Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#12)

Recommended Age: 21 +

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews

Edible Report (#12)

Type Of Edible: Liquid

Name: Keef Cola

Flavor: Blue Razz

Medicinal: Yes

THC: 100mg

Strain: Hybrid 

Contents: 12 fl. Oz. (355ml)

Story and Incidental Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Twitter @GBrown0816

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Keef Cola - Blue Razz

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report #12 … finds yours truly coming off the death of a friend. One of the first individuals I got to know, since arriving in northern Colorado last September. Truly sad. I took a week to mourn. No writing. Hard to be creative under those circumstances.

About a week before my friend’s death occurred, I spent a day testing a cannabis product name: Keef Cola – Blue Razz (THC 100mg). Let me tell you about it.  


My second time trying a liquid THC infused product. My first was a dissolvable powder by Stillwater Brands (Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report #02) that I tested it in part, by adding to my morning coffee not too long ago.

Also, a liquid per-say (not a beverage) was a tincture (drops placed under the tongue for best results) I tried (Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report #08) and really enjoyed. Feel free to check out my write up on that if you have not already.

Keef Cola’s Blue Razz is a straight up carbonated berry tasting soda pop. Comes in a cool looking plastic bottle that I placed in the kitchen refrigerator the night before. The budtender at Verts recommended chilling before consuming, in which I did.

Note: Heads up … being liquid as compared to being solid, the THC effects should be felt earlier.

The whole twelve fluid oz serving contains 100mg of THC. That’s enough to pack a real punch, especially for those will lower tolerances. It doesn’t have to be consumed all at once. Get a measuring cup and drink whatever you feel comfortable doing; six ozs equals 50mg THC, etc..

A little background on myself for those reading Uncle G’s 420 Reviews for the very first time. I’m physically hurt (chronic pain), so I medicate every day with cannabis. Seriously helps! I also take two pharmaceuticals. One is for high blood pressure. Nothing too wild. Helps keep the BP numbers within a healthy range. A little more weight loss (few pounds) and I can maybe stop taking that one. Happened before (2014). The other pill I take a couple or a few times a day is to help me cope with nerve damage. I really do need that one. A side effect is sleepiness. The life of a writer. As long as my bills are paid, I can take naps just about whenever the urge strikes.  

Following the advice suggested to me (Verts), I started off this whole cannabis medical edible thing with very small doses. Nowadays about 50 to 60 mg of THC makes me feel pretty much alright with the world. Enough so I can function normally and not be too super medicated. But I have known to do a little more if I feel it’s needed and I can do so safely. In other words, for this little experiment, I drank the whole bottle in one sitting. Please take my/Verts advice and only use an amount of THC that you feel you can handle.

Shopping Reminder: Buy a cool looking/functioning bottle opener.

GB - 420 Product Tester (2017 July 16) - 03
Photo: Gary “Uncle G” Brown posing with a chilled bottle of Keef Cola’s Blue Razz.

So there I was on a very early Saturday (22 July) morning, all ready to test and not having anything to open the bottle with. In the same house, my friend Paul had a bottle opener he let me borrow. I cracked open the metal cap to the child proof plastic bottle. Noticed an immediate smell of berries. Nice aroma! I had a coke glass that I poured the THC beverage into. Found out Keef Cola’s Blue Razz is really blue in color. Fizzes well. I took my time drinking. A very enjoyable taste with nary a hint of cannabis. Glad it was chilled. Well within a half hour or so I could feel its effects. A ‘hybrid strain’, the results for me was being able to be active/productive around the house throughout the rest of the morning, well into the afternoon. A very pleasant experience. Aches and pains were kept to a minimum. Being under its influence didn’t hinder me any.

Keef Cola - Blue Razz_Glass (2017 07 16)

Uncle G Recommends

A unique way to medicate. Would be nice to have a few bottles in the fridge. For those not into smoking, nor wanting to chew their cannabis meds’, here is a bubbly alternative that can be enjoyed … TODAY. Should the cannabis laws where you reside be in your favor.

