Uncle G’s FUN Music News: New Yes Album Coming Soon (2023)

10 March 2023
Uncle G’s FUN Music News
Headline: New Yes Album Coming Soon

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

How lucky can I be? I picked Yes to be a favorite band of mine, somewhere around 50 years ago. Are they the same group as they were in the 1970s? Of course not. The original members of Yes sadly are either dead or are no longer involved in the group’s current day-to-day activities. Life goes on! Led nowadays by guitarist Steve Howe, he’s the man who nowadays is still in Yes, with the most seniority. He replaced the original guitarist, the late Peter Banks, who also by the way, gave Yes its name. Steve’s first Yes album, was in 1971. In my mind, he’s as close to being an original member as one could be, without actually being one. Steve also at one point, took a break from Yes, in which Trevor Rabin replaced him. Years later, Steve came back and has not left since.

Keyboardist/pianist Geoff Downes and bass player Billy Sherwood, both have long substantial histories with Yes.

This new album, Mirror To The Sky, will be the 3rd Yes studio album for Jon Davison. Hard to believe but he’s been with the band, for almost a full decade now. If a fan of the two previous releases he’s on, or of any of the previous work by the other guys, then you should be somewhat excited about this brand-new collection of songs that is about to hit the cosmos. The album is dedicated to Alan White, Yes’ longtime drummer who passed away last year.

Yes‘ 23rd studio, Mirror To The Sky, having a release date of May 19th (2023) will be their new drummer, Jay Schellen‘s first Yes studio album. Jay could already be heard playing on 3 official live Yes recordings, including one I attended; Yes – The Royal Affair Tour: Live from Las Vegas. An almost complete show from 2019 that was released in 2020. Here’s the cover. Artwork by the legendary painter, Roger Dean.

Additional Information from Yes (Official) regarding YesMirror To The Sky (2023)

Mirror To The Sky will be available in several formats, all featuring artwork by long-time YES artist & collaborator, Roger Dean.

Ltd Deluxe Electric Blue 2LP+2CD+Blu-ray Artbook with poster
Ltd Deluxe 2CD+Blu-ray Artbook
Ltd 2CD Digipak
Standard CD Jewel case
Gatefold 2LP+LP-Booklet
Digital Album

The Blu-ray editions include the album as Dolby Atmos, 5.1 Surround Sound, Instrumental Versions & Hi-Res Stereo Mixes.

Promotional VideoCut From The Stars by Yes

Yes Official Website: www.yesworld.com

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