Uncle G’s FUN Tv Show Reviews: Cheaters (two columns)

Date Published17 June 2012Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Uncle G’s FUN Tv Show Reviews
Topic: American Reality Television ProgramCheaters

By Gary Brown
American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (UK)

First Article

Cheaters, at present, is one of the most popular syndicated programs on television. It’s all about people who step out and have physical relations with somebody else besides their committed partner. Not a cool thing to do. Nowadays it’s certainly a health risk trading spit and whatever else. A partner cheats and the next time they have relations as a couple, the hoodwinker could very well infect the innocent party. Sadly, this happens all the time.

In every episode, a suspicious partner looks to Cheaters for answers. Most times, a relationship is in severe jeopardy of collapsing. Could be heterosexual, or homosexual. Cheaters in turn investigate. Results are often entertaining in that the viewer gets to see the one cheating, exposed to the World. Sometimes while IN THE ACT of lovemaking. This is when you’d be interested in seeing the uncensored footage.

These people in my opinion deserve whatever punishment they get. Being humiliated on one of the highest-rated syndicated programs in television history is just the beginning. In a segment they call ‘the confrontation’…now this is where it gets good. For it is now when the hitting, biting, spitting, pushing, sucker punching, clothes being torn off, furniture and automobiles being destroyed, kicking, trash-talking, and other things of this nature, takes place. Its critics say the program is violent. Life is full of brutalness isn’t it? It is reality TV after all. One of my hometown newspapers, the one that runs thinly disguised ads for prostitution came out and said some of the shows are staged. Those at Cheater deny it. It’s all good to me.

Joey Greco is the perfect host for this program. The dude got stabbed on camera. Like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps on going. Quick wit. Knows exactly what to say at the right time. He asks the questions most would never say aloud. He controls the scene. Him and the HUGE bodyguards.

Another plus to this program is a narrator name Robert Magruder, who has the best vocabulary one could ever wish for. Scriptwriters, I’m sure give a helping hand. A lot of puns in the commentary. I laugh out loud watching this show sometimes. ” Joe Blow, a drummer who might be beating someone else’s drum.” The two make an excellent team, both getting their jobs done in a very efficient, and entertaining kind of way.

Filmed in Dallas, Texas and every once in a while, the city I call home, Houston. Lots of people get divorced here. My divorce lawyer for marriage number one was next door to a Gentleman’s Bar (most other places call these nudie bars).

Cheaters is a cool show for After Hours. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Second Article

Date Published17 Jan 2013Classic Rock Radio (UK)
Uncle G’s FUN TV Show Reviews
Spotlight: American Television ProgramCheaters

By Gary Brown
American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (UK)

With all the fuss and especially the money invested in getting married, one would think people would protect and honor their wedding vows/relationship commitments a lot better than at least half of them do. Usually standing up in front of who they believe to be a supreme being, the couple promise to honor, and cherish, for EVER and EVER till DEATH…do them part. For some this vow is good up to and including the Honeymoon night. After that, they tend to wing it. According to a steady flow of statistics over the decades, all saying that a bit more than half the marriages that are made legal, end in divorce.

Always a disturbing fact, slightly more than fifty percent of all marriages performed, break up. The reality for some is that if hindsight was 20/20, they would have NEVER gotten married, to begin with. Or have gotten into an exclusive relationship. Why, because a percentage of them as soon as their loyal partners’ head is turned, are out there checking out the prospect of yet another sexual conquest. Licking, sucking, and screwing seem to be all they concern themselves about. All while living the life of who they think they need to be while trying to NOT get caught. In the city of Houston, it is reported that one in eight people have an STD (sexually transmitted disease). We’re a three-and-a-half-hour drive to where Cheaters is primarily filmed. The odds are the same there. Very risky to say the least, and as a matter of fact, getting caught and it all being put out there on TV, maybe the least of their worries.

Back when the population and especially the church (pick one), though they had something called MORALS, those who stepped out on their spouses, would be labeled; adulterers. The sexually guilty, are called many other names (home wreckers) also, but the ones I know and learn their tricks every week nowadays on television, are all called; Cheaters.

Cheaters” is a television reality show about adultery. It is of course currently one of America’s most-watched televised programs. Created in the year 2000 by a Dallas, Texas law attorney; Bobby Goldstein. Into its thirteenth season on the air, the new episodes contain its third host of the series since its debut; Clark Cable III. Before the winter holiday hiatus, one could tell Clark was still in the process of getting his sea legs. Being a loyal viewer, I understand Mr. Gable has more than one duty to perform on the program. Wearing one hat, he’s the host of the sometimes hidden camera show. In a studio wearing fancy clothes, he introduces new cases or helps us remember past ones. Putting on another hat (in Texas you’d think it be a cowboy), he plays the center of gravity, the bridge between client and viewer, out in the field. All with a film crew present recording every move and comment made. And get this, for a segment of the program that they call; The Confrontation. How very exciting !!! Always is. A previous host (Joey Greco) got stabbed in this environment. My wife and I saw some of the craziest shit on our television screen ever, while watching this part of the episode. The fact is, we have been hooked on Cheaters for years now. How could ‘The Confrontation’ not be everyone’s favorite segment? After all, that’s when all the good shit happens.

Cheaters ROCKS!!! Good luck to Clark Gable (the third). My wife and I are thinking the rest of the 2013 Cheaters season is going to be pretty kick-ass. The question is, whose asses are getting kicked? Hopefully, it’s those in the wrong, if anyone. Feel free…tune in and find out yourself (consult your television listings for times and days shown).

Note: There are official uncensored Cheaters DVDs / programs that contain all the real juicy stuff; nudity/sex/cursing. Check out their official website for details:


Update: 23 August 2023

Clark James Gable, also known as Clark Gable III passed away on February 22, 2019.

Robert Magruder died on January 02, 2015.

Bonus Stuff: From the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Autograph Collection

Joey Greco

Clark James Gable (September 20, 1988 – February 22, 2019)

End of Story

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