On the subject, and just so we’re on the same page, ‘Uncle G’ wants total legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, ALL across the United States. Hemp as well. From sea to shining sea. If not already in your area, communicate to your local politicians until they see the light. Recreational is fine for those ages 21 or older, and of sound mind and body (recommended).

Imagine real medicine (healthy dosage) with no debilitating side effects? Cannabis can and will lead the way! BIG Booze and those Pharmaceutical companies that decide to compliment cannabis, I predict will survive. All others I believe will perish. Those, especially on the side of affordable medicinal marijuana, are going to thrive.  Helping folks who are having a hard time helping themselves … ‘Uncle G’ thinks PLENTY of extra good karma will come out of that for all who make it happen. 

 Rest In Peace
Paul E. Park (Professional Musician)
March 02, 1951 – July 22, 2017

Uncle G’s Helpful Web Links

Keef (Brands) – https://keefbrands.com
Verts Neighborhood Dispensary – http://www.vertsdispensary.com

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#10)

Recommended Age: 21 +
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#10)
Company: Cheeba Chews
Type of Edible Item: Gummy
Name: Green Hornet (Cannabidiol Infused Gummy)
Flavor: Strawberry Banana
Medicinal: Yes
Contents: 50 mg CBD (1 Gummy)

Story and Incidental Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Green Hornet - CBD Only (2017 06 18)

For some time now I’ve been reading articles and watching clips compliments of various news sources about something I believe to be simply incredible. A compound of the cannabis plant; CBD (cannabidiol). How it is being used today by some humans as a natural, reliable and safe medication, some of those with rather serious illnesses. For those participating, perhaps an alternative to a pharmaceutical medication? What’s being substituted, illegal still in large parts of the country I call home. That is getting better by the day. Hopefully, cannabis legalization and decriminalization come swiftly. In the meantime, a new era with a more socially accepted opinion of marijuana, than in previous decades. Not being made in a lab someplace in New Jersey (example), seems to make it appealing to those seeking more natural remedies.

Heads Up CannabisHeads

My research states that CBD is completely non-psychoactive. I am stating this, just in case you didn’t already know. So when doing a CBD only cannabis medication and without the traditional THC being included, instead of the brain getting all the attention after being taken in, it’s more like from the neck down that in a way, reaps its rewards. Said just so we’re on the same page.  

On my part of the planet, because of my government’s past clueless approach (prohibition) towards a plant that when consumed by humans, exhibits positive physical and mental change, we are behind in knowing exactly all that this easily grown weed, can do for us. Other countries have stepped up recently in their research. Can’t stop progress. Big companies as well. The smart ones if feeling threatened should figure out how to work with or complement.  Of course, I expect shit (roadblocks) from those whose finances will be negatively affected; alcohol industry. A new hope for many is forthcoming.          

The intent of my using Cheeba Chews – Green Hornet – Medicinal 50 mg CBD (cannabidiol infused gummy) was to see how well it helps me with my chronic pain (lower back_tailbone_thigh injuries). Add to that; arthritis. Screws with me in my lower back area and right hand. Plus, I’m taking a shit load of pharmaceutical (gabapentin) to help cope with the never ending nerve pain I have. Especially leg cramps at night. Off the chart pain sometimes. Like I said,  injuries and I’ll add to that, aging.

On the average, using a pain scale of 1 (irritating) to 10 (morphine please), I’m always a 1 to 3, 24/7. It gets worse. I can’t really count on that, for the sole reason that the pain can jump from a 3 to a 7, five minutes from now. Always unannounced. Twenty minutes and I need to sit down. Twenty minutes sitting and I’m needing to stand up. Pain is dictating my moves. More to tell, but I’ll spare you all the shitty details. I obviously qualify for medical marijuana. That’s the point I thought needed to be made. In casual conversation, I just say I’m injured. Most times I don’t even say that.

