Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#06)

Recommended Reading Age: 21 +

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#06)
Company: Colorado Product Services
Type of Edible Item: Hard Candy
Name: Nature’s High Edibles_Peace-On-Earth Pomegranate
Description: Raspberry & Pomegranate Sugar Expressions
Contents: 10 pieces of; Indica 30 mg THC (Medicinal)
Net Weight: 1.3 oz.

Story & Incidental Photography: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Peace On Earth - Raspberry_Pomegranate (Rec)

It’s very cool doing another “Uncle G’s FUN 420 Review”. I’m extra happy because I seriously dig the product I am about to write about. That would be a medicinal hard candy brought to us by: Colorado Product Services. The same company that gave us Jimi’s Cannabis Collection – Stand Next To My Fire S’mores (indica) that I raved about in ‘Edible Report #03.’

To prepare, I made sure I was clean of any other contaminants. Frankly, all I was doing was smoking, earlier in the day. I did make sure enough time had gone by since I last medicated/took that last toke. Regarding the cannabis plant, during the days I do enjoy a good strong sativa, while at night it’s indica time. I mentioned it before. Continues to work for me. And if just having a bad day (injuries acting up) my intake of indica goes up, while my use of sativa goes down. Doing my best to deal with it (injuries_cronic pain) … the cannabis way.


The hard candy contains THC from the indica family. It’s 30 mg strong. A higher dose than what could be found on the recreational side. When I say that I’m meaning at Verts  Neighborhood Dispensary. Located right here where I now call home; Fort Collins Colorado.

I saved my testing for night time. Inside where I call home, having no plans whatsoever on going outside. Safer this way. Closed the windows and locked the doors (only kidding). Was early in the evening. I’ve gotten up that day at the crack of dawn. Sweet girl. Might marry her one day (old joke). No naps throughout the daylight hours. Went about my usual business. All was well.

CO - Fort Collins - Verts_Nature's High - GB Photo (2017 03 31) 

I released two hard candies from the child-proof packaging around 6 pm and put the first one in my mouth. Kept it there until it dissolved. Did the same thing with the second one.

Taste wise, the more experience I with consuming the indica cannabis infused hard candies, the more I got acquainted with it. The flavor is as the box states; “Raspberry & Pomegranate.” So not a gut-wrenching taste at all. Instead rather pleasing like one would expect from candy, but since I am not really a huge fan of pomegranate, it did put me off a bit in the beginning. My first thought was that I would have liked the raspberry flavor to be a little more dominate. All in all, an excellent THC delivery system. Doing the two candies (60 mg) within an hour made me ok. When they first kicked in, I was on the phone with my nephew Stefano. I had no idea the conversation was going to take place then. He called me out of the blue. A young man in his early twenties. From the Houston, Texas area. I, or should I say the candies talked his ear off. I noted later that evening how I felt; “very relaxed.” Chatty as well. No catching any flower/weed on fire to feel this way; pure edible(s). Gave my throat a rest from inhaling smoke, and I had an awesome night’s sleep!

I spent the next week or so consuming these (as needed). Daytime situations as well. During this, I was too sore one day to really venture that far from the bedroom. And because my lower back pain really was kind of off the charts, I seriously wanted something that would distract me, and take my mind off how I felt. I hate to but sometimes I let BIG pharma help me in situations like this; Aleve (Bayer).

Good whiskey (bourbon) works. It can do the trick, or at least one might think it would. Personally, I can’t say I always had good experiences with it. Booze killed my Mom when I was age seven. Made me a damn near bonafide alcoholic by the time I was in my mid-twenties. Seriously affects the human body, mentally and physically. Will turn you into a vegetable. Your mind checks out, and never comes back. Addicting! Drink enough and I tend to sooner or later get in trouble with folks, especially those in authority. More stories for another day. Drunk I could fall down, and make my injuries even worse. Or OMG … I could even acquire new ones.

I some time ago flushed all my doctor prescribed opiates away. Speaking of, because the opiate pills, when flushed down a toilet, can contaminate the public water supply … you know, I really don’t have a fucking clue as to how to safely get rid of them anymore. If buried they could make the bugs addicts. Worms crawling around looking for their next fix. Imagine that.

Uncle G’s Recommendation

Sorry, I ruined the ending. If not suffering from short-term memory loss, then you already know I like this Nature’s High consumer item. I started off this writing assignment by stating that.

Note: When testing, I never took more than two doses, back to back. My advice is to always try out edibles with a small dose first, so to safely see how your body reacts to it. I did two doses because I’m ME; six foot, 188 lbs, short hair, clean shaven, … wait. Pretty healthy besides my injuries, or at least I try to be.  I can and in the past have built up a somewhat cannabis tolerance. Over time it happens. When I can, I’ll slow my intake, or take breaks. All a part of being a responsible cannabis user. That’s not only towards others but for ourselves as well.

Helpful Weblinks

Nature’s High Edibles


Verts - New Front Sign (2017 03 23)

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

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