Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#04)

Recommended Reading Age: 21 +
Date First Published: 30 March 2017

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#04)

Company: Dixie Elixirs
Product: Dixie Peppermint Dark Chocolate
Details: Cannabis Infused Medicinal Chocolate
THC Dose: 500 mg THC per bar/42 mg THC per piece
70 Percent Premium Cacao/Net WT: 50G (1.7 oz)

Story & Incidental Photography: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Dixie - Dark Chocolate (med)

Can you believe this is issue number 4? It has indeed been FUN so far. 

For ‘Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#04), I’m digging into ‘cannabis infused medicinal chocolate.’ Word is not everyone gets it right. Good news, for the company Dixie Elixirs (and Edibles) sure has. Matter of fact, I didn’t taste anything but well-made dark chocolate. Oh, and peppermint. Very yummy, and by the way, good for the tummy. 

Right off the bat, I knew that this edible was stronger than what I had previously done. I looked real forward to trying it out, but at the same time wanted to keep safe. I keep hearing horror stories of people eating edibles too strong for them. I don’t ever want to go through that. One time back in the 1970’s I ate too much blotter acid. Closest I ever came to a bad trip. 

When it comes to meds that help me deal with the day the best I can, I sometimes need some extra strong stuff. With cannabis, I can do this. Many strains/varieties. Usually, I like a good sativa during the day, and a strong indica for night time. Should it be one of those days where I could be doing better, I might do indica the whole day. Every day for me is different physically and mentally like it is for everyone else. A good place for this. As is customary someplace within all my ‘420 Reviews’, I advise to know your own bodies limitations, and please be careful.

Personally, I acknowledge a cannabis tolerance. Over time it happens. In my mind, better than popping opiates, and drinking a bottle of whiskey a day. One grows a tolerance to that shit as well. Instead of that, I look towards the natural cannabis plant for help regarding at least some of which I suffer. There is a certain high I can get to where I forget that my ass is literally killing me (tailbone injury/arthritis/disc injury). Opiates and booze will get me there also. At what price? Sad to even say, but it’s getting more common for guys my age, to commit suicide, or OD shooting H … while dealing with their bodies wearing out. A nasty part of aging. An epidemic right here in America.

Big Alcohol/Big Pharmaceuticals has/will try to connect pot and heroin together; gateway. In other words, you can look away. Nothing wrong here, or so our so called trusted officials say. But there is. The connection is pure bullshit, but they will insist on connecting the two anyway. In the meantime, beer sales are down in Colorado. Check it out. Millions of stories. People are out there no longer popping pills at night to help get some sleep. For myself, a couple tokes of some find indica before I hit the bed, and it’s off to sleep I go. 

The secret is out. The cat is out of the bag. Marijuana isn’t as evil as what our country has previously been telling us. The government can’t stop the adult interest in cannabis, and smart politicians want things as far as cannabis legislation to go forward. Legalize and decriminalize. The sooner the better. Why do you ask? Because I decided after doing ‘4 tests’ on this Dixie product, that I am getting even more seriously interested in how to really make this work as far as my own pain management goals. Not that I’d stop smoking altogether. To eat an edible (cannabis) and get the same results if not better than what I was getting being polluted all day on hydrocodone, sounds wonderful. Those damn pills are dirt cheap. And I am not interested, nor will I ever be, in synthetic (fake) marijuana. That’s cheap too. Ever wonder why? Economics for some might come into it when making a decision. I am willing to pay more (within reason) for medication if I deem it beneficial to my health, and can actually afford to do so. That the cost is not a burden to bear. Mixed with smoke (one can Vape), and whatever MEDs the doctor said one must take, ingesting cannabis in this matter daily (if needed) should help those including myself live a more productive/positive life. Dixie offers a nice line of products, offering WAY more than one THC delivery system. After being so happy with this particular product, I for one am certain that I will check out what else they have to offer, real soon.

Uncle G’s Testing Diary

Successfully opening the child proof box, the chocolate bar comes wrapped and although sold as one solid bar, is manufactured so chunks can be broken off easily. Similar to other regular candy bars I had; Hershey. Dixie’s is divided into twelve squares. In my mind, a dozen doses. Easy to break apart. I decided that I’d start off slow. Again, contains a higher THC dose. I eat one of the twelve squares and settle in. It’s early in the evening. No negative taste experiences whatsoever. An hour later, I feel adventurous and eat another. All throughout the evening, I am fine! Note, I wasn’t medicated using anything else beforehand. I didn’t over medicate myself. Two squares on me did the trick. Seriously, I would never think of eating three. The pain was tolerable throughout the evening. Better than if just smoking. Was continuously mellow, and happy. I tested in a safe environment. Ended on a ‘high’ note. I experienced the best sleep I have in ages. Two nights out of four I slept for at least six hours consecutively. Two squares. Waiting an hour to dose for the second time might have had a hand in that. Also, I ate the squares early in the evening. About four or five hours into it, I became sleepy. Up early in the morning, so that was probably more on the natural side. Still, I awoke so refreshed. Hard to imagine the edible not having something to do with that. The other two nights I awoke just one time (bathroom) within a six-hour time span. Fell right back asleep.


Pertaining to cannabis edibles, this particular medicinal cannabis infused peppermint/dark chocolate item, raised the edible ‘bar’ for me. My first time going the chocolate route. For dark chocolate in which I sometimes find bitter, what Dixie Elixirs has to offer is simply delicious. Health benefits from consuming that as well. Word within the legal cannabis community was correct about this outstanding medicinal peppermint/dark chocolate candy bar. For those like myself who are into this kind of thing, I would not think twice about recommending.

Helpful Tips

When in Fort Collins Colorado, make sure to visit my friends at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. SUPER knowledgeable! These people ROCK! For all your medical/recreational cannabis needs.   

Verts - New Front Sign (2017 03 23)


Dixie Elixirs (excellent/informative website)


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