If not for cannabis I would seek out other means of pain relief. Alcohol and opiates would be my favorite pair. By doing so, I’d be taking years off my life expectancy. Pot distracts me, and for moments at a time, I forget I’m hurt. Just toking flower, don’t take my pain away. Helps me cope with it better. A great tool to have in your own medical arsenal. Personally, I try never to be without it. Use with caution. Same as one would do with codeine (bad example; highly addicting yet still available at your local pharmacy). Unfortunately, even if of age to use, cannabis isn’t for everyone. This is what I read in the mainstream media land. Could it be the THC? What about a cannabidiol infused strawberry banana gummy? For those who tried and concluded pot/cannabis wasn’t for them, here’s another test. Hopefully, you’ll get better results. Side effects minimal compared to one of many man made drugs that help treat one thing, while possibly causing other health problems.

“Take this to stop diarrhea. Side effects can include dryness of mouth and possible long term abdominal problems. The kind that you would only wish on a political foe.”  


I’m taking the cannabidiol infused strawberry banana flavored gummy, made by the good people at Cheeba Chews (High Times Magazine approved) under their Green Hornet brand, as one dose; 50 mg CBD. This would have been last Saturday morning, the 17th. Right at sunrise with a fresh cup of hot instant Folgers coffee. I enjoy my coffee regular; two sugars and cream. As a rule, I wake and bake. Knowing I was doing this test, I stopped doing anything with THC, the night before. I awoke as I usually do when I put my feet on the floor, stand up, and start taking those first steps; sore midsection. Ass cheeks and thigh area hurt. Nothing new. Regardless, I’m telling myself, I say; 

“Self, got shit to do. Up and at it!”

Once I opened the airtight packaging, inside I found yet another package. It’s all childproofing efforts. I get it. FYI … the cannabis industry here in Colorado leads the way in safe ways to distribute whatever medical marijuana item there is. Some of these containers way harder to open and get at its contents, than drugs found at the local drug store. This based on my own observations since arriving here in Fort Collins, last September. Since then, I’ve been going pretty regularly to Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, easily found, in the west part of town. I’ve inquired about edibles with CBD, without the THC. I was advised Cheeba Chews offered an item that I’d be interested in. That’s how this writing assignment came about.

Green Hornet - Showing Actual Product (2017 06 18)

My notes tell me that when I opened the inside container, that a fruity smell all the sudden filled the air. Made me smile!

The actual gummy tasted exactly like a well-made strawberry banana flavored candy gummy, would/should taste like. The flavor loud, the medicated jelly pretty fresh, having been made only a few months before (Feb). That information, found on the backside of the outside packaging, along with all the other vital information about the cannabidiol infused gummy that you need to know.

Green Hornet - CBD Only (2017 06 18) (1)


A beautiful Saturday morning it was. Sunny outside. Comfortable temperature. Perfect for opening the home windows. The consistent nagging, burning feeling that I had when I first awoke, around the top of my butt crack, kind of disappeared. Head was clear. I kept busy around the house. Took a shower while under the influence. Early afternoon I put on some street clothes and ventured out, going for a walk. Ended up being a nice day. Kind of uneventful. I smoked a pre-roll I had purchased earlier at Verts, toking it up after dinner. The effects of the 50 mg CBD by now, long gone. My notes tell me that the 50 mg of CBD lasted a solid 4 hours with a chilled outlook that carried over till the afternoon. Sure I dealt with my usual pain that day. This helped combat that. Overall, I feel the yummy gummy had its benefits, both mentally and physically. The less aggravated my injuries feel, the better I could do things, like walk. I do so nowadays, with a limp. Canes and walking sticks are a help. So I just found out first hand, so does CBD. I skipped using a walking aid that day. Always cool when I can do that.  

Uncle G Recommends

Of course, I do.

