In The News: Bill Cosby – On The Road Again?

31 December 2022

In The News: Bill CosbyOn The Road Again?

Opinion Piece by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

What a dilemma. In grammar school, we would sit in class, and instead of being taught something valuable that we might use later on in life, we students were instead played during class, Bill Cosby comedy records. Happened more than once. The nuns liked him, apparently. Especially his routine on Noah. I went to a catholic elementary school. Bill Cosby, an entertainer, had years of success that included a monster-hit Tv show, commercials for Jello, and appearances in movies. Plus he did stand-up comedy. The man, at one time, was the absolute best in the business.

About me, some of my friends know that I collect, autographs. Since I was a kid. It’s not an everyday hobby, for me, but I always found it fascinating. Started off with MLB baseball players, and Apollo astronauts. Nowadays, it’s whoever strikes my fancy. Lately, the last decade, I’ve done photos with well-known folks, and didn’t even bother asking for an autograph. Collecting famous people’s signatures, a moment to have perhaps crossing paths with them is an old fashion hobby. Yet, I always enjoyed it and in emergencies, I have reluctantly made a buck or two. It’s happened only a few times. I’m always regretful, yet grateful I could sell them to the highest bidder, if necessary.

I have Bill Cosby’s autograph. I was given a good work address, as to where he would be. Snail mail. I obtained it many years ago. I liked him, and I liked his work. Hey Hey HeyIt’s Fat Albert. Hard not to smile when thinking of that. No value in his signature, anymore. Everything changed with the rapist sex stories. Holy shit! Too many to ignore, or in my case, not believe. I can’t support that. But… let’s say that this scum of the earth, was doing his famous comedy routines, litterly right up the road from me. Within a six-mile radius. I live in Las Vegas. The odds are 50/50 that he might actually get a gig here. If I had the disposable cash needed to attend, I ask myself. I say, Self. Would I go? I can also help picket whoever employs him. We’ll see what happens in 2023. The Cosby camp is putting out feelers. Here’s another thought, I might have. Should the time come, I may also just ignore it. I feel sorry for the numerous women he hurt. Again, there are so many stories. Anyway, that’s always an option. When he dies, and hopefully I’ll still be around, my response will be short and sweet: “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

End of Story

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