“Uncle G” Remembers…Jeff Beck (2023)

Date: 11 Jan 2023
Subject: Jeff Beck – Death

Rest In Peace: Jeff Beck
24 June 1944 – 10 January 2023

Condolences to Jeff Beck’s family, friends, those he worked with throughout his long successful career, and his fans worldwide.

This one hurts. I woke up from a nap yesterday and picking up my cell phone, saw the headlines. That inside voice cried out: “Fuck!”. It’s now the next day, and I’m still sad while typing this. A lady friend pointed out how I really didn’t know the guy. Those who are into music as much as I am understands how I feel.

I was turned onto Jeff Beck’s music, way back in the 1970s. A friend that I went to school with, had an 8-track of Jeff Beck’s second solo record, Blow By Blow. It was released in 1975. That’s what hooked me. I’m pretty sure that’s when I first started getting into Jeff Beck’s playing. Blow By Blow became a favorite of mine and stayed that way, all this time. I got into Jeff’s other albums, and guest appearances on other people’s songs. His music has remained a constant throughout my life. And it will always be that way, up until I take my last dying breath.


Bonus ColumnBlast From The Past

Date Published: 30 March 2013Classic Rock Radio (UK) Facebook Page
Classic Rock Anniversaries
Spot Light: Jeff Beck – Blow By Blow (1975)

By Gary Brown
American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (UK)
Twitter @GBrown0816

For those who read my column, finding out that Jeff Beck’s 1975 album Blow By Blow is one of my favorite all-time albums, would not be much of a surprise. Those who personally know me, are especially not surprised. A few of them are reading this and starting to yawn as a matter of fact. Thinking; “not again.” Can’t help myself. Hard to explain my passion for the music contained in this PERFECT Jazz/Rock Instrumental, with the main focus on the guitar stylings of one Mister Jeff Beck.

Jeff Beck’s second solo record, Blow By Blow, was recorded in 1974. Produced by the legendary Sir George Martin, who back then was just known as the true fifth Beatle. Many called themselves that. It was Mr. Martin who took their musical ideals and made them recorded history. I know a professional rock musician with more than one classic rock hit under his belt who told me anyone working with George Martin would sound good. I believe that as well. Foundation was there had to be talent. Plenty of that regarding the Fab Four. I imagine Mr. Martin after working with The Beatles, had his standards. Jeff Beck by the year 1975, was known to be one of the BEST guitarists in the field of rock.

One night in the 1970s, under the influence of one or more things, I played Beck’s Blow By Blow 8-Track while wearing a pair of Sennheiser headphones. My mind soaked up the sounds like a sponge. I immediately the very next day, went out and stole the album (wax). Under five bucks, brand new, back then, I’m sure. I was a foster kid and never had much money for long. I survived, and sometimes by not doing the nicest of things. Keeping up with the Joneses is hard, especially when one is without a piss bucket, or a window to throw it out of. I now live a life of righteous honesty. Or so I try.

Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow has remained to this very day, and will till my last living day on this planet, one of the albums I dig the most. Weird, I didn’t end up a Jeff Beck fanatic. I never go that far with anyone. It’s like I have a shut-off button I use so to keep from getting burned out. Being a supporting fan is one thing. The word fanatic brings to mind visions of crazy people, doing crazy things. Imagine that. I have maybe twenty-five percent of Beck’s forty-nine year and counting, catalog of music, in my personal CD collection. Up to this day, I have never seen Mr. Beck play live, but would VERY MUCH welcome the opportunity to. I have the “Live at Ronnie Scott’s” DVD Jeff did not that long ago. Absolute kick ass !! I play it as much as any of his other CDs except maybe ‘Blow By Blow’, which I play more often.

Uncle G’s Classic Rock Tip of the Day

In closing, Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow — great to have as background music for a romantic evening. When the last song plays, do your partner(s) a favor, and press the repeat button. Just under 45 minutes. Whoever you’re with just may want to go it a bit longer 🙂

Jeff Beck Official Website: www.jeffbeck.com

End of Story

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