Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Cannabis Patch Report (#01)

Recommended Age: 21+
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Cannabis Patch Report (#01)
Company: RX Green
Medicinal: Yes
Product: THC (Indica) Transdermal Patch (All Natural Ingredients)
Dose: 30 mg THC

Story and Incidental Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Verts - R X Green - Upright

After doing thirteen ‘edible reports’, I decided to try another cannabis delivery system; transdermal patch. Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins, CO) is where I found this. Their cannabis selections are outstanding! My usual place to score weed (medicinal). I’m a daily user. Mostly indica lately. My injuries with the cold weather have been acting up. Sometimes, the more THC the better. But be forewarned. By doing this over a considerable amount of time, one builds up a tolerance. What I could continually smoke all day, a couple hits and others are seriously down for the count. Which leads me to say; know your body and its limitations. When it comes to cannabis, ask questions. Do research. Make damn sure that what you’re doing, is right for you. Cannabis is NOT for everyone. Being over age 21 may qualify you to buy legal weed, but it doesn’t mean consuming it may be exactly right for you.

The question; is a THC patch, right for me? I had success quitting an over 30-year cigarette habit, by using the patches (nicotine). I could not sleep with them because my dreams got too damn weird. They did their job really well during my waking hours. Worked the program. Did all the different stages. The process slowly weans you off tobacco. This past month (November) I celebrated a full decade since I had my last cigarette. A Doral Extra Lite 100. Putting down those cancer sticks … an accomplishment that I thought I would never achieve. So using a THC patch as a delivery system, to help make life a bit more tolerable, I had no problems saying yes to that. Sign me up!

Thanksgiving Day 2017. This is the day that I decided to try; RX Green – All Natural Ingredients – Transdermal Patch – No2 Indica (30 mg THC). My first time doing so. The fine bartenders at Verts gave me all the very important information that I needed to know, before actually doing it. Know what to expect. I like to anyway. Lots of information on the envelope the patch is packaged in. Example:

01.) This INDICA patch is most effective on a venous part of the body; inside ankle or wrist.

02.) Area should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (regular rubbing alcohol)

03.) Let fry and place directly on the skin by removing the clear backing and press firmly into place.

04.) The patch will have a sustained release of up to twelve hours and should be worn continually.

Verts - R X Green - Collective

At 10 am, I did ALL that. No smoking pot or doing anything cannabis, since the night before. Was straight as a ruler (a primitive measuring stick also used as a spanking apparatus).

Like a liquid, the patch offers a much quicker way for the THC to enter your system, if compared to your typical cannabis edible. I’ll say within an hour, I noticed it. RX Green has different cannabis varieties, and again I chose; indica. Aches and pains were kept to a minimum. I felt kind of similar to a version of my old self. Being Thanksgiving, I ended up spending the entire day, in a full house of mostly strangers. Felt no anxiety or stress. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Over six hours into my using the RX Green transdermal patch, I made a plate full of food. Everything tasted like it was the best version of whatever it was. And I chowed down on turkey. Tasted so delicious. you know what … my past two wives will tell you; I fucking HATE turkey! Yet with homemade cranberry sauce, the meal was to die for. BIG belly O’s (orgasms).

I take two daily pharmaceuticals daily. I take one before bed. The other I held off on until 5 pm. Helps me with chronic nerve pain. The patch helped me cope, which is what I’m looking for. The 30 mg dose, did me okay for seven hours without doing anything else.

Around 6 pm and the weirdest shit happened. The patch was still working. That’s obviously not the weird part. Totally unexpected really. Several people around me, either sitting or standing nearby, started busting out their weed. I finished my meal and was sitting at a table that was outside in the backyard. Participating in casual conversation with whoever was close by. And then it happened. People now with full bellies, started lighting up and passing around various kinds of pot. Most of these folks I didn’t even know smoked. Was a mixture of homegrown and dispensary purchased cannabis from various places in and around the GREAT state of Colorado. Serious smoking! One very cool young lady turned me onto; Blue Dream. Bless her heart! I read about it in High Times Magazine, but never actually toked it. I had a hybrid that was half, but just never the pure flower. Until now! So the rest of the evening was a more adult party atmosphere. And this being Fort Collins, of course, some drinking was going on as well. Responsible adults! Everyone knew their limits. Nothing bad happened. If we all drank booze as much as we consumed marijuana, all kinds of fights would have broken out. My luck; here come the cops! Instead, a FUN time was had by one and all. We all did chores and cleaned up after ourselves. I helped do the dishes.

Oh, I should mention that I did as instructed and took off the patch off after 12 hours; 10 pm. That night … slept like a baby. Woke up the next day all refreshed. I’m over fifty years old. Nice when that happens.


In 420 minutes, I knew R X Green had put out a very good cannabis product. Something I think that those like myself, might consider using.

By The Way

R X Green offers lower doses that I’m guessing are typically sold on the recreational side of marijuana dispensaries.

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary – www.vertsdispensary.com

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