Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews: Killer Eye-Halloween Haunt (2011)

Authored on January 7, 2012
Uncle G’s FUN Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Charles Band presents Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011 Full Moon Features)

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown

To begin, I ordered the Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt DVD (along with Savage Island with Linda Blair) on Christmas Eve…Merry Christmas to me. Received the package on the 4th of January. Not a bad turn-around at all, and as usual I’m very pleased with yet another purchase that I’ve made from Full Moon Features. Thanks to all involved.

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

It’s a cool movie! What do you expect me to say? It sucks a soggy noodle? No! Matter of fact, I enjoyed the whole DVD experience. It came with bonus stuff/FMF commercials. Plus, the case has a cool-looking wrap-around with several images from the film on the cover.

The Main Presentation

The bad news is it’s barely over 70 minutes. Seeing this on the backing of the DVD disappointed me. Not the first Charles Band directed film to clock in like a 1970s TV Movie of the Week, minus the commercials. But here’s the thing. I’d rather have a solid 71 minutes out of this film-maker, then a 90-minute feature with 19 minutes of filler, from anybody else. I conclude that the skilled storyteller/cinema guy takes the time he needs to tell whatever particular tale that he’s trying to visually tell. It’s all about the results, right?

The movie itself plays extremely well. Even better if you’re already familiar with Charles Band/Full Moon Features. Should that be the case, then this has it all; pretty young ladies in various stages of undress…pretty young ladies showing off various parts of their anatomy…pretty young ladies smoking pot…pretty young ladies having lesbian sex…but seriously folks, a cast of capable women, doing a GREAT job here performing/carrying the film from start to finish. I actually found it refreshing not to have any young guys around with their heaping amount of testosterone overflowing on the screen.

What do we have here? A spin-off of a 1999 Full Moon Features film called: The Killer Eye. That was directed by David DeCoteau and includes one of my favorite actresses, the lovely Jacqueline Lovell.

A Few More Things

To start off with, after inserting the DVD, I love the Full Moon logo and the bats flying. Lots of pleasant memories viewing their film catalog over the years. In this DVD, the winged creatures appeared like they could have flown off the screen. Wonderful quality. Not only the opening credits, I liked the photography of the whole film. Vivid colors. Effects that enhanced the film, and didn’t take away. LOTS of cool background props and whatnot to always keep you looking. All connected with a solid, and very entertaining killer eyeball story.

The dialogue was hip. One character announces that she was on a ‘herbal’ diet, while at the same time pulling out a bag of weed that would cost at least 3 figures to secure. Could have gotten a small town stoned with all that pot. It was a tad too much to be carrying around. Maybe they need a full-time weed consultant over there at Full Moon? Someone with the experience to keep them on the up and up. Who carries this much pot except dealers?

And speaking of weed, how many films in a row by this Hollywood B Film studio, or that Charles Band directed himself, that mention cannabis lately? Remember before answering, that pot is again, all the rage. Lady Cannabis, risen up from the ‘just say no’ ashes. The answer would be several. A younger market. Nothing that presents negative vibes, which I can appreciate.

Did I mention this horror movie also includes a healthy dose of, horror? Director Charles Band knows how to present moments of suspense/shock. And what’s a scary movie without scares?

The Charles Band Universe

Can a person who enjoys horror/comedies and does not know one thing about movie producer-director Charles Band and or his Hollywood film company, till enjoy, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt? Certainly! If I had to describe it; a twentieth-first century “B” 1950’s throwback horror film. Add some humor and an eye-appealing cast.

On the IMDb website, I rated this movie; 8 stars. Plenty here to keep us regular FMF fans chewing the fat for a while. I felt after seeing the film Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt, that I surely got my money’s worth. Also…cool bonus features. One of the ‘Far Out YouTube Videos’ is about independent films. Includes mention of Charles Band/Full Moon Features/Tom Devlin/Killjoy 3 (nice to see/hear that one get some praise).

Official full Moon Features Website: www.fullmoonfeatures.com

Gary “Uncle G” Brown Autograph Collection – cast member Olivia Alexander (Giselle)

End of Story

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