This was my very first venture into using cannabis as a medicine, without the THC being part of the ingredients. That in itself I will never say is a bad thing. Good for all adults? The verdict is still out on that one. In my mind, CBD and THC, together work wonders … for me. No questioning it. Figuring out what dose works for each individual interested, is a puzzle worth solving. Be safe! Start low with small doses, such as 2.5 or 5 mg, and then if it’s necessary, increase. Till that one day when you find out, your magic numbers. I’m six feet and around 180 pounds. In many ways, healthy. An old school pot smoker; joints, pipes, and bongs. My tolerance level higher than most who use cannabis casually. Right now I know that if I consume 50 to 60 mg of either THC or CBS infused edible, that I’ll be feeling okay. This Cheeba Chew product, under their Green Hornet label, did just that.

Cheeba Chews has a well-designed website. A variety of different cannabis edibles, from weak to super strong in strength. Check out the Cheeba Chew website in your free time, and bookmark for future visits. And if in the Fort Collins area, make sure to stop in Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. Plenty of Cheeba Chew products there. Maybe I’ll see you in line?

Helpful Web Links

Cheeba Chews


Verts Neighborhood Dispensary


Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#06)

Recommended Age: 21 +

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#06)

Company: Colorado Product Services

Type of Edible Item: Hard Candy

Name: Nature’s High Edibles_Peace-On-Earth Pomegranate

Description: Raspberry & Pomegranate Sugar Expressions

Contents: 10 pieces of; Indica 30 mg THC (Medicinal)

Net Weight: 1.3 oz.

Story & Incidental Photography: Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Twitter @GBrown0816

Peace On Earth - Raspberry_Pomegranate (Rec)

It’s very cool doing another “Uncle G’s FUN 420 Review”. Am extra happy because I seriously dig the product I am about to write about. That would be a medicinal hard candy brought to us by: Colorado Product Services. The same company that gave us Jimi’s Cannabis Collection – Stand Next To My Fire S’mores (indica) that I raved about in ‘Edible Report #03.’

To prepare, I made sure I was clean of any other contaminants. Frankly, all I was doing was smoking, earlier in the day. I did make sure enough time had gone by since I last medicated/took that last toke. Regarding the cannabis plant, during the days I do enjoy a good strong sativa, while at night it’s indica time. I mentioned it before. Continues to work for me. And if just having a bad day (injuries acting up) my intake of indica goes up, while my use of sativa goes down. Doing my best to deal with it (injuries_cronic pain) … the cannabis way.


The hard candy contains THC from the indica family. It’s 30 mg strong. A higher dose than what could be found on the recreational side. When I say that I’m meaning at Verts  Neighborhood Dispensary. Located right here where I now call home; Fort Collins Colorado.

I saved my testing for night time. Inside where I call home, having no plans whatsoever on going outside. Safer this way. Closed the windows and locked the doors (only kidding). Was early in the evening. I’ve gotten up that day at the crack of dawn. Sweet girl. Might marry her one day (old joke). No naps throughout the daylight hours. Went about my usual business. All was well.

CO - Fort Collins - Verts_Nature's High - GB Photo (2017 03 31) 

I released two hard candies from the child-proof packaging around 6 pm and put the first one in my mouth. Kept it there until it dissolved. Did the same thing with the second one.

Taste wise, the more experience I with consuming the indica cannabis infused hard candies, the more I got acquainted with it. The flavor is as the box states; “Raspberry & Pomegranate.” So not a gut-wrenching taste at all. Instead rather pleasing like one would expect from candy, but since I am not really a huge fan of pomegranate, it did put me off a bit in the beginning. My first thought was that I would have liked the raspberry flavor to be a little more dominate. All in all, an excellent THC delivery system. Doing the two candies (60 mg) within an hour made me ok. When they first kicked in, I was on the phone with my nephew Stefano. I had no idea the conversation was going to take place then. He called me out of the blue. A young man in his early twenties. From the Houston, Texas area. I, or should I say the candies talked his ear off. I noted later that evening how I felt; “very relaxed.” Chatty as well. No catching any flower/weed on fire to feel this way; pure edible(s). Gave my throat a rest from inhaling smoke, and I had an awesome night’s sleep!

