Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#05)

Recommended Reading Age: 21 +

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#05)
Company: The Growing Kitchen
Edible Item: Pro Cookie “MUCH BETTER” (Medicinal)
Package contains (1) 300 mg Active THC Indica Cookie
Net Weight: 1.1 oz

Story and Incidental Photography: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter: @GBrown0816


One fine day not too long ago, there I was, inside Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. On the ‘medical needs’ side of the room. Being waited on by a highly trained and personable budtender. When out the corner of my right eye, I catch a glimpse of a white bag mixed in with a rather nice selection of edibles. A few of these I knew because I recently did write-ups about them. Most displayed, I didn’t. So I inquired. Being handed the brilliant white (childproof) package, I read the front label.

The name of the company responsible for this medicinal bakery treat sounds so inviting; The Growing Kitchen. Makes my curiosity peak. As did blotter acid back in the 1970s. What a FUN treat that always was. Most times anyway. I digress. Stories for another day. Batman (should you be reading) … it’s back to the cookie. Made in the USA, right here in Colorado, with a very cool company name; The Growing Kitchen. Their motto; “Choose Health, Choose Herbs”.

Those who read any or all of the 4 “Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews” published so far, know what I am about to say; edibles affect different people, differently. Know your own bodies, and degree of health before deciding to do … anything. For the novice, eating and smoking THC are two entirely different experiences. Educate yourself some first. A good place to start would be regularly reading my 420 reports. And then whatever else you can find. And by doing so it’s hoped you’ll never have a bad time smoking or eating THC enhanced edibles. Especially if for medical purposes. Shit … those of us who qualify. We got enough problems already. 

Saying all that, there I was in the comfort of my own bedroom, towards the end of an evening. Clear of whatever cannabis that would be in my system earlier, I figured out how to open the white childproof packaging, and took out the organic cookie. Was well made. No crumbs in the bottom of the pouch. Freshness date on the back. BIG yummy dark chocolate chips. That inner voice told me eating this whole thing, might not be a good idea. Even with my tolerance. So I got out my trusty pocket-knife and cut a chuck that would equal one-quarter of the whole cookie. Fully committed, I opened my mouth and placed the part of the organic medical treat I carefully removed from the rest of the cookie, inside, placing it on my tongue.

So how’d it taste? Not the expert, I imagined like a freshly baked organic dark chocolate chip cookie should. Having thought ahead, I might have had something good to drink to wash it down with. Not having a beverage with me, it was kind of dry, and turned more earthy the more I kept it in my mouth.  

Curious while chewing, I read the back of the bag. Very informative, and on several levels. As an example, the first ingredient listed; “Love”. If cynical, I could have a field day with that. No seriously, I could. Take into account that most of the stories I heard about adding ‘love’ to something that another human being was intended to ingest, involved bodily fluids, health alarms, and people going to jail. Which is, of course, the furthest from the truth in regards to this writing assignment. For not really having ever met or gotten to know the individuals responsible for this organic delight,  I believe, and this is after some research, that those at ‘The Growing Kitchen’ printed ‘love’ as the first ingredient because they were one hundred percent committed to every aspect that went into the manufacturing of this nutritious pharmaceutical alternative. That ladies and gentleman leaves no room for argument.

The next morning I awoke refreshed, and ready to conquer the new day. Need my coffee. While taking the first few sips, I had what I thought was a pretty bright idea. After more inner thought, I then asked myself the following question. I said; “Self, how about eating the rest of that healthful dark chocolate chip cookie … RIGHT NOW?” Minutes later I was finding out how the ‘pro cookie’ went with the fresh java I had in my mug. Damn good! This time by doing 3 times what I did the night before, I found the effects to be obviously MUCH stronger. But not anything I could not handle. I felt under its spell till mid-afternoon. Expertly described on the back label, ‘The Growing Kitchen – Pro Cookie’ made me feel like any real good strain of indica should; relaxed and with eased pain. It also states on the bag that it will improve one’s mood. Frankly, that was good to start with, so I can’t really comment.


A little research showed that ‘The Growing Kitchen’ also has items made just for those who partake recreationally. Ask those at Verts, or wherever else ‘The Growing Kitchen’ sells their special brand of marijuana-infused edibles, concentrates, and natural medicines. ALL ‘made with love.’

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