty upbringing, similar to myself. Nevertheless, seemed to turn out well. Maybe I can convince my sister-in-law Sharon to make a Frito Pie Casserole for him and the family? Unless he’s the main cook? Shit, even a kid (supervised) could make this.

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