I spent the next week or so consuming these (as needed). Daytime situations as well. During this, I was too sore one day to really venture that far from the bedroom. And because my lower back pain really was kind of off the charts, I seriously wanted something that would distract me, and take my mind off how I felt. I hate to but sometimes I let BIG pharma help me in situations like this; Aleve (Bayer).

Good whiskey (bourbon) works. It can do the trick, or at least one might think it would. Personally, I can’t say I always had good experiences with it. Booze killed my Mom when I was age seven. Made me a damn near bonafide alcoholic by the time I was in my mid-twenties. Seriously affects the human body, mentally and physically. Will turn you into a vegetable. Your mind checks out, and never comes back. Addicting! Drink enough and I tend to sooner or later get in trouble with folks, especially those in authority. More stories for another day. Drunk I could fall down, and make my injuries even worse. Or OMG … I could even acquire new ones.

I some time ago flushed all my doctor prescribed opiates away. Speaking of, because the opiate pills, when flushed down a toilet, can contaminate the public water supply … you know, I really don’t have a fucking clue as to how to safely get rid of them anymore. If buried they could make the bugs addicts. Worms crawling around looking for their next fix. Imagine that.

Uncle G’s Recommendation

Sorry, I ruined the ending. If not suffering from short-term memory loss, then you already know I like this Nature’s High consumer item. I started off this writing assignment by stating that.

Note: When testing, I never took more than two doses, back to back. My advice is to always try out edibles with a small dose first, so to safely see how your body reacts to it. I did two doses because I’m ME; six foot, 188 lbs, short hair, clean shaven, … wait. Pretty healthy besides my injuries, or at least I try to be.  I can and in the past have built up a somewhat cannabis tolerance. Over time it happens. When I can, I’ll slow my intake, or take breaks. All a part of being a responsible cannabis user. That’s not only towards others but for ourselves as well.

Helpful Weblinks

Nature’s High Edibles


Verts - New Front Sign (2017 03 23)

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (First Edition)


05 March 2017

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews (#01)

Topic: Edible Report – Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles (Stroopwafel)

Recommended Age for Consumption: 21 +

Words & Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Twitter @GBrown0816

Note: Consumption of certain things will vary, according to the individual. This is true at ALL TIMES. Presently I am six foot, and weigh in at about 198 pounds. I am also for the most part excluding injuries, fairly healthy for my age. Results I get will be certainly different taking the same dose of whatever it may be, compared to how a young lady who was 5 foot 4 inches, and last time on the scale weighed 126 pounds. Needs sayin’. Any questions, please ask. Remember I am not a doctor. Given the opportunity, I would play one on TV, or in a low budget indie B film. Preferably a comedy, sci-fi, or horror picture.  Something to focus on another day.

What’s not to love about edibles? Plenty if you buy the wrong one. You could end up with not exactly getting what you were hoping for. Too weak? Too strong? Taste like dirt? Didn’t get off? Better to chalk it up to a learnable experience, than be totally pissed off. And so it perhaps won’t happen again, let me your helpful mature/experienced 420 reviewer, try to point you in the right direction. Will be entertaining at times. If in the process passing on my experience helps … cool. So keep an eye out for NEW ‘Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews’. Over time I’ll share about whatever cannabis item ends up in my path; smoke, edibles, etc.. Feel free to leave comments/give feedback.

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews (First Edition)

Topic: Edible Report – Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles (Stroopwafel)

The place, Fort Collins, Colorado (USA). A place I’ve been calling home since last year. This is where you will find a marijuana dispensary named; Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. Cool place! I love the smells/vibes as soon as I walk in the door. Knowledgeable employees that are fun to talk to. Excellent products, including edibles.

