Uncle G’s FUN Classic Rock DVD Collection: Heart – Heart Live (2011)

Date: 17 May 2012Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Uncle G’s FUN Classic Rock DVD Collection
Spotlight: Heart – Heart Live (2011 Blu-ray DVD)

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown

I purchased Heart’s Jupiter’s Darling when it came out. I’ve been following the band since their debut in 1977; Dreamboat Annie. Up to this point, I’ve seen them three times in concert. Once, on my birthday, when I was a long-hair, music lovin’, and usually always horny teenager.

From the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Ticket Stub Collection

Let’s talk about the Wilson sisters. Hard for me not to notice while playing their albums. Even harder when they perform live in concert. I was 4th row, center seat. Close enough that you could see a lot more detail on stage, than if sitting way in the back. The band was on fire! Heart’s lead singer and sometimes flute player, Ann Wilson, performed directly in front of me, for almost the whole evening. Back then, at five foot seven feet tall, on that stage she appeared as a statuesque brunette. Equally mesmerizing due to her beauty and talent, playing various string instruments that evening, was Ann’s sister, Nancy. I must admit, the tent I pitched in my pants for most that night, inspired by these two, could have sheltered a homeless family of four. But…enough of that.

Many Years Later

Hearing the news that multi-talented Lennon Murphy was doing warm-up on the tour that followed the release of the new CD, made this a no-brainer when considering if we should go or not. My wife and I became aware of her and her band, via the way of Alice Cooper. They did warm-up for the Coop, on several occasions. We totally fell into Lennon’s debut album, 5:30 Saturday Morning. It totally rocks! Had the misfortune of being released the week of 9/11 (2001).

Ended up not only being an outstanding show but a very cool evening out also. We met and talked to Lennon some after her performance. Speaking of which, her act was seriously cut back because of the lack of space on the stage. Get this; in the round. In some circles, this was perceived as being somewhat fancy. So instead of doing an electric rock show with her band, Lennon, wearing a nice dress, instead, on her own for most of the set, sang and played the keyboard, with most of the audience not knowing her, just in awe of the young lady’s performance. The show must go on, and Lennon nailed it. And then during Heart’s set, Ann gave Lennon a mention which motivated the audience to give her another round of appaulse. Simply outstanding!

Lennon Murphy – After Show – Houston Texas USA Sept 04, 2004 – Photo Credit: Gary Brown

Heart came on after Lennon, and did the kind of show you would expect from an experienced band such as this. Nowadays in essence one can say Heart is, Ann and Nancy Wilson. Back in the day, they had a real group going on. But nowadays, say the name of the band, and that’s the vision one gets. Ann belts out a tune with Nancy totally doing it on the strings. What an incredible duo they make. Being so good at this, they of course command players who can keep up. The folks behind them making up Heart that evening did an outstanding job helping the sisters perform music from what was then, around a 30-year history. Again, here they were promoting what was then their new release: Jupiter’s Darling.

After the concert, my lovely wife, Alexandra, and I hung out. Outside the concert arena. While there, we chatted with keyboardist Debbie Shair, while Heart’s drummer Ben Smith strutted around the parking garage with a young lady on each arm.

Ticket – Promotional PostCard – Scan by Gary Brown

This all occurred back in the year, 2004. It’s now over seven years later, and I am sitting in front of my new HD TV (the last one just pissed out one night a few weeks back). The tray to the Blu-ray DVD player opens up, and I insert the Blu-ray disc; Heart – Heart Live. The performance is a show from their Jupiter’s Darling tour. Once the picture starts up, the memories kick in of our last time seeing them live. Then I heard Ann’s voice and I’m like; wow !! For what must have been a couple of hours, I’m just sitting back and enjoying the show. The picture quality and sound are simply outstanding. For lack of better words, I’m just BLOWN AWAY.

Favorite Moments

I told Debbie back when I met her that she just nailed ‘Magic Man’. Here it is on film. This chick rocks !! During the show, Heart performed several Led Zeppelin songs. The “Battle Of Evermore” will make your jaw drop. No shit…it’s that good.

So now I’m typing away, the morning after. I’ve put on Heart’s ‘Jupiter’s Darling’ for inspiration. It really is a good record. If I’m correct they had some problems with the label it was on. Not really promoted properly. Heart did a better job selling it I’m sure. So it kind of tanked. Ends up being a well-kept secret. With only a select few knowing (ask your local radio station if they have a copy). Musically, it reminds me of the material they did between Dog And Butterfly, and their self-titled album that came out in the mid-1980s; Heart – Heart (1985). It appears that they had some freedom to enjoy playing, not-so-formulated rock music. It’s cool to venture out and explore from time to time. See what works, and what doesn’t. The band Heart, when working properly, is a well-oiled machine. Later-day results can be found on the studio CD that followed a couple of years ago; Heart – Red Velvet Car (2010).

From the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Autograph CollectionHeart – Promotional pre-signed CD Wilson sisters
Photo Credit: Gary “Uncle G” Brown

So, put on a black light, start up the lava lamp, and try finding that roach you lost ages ago. Am sure you’ll find Heart’s Jupiter’s Darling recording pretty enjoyable. And if you don’t have it…hopefully it’s not out of print yet…if you are a Heart fan from whatever period, give it a go at least once. A fine rock album indeed. And for sure get the Blu-ray DVD I’m mentioning. Awesome documentation of Ann and Nancy doing what their audience enjoys — playing terrific music.

End of Story

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