Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#02)

07 March 2017
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Edible Report (#02)
Product: Ripple – Sativa (5 mg)_Dissolvable THC Powder_by Stillwater
Words and Photography by: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

So I’m in Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins) last Friday, and on my way out the door, I run into a polite young man whose name is Nick Otepka. Dressed nicely and standing by the doorway, next to a small table,  items produced by the cannabis company he was with; Stillwater. Having my attention, Nick spent a few minutes informing me and taking my questions about the three items he had next to him, as well as sharing the cannabis company’s history and successes since being in business.

One Stillwater highlight is that the container that houses the item I was most interested with, won a prestigious award.

2016 Cannabist Awards

Under ‘marketing’, for ‘best retail packaging’ … Stillwater. Congrats to them! The small container was designed to be hard to open by the young ones. It’s cool enough that I didn’t think about throwing it out once I finished the product. Am sure I will find something I can use it for.

Ripple – Sativa (5 mg)
10 Packets Of Dissolvable THC

Uncle G’s Thoughts

Seriously impressed!

First thoughts was how much I dug the ‘stillwater.life’ website. Gives you all the information you need to know. As with any edible, knowing your body and what it can handle, is the true key. Also, knowing as much as you can about what you are about to consume. Common sense.

I chose a product that once you successfully opened the plastic container, contained 10 paper packets, each containing 5 milligrams of carefully produced THC. White powder. Tasteless and dissolvable in whatever your mind can think of. Being old school, my first reaction was to snort it. I instead used hot tea, and coffee as my delivery system. Worked out extremely well.

Waking up in the early evening after taking a nap, I realized that at that time, I felt pretty straight. I don’t believe one can truly test a product while being under the influence of another. Medicated 24/7 if possible (chronic pain_medical marijuana license) I decided to take advantage of my straightness and test the newest edible I just picked up; Ripple – Sativa (5 mg). I made hot tea, and after putting in some sugar added three packets of Ripple. Dissolves instantly, even in cold water according to the Stillwater website.

Edibles have to get past the liver in the human body to where one will start feeling its effects. Takes more time than if smoking weed to feel high. About 45 minutes to an hour into it, I started feeling somewhat animated. I watched Netflix the whole night; stand up comics/Star Trek 1973 cartoon. Didn’t smoke any. I felt better than if taking an energy drink. I’m a BIG fan of ‘5 Hour Energy’. I do equate the product I am doing to those type things. I personally feel safer knowing this is a cannabis product doing ‘Ripple’. Not that I don’t love caffeine.

A few hours into it, I make another cup of tea. This time I added two more packets. The rest of the evening was very enjoyable, spent at home, and in the company of just myself. I always do tests in the nude … just kidding. Maybe in the summer months when it’s hot?

Verts - Ripple_Coffee (2017 March 04)

Waking up naked/refreshed, I decided to skip my usual ‘morning toke’, and made a cup of coffee, stirring in the remaining FIVE packets. A little too much I assume for those who don’t consume cannabis products on a daily basis. Nick suggested using 4 packets after asking about my cannabis using habits. That would leave six. Three and the effects might not be there when testing again? Stillwater and I strongly suggest taking the time and figuring out the amount to take for it to be a positive experience using. That’s the idea. Next, I am interested in Stillwater Tea – Blissful Black (caffeinated/sativa). Maybe that before doing ‘Ripple’ again? Which means I’m cool with it and am recommending. 

I know with edibles that sometimes the effects can last for up to 8 hours. With everyone it’s different. The morning after the first test when I did 5 packets, I felt fine. An enjoyable day. The sensation lasted about six hours. I again did not venture outside anywhere. Besides Netflix, I did listen to some good music while under the influence of the ‘Ripple (sativa 5 mg)’ product. Enhanced the atmosphere for sure.

Where To Purchase

The Stillwater website gives plenty of information, including where to obtain its products. Uncle G (me) gets his/mine at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary in Fort Collins (Colorado). If you see me there … say hi.       

Helpful Web Links

Stillwater –  www.stillwater.life

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary – http://www.vertsdispensary.com/

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