For those who don’t know me, I have been smoking pot on and off since the Nixon Administration. Primarily I am an old fashion smoker. I am now a licensed medical user (chronic pain) via the great state of Colorado. Being legal here, I can let my curiosity take over some, and try whatever new hits the market that is marijuana related, and something I have an interest with.

So this marks my third time digging into this type of smokeless high since arriving in Fort Collins. I really enjoyed my first time. The second experience sucked through a long straw, and this newest one, Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles (Stroopwafel), I tend to think is … keep reading.

Product: Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles (Stroopwafel) 250 mg THC (10 each/25 mg pieces). Produced by the good people at the CannaPunch Company in Denver, Colorado. In business since 2009 according to their website.

Uncle G’s Thoughts

Took me a little over a week, and three different occasions to polish off the 10 yummy caramel waffles that came inside a circular plastic container. While on the subject, please collect and recycle these. Verts Neighborhood Dispensary who I already mentioned, take your used plastic med/rec containers, bottles, tubes, etc. I just dropped off a few months worths myself. Helps Mother Earth. I digress. After all, it was for the long-term good of the planet we call home. Now back to ‘stroopwafel’ land.


The first time I ate three within a 45 minute time period. Would not recommend this dosage for the average consumer. Two at the most. And then wait a couple hours. Could take up to 8 hours to come down. Depends on the individual. If a ‘light-weight’, eat a half, or just one waffle, wait at least three-quarters of an hour, and see what happens.

Note: Hard for myself not to toke a bit while under the influence. I wanted to focus on the product. That was the writing assignment I was given.


Mixing with anything takes away from what the ‘waffle’ itself has to offer. Saying all that, after I consumed the three cookies, I cozied up in bed and for the rest of the night, channel surfed the TV. A very mellow experience. Be aware that when looking back since awakening that day, that I would conclude, that it was a very long day which started with waking up around 4:30 am. I got the opportunity to watch the sun come up. So by the time I ate the three ‘Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles’, it was after 7 pm, and if not doing them, I would have naturally gotten tired.

The day after I awoke from after a very nice evening sleep, and decided to continue ‘reviewing’ this tasty marijuana delivery system, to which I could re-visit; MellowVille. So still not smoking, I arose to the sunshine and to eat another delicious waffle with my morning coffee. Within a six-hour period, I sucked down a total of four. Including the night before, I now swallowed seven of these things. All throughout this pleasant experience, I stayed chilled and was never out-and-out comatose.


The last three waffles I ‘tested’ was yesterday.  I let a few days pass before doing the Colorado state item again. Gave me the opportunity time to collect my thoughts on how I felt using this particular medicated bakery goodie. This last time it was during the day. I even managed to venture out a little bit while under the influence. No driving! On foot. By doing so it showed how I wasn’t that stoned, and still able to do everyday functions. A high that isn’t too stimulating, nor relaxing (when one has had a good nights sleep).

But the real fun I had while ‘reviewing’ this pleasant edible was just hanging out at home, chilling out watching tv and listening to music. One music CD I was so kindly given (last year) in hopes I’d write about it; Burnt Belief – Emergent (2016). Spacey prog-rock instrumental. It includes from the prog-rock band Porcupine Tree, intense bass player; Colin Edwin. Excellent music for this! Play and let your mind take in the crazy cool sounds. Alone or with some company, adding one or two of these ‘special’ caramel waffles to your day, sure won’t hurt any. Matter of fact I’m sure it will brighten up what is going on around you.

Where To Buy: Uncle G recommends Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. Link to their website can be found below. Besides there, please consult the manufacturer’s website; CannaPunch Company. Link is … right here (first one under ‘helpful links’)

Helpful Links

CannaPunch Company


Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Forts Collins CO)


Burnt Belief (band)


Green For Green (recycle movement)

Twitter @GreenForGreen_

Green Ribbon World (Pro-Cannabis Non-Profit Website)

Uncle G’s Corner (written a few years back)