Uncle G’s FUN New Music Recommendations: Leon Alvarado – Charging The Electric Dream (2023)

16 Feb 2023

Uncle G’s FUN New Music Recommendations
Spotlight: Leon AlvaradoCharging The Electric Dream (2022) PLUS Leon AlvaradoCharging The Dream (2023)

By Gary “Uncle G” Brown

A Facebook friend of mine recently released two very good, keyboard instrumental albums. A regular release and a follow-up EP. Both are pretty solid. Let me tell you about them. First off, his name is, Leon Alvarado.

Leon is from Houston, Texas. I know him via Glass Onyon PR. Owned and operated by my long-time friend, William James. Feel free to call him, Billy. I have known the musician, author, and publicist, since 1997/1998. Introduced by a mutual friend who was in the original Alice Cooper band, Michael Bruce. All this time, Billy and I have yet to be in the same room together. It will happen.

Back to Leon…

Leon’s new album is called; Leon Alvarado – Charging The Electric Dream (Melodic Revolution Records, 2022).

Mind-captivating sounds and rhythms that pleasantly hang with you, long after you’re done listening. Includes some get-up-and-go. It’s not music to fall asleep to, by any means. That said, one place you can listen to it, is in bed. Clothing I imagine would be optional.

Contains seven tracks. Music length-wise, it’s under 40 minutes. Is a quick play, when listening to it in its entirety, one track after another. I like all the recordings that are contained within, pretty much equally. I must admit, one composition, in particular, does stand out. Has a video: The Electric Dream. A catchy tune, and cool eye candy. Leon, himself, put the visuals together. He’s a talented guy. BTW…Leon’s newest album is pretty much all him, in front of the mics, and even behind them. The long-time Houstonian, composed the tunes and plays every instrument you hear. Is credited as being the engineer, as well. The music is a collection of old and newer thoughts and ideas, that altogether make for a very satisfying listen in 2023 (and beyond).

Here’s a link:


Leon AlvaradoOutside The Dream (2023)

Contains two tracks. One has a far-out video! Together, sixteen minutes. In my opinion, the EP is the perfect companion piece to ‘Charging The Electric Dream’. Yet is different in its own right. A separate project. The music is brand new. Nothing wrong with Leon’s archival stuff. I could vape cannabis, and listen to that stuff, all day.

Found on Leon’s Bandcamp page, as well. This newest creation, Outside The Dream, on its cover, is 1970s sci-fi throw-back artwork. I like that shit! Now while there, do yourself a favor and poke around some when on Leon’s page. Frankly, I haven’t heard anything from Leon Alvarado, that I haven’t liked yet. So, if into the late-great Vangelis, or Rick Wakeman’s vast catalog, then you should give Leon’s music, a try. I know…giants in the field of professionally recorded music to be compared to. When doing so, Leon manages to hold his own. The dude has a cool musical past and gives those who are into it, something new to add to that already mind-blowing collection of musical masterpieces/accomplishments.

BonusLeon AlvaradoOutside The Dream (official video)

And here’s another link: www.leonalvarado.bandcamp.com/album/outside-the-dream

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Promotion: Glass Onyon PR (William James) – www.glassonyonpr.com

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