Yahoo Groups: Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#03)

As found on Yahoo Groups; ACG – The Original Alice Cooper Group. Moderated by longtime friend, Bryan Erickson.

Featured Image: Michael Bruce in Concert! Cardi’s – Houston TX (28 March 1998) Photo by Gary Brown

NICE to find another edition of; The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List. Whereas I just found and archived TOMBML #05, here is two issues before. Cool to be rediscovering ALL this. And now … on to the show!

August 14, 2000

The Michael Bruce Mailing List

Newsletter #3

Hi Everyone, Welcome to another edition of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List. Let’s have Michael start us off:

Recent Appearances

I had the pleasure of doing a benefit a couple of weeks ago for the Stevens and Pruett foundation that work with children and animals. It was the annual Dawgs on Hogs fest in Lake Somerville, Texas. We all had a great time playing music for a great cause.


If you want to listen to MP3’s that I “think” are really cool, then check out “Too Young 2000” and “Nuclear Warriors” songs at my MP3 site, and hear these classic tunes while they are available in our little neighborhood! A special thanks to Dougie and Andy. Thanks to Dan also by the way. In case you don’t already have it, the web address is;

Complimentary Website (TOMBML)

I’m happy to announce the debut of the homepage that goes along with T.O.M.B.M.L.. The plan is to update it every once in a while, so keep checking it out because you’ll never know when it’s gonna change.


The release of the 2nd edition “No More Mr. Nice Guy” in September is finally upon us. The revised edition will contain more new pictures and a new chapter about the passing of Glen Buxton and the mini Cooper reunion at Alice’s restaurant in Phx. last fall. If you’d like an autographed copy of this classic rock rag, email me at Michaelobruce@… and I’ll make sure you get a copy!


If you’d like to pick up an autographed copy of the “Billion Dollar Babies – Early Studio Tracks” or the joining together of In My Own Way and Rock Rolls On entitled “I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name”, there is a limited amount of test pressings still available. So before these are gone, and the CD’s are produced in quantity, E-mail me for more information on how to get one.

Questions for Michael

1.) Subj: Got the CD!

Date: 8/1/00 7:34:36 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Judsonpornhead@… (Judson P)

To: Michaelobruce@… (Michael Bruce), GBrown8287@… (Gary Brown)

Hey guys,

I got the CD yesterday! I listened to the first three songs this morning while I ran. KICK ASS!

Question, was the ” Miss You ” track on there laid down with you singing and then later you guys asked Alice to do the vocals for the Battle Axe CD? Now I can’t remember, but I thought you guys got Alice to do the vocals on one song on that album.

Thanks for signing it too!


MB: Yes, that is me singing on I Miss You. I performed all the lead vocals on the BattleAxe album. I wish we could have persuaded Alice to sing on any track. The album was written as a farewell when we realized Alice was never coming home again! The song was written by Neal Smith and lyrics by Michael Bruce. Dunn Edwards helped with the arrangement of the music. I think this tune has a bad ass bass line.

2.) from cblakey001@… wrote:

Hello all.

Got the CD ( Billion Dollar Babies – Early Studio Tracks ) in the mail today and gave it a spin. For the garage-style recording and the novelty of it (and the autograph on the cover) I give it two thumbs up. For not being the original beloved recording (or even close) I give it one thumb up.

Anyway, I apologize to all (especially to Michael if he’s listening) that I was such a shit about not getting it several months ago.

The things I said about Michael back then were uncool and I am truly sorry.

MB: Very understandable. We did have our share of problems.Yes Blakely, I always have my ears open and my mouth shut when it come to listening to the fans. I seem to be a slow start but when I get going I manage to get the job done. Thanks for the great comments on the CD.

Contest Winner

In Volume # 3 we had a contest, prize being an autographed( by Michael ) Goldmine magazine with The Alice Cooper Group on the cover. Here’s the post that was sent to us that we are calling a winner:

Subj: Contest

Date: 6/17/00 7:51:29 PM Central Daylight Time

From: rbjblatt@…

To: GBrown8287@…

According to this excellent website,,

the date would’ve been April 6, 1974, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Michael and Alice both mentioned in their books that the band did a brief South American tour after the “Muscle Of Love” holiday tour. Guitarist Mick M. said the date may have been April 8, though.

Thanks a lot,

Richard B.

Additional comment: I realized that after I asked the question, that I wasn’t 100% sure of the answer myself. I asked Michael and his answer was he didn’t remember. He basically told me to just go with what you said. Since this does have his name on it…..congratulations !!!!! And a big thanks to ALL who participated. We’ll have more contests in the future.

Closing Comments: Thanks given as always to everyone who subscribed so far. Please feel free to pass on the word….help sign up a friend…or 20…the more, the better. Keep sending in those posts and questions. It’s very much appreciated.

See you again in Newsletter Volume #4.

Gary Brown

Coordinator of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List.

For day to day discussion on Michael and the other members of the Alice Cooper Group, we endorse the ACG Mailing List (moderator: Bryan Erickson) found here on eGroups.

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TOMBML - Contest Winner Richard Blatt_with Michael Bruce - 2

Photo: Richard Blatt and Michael Bruce. Photo by TOMBML coordinator; Gary Brown 

Michael Bruce - I'll Never Forget Old What's His Name - CD

Test Pressing: Michael Bruce – I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name. CD cover design by Dan Tuttle. Label design by TOMBML Coordinator; Gary Brown.

GB - with Bryan Erickson at Outback Pub (09 May 1998)Photo: Gary Brown and Bryan Erickson at the Outback Pub, in Houston TX USA (09 May 1998)

Yahoo Groups: The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)

Yahoo Groups: Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)

As found on Yahoo Groups; ACG – The Original Alice Cooper Group. Moderated by longtime friend, Bryan Erickson.

Note: Background information is I accidentally happened to stumble on to this while researching something else (Billion Dollar Babies) on the old, Yahoo Groups. I had lost all records; TOMBML. The newsletter centered around ‘now’ Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee (Alice Cooper); Michael Bruce. I met him back in ’97 at a bar (Cardi’s) he was doing live rehearsals at in Houston Texas. The both of us became close friends … brother from another mother … yadda yadda yadda. For three and a half years I helped Michael with his AOL website and this mailing list. My involvement was a true pleasure! And here … in my archives like it should be … at least one issue of; The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List.

Dedicated to the memory of Dennis Horn (February 17, 1953 – January 18, 2008)

Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)

July 15, 2001

Hi Gang, I bet you were thinking we forgot all about doing the next newsletter. Believe it or not, it’s finally time for another one. As is the usual practice, Michael will lead us off:

Hi all, sorry for the delay. Well, I guess I should tell you I had a great time in the UK playing and singing my little heart out. Alice’s daughter and band came to my show after they played in Scotland, and we all jammed and had a great time. The guys in Fistfull of Alice were great and I have heard they are coming to the GBMW.

I will be releasing a CD after the first of the year of original music on my new label Millennium Records in the UK. We will reissue many of my past releases and rare cuts as well. Hope to see many of you in LA for the GBMW and my best to all.

Your super bud,

Michael Bruce 07/12/01

Questions for Michael

Subj: Re: Questions

Date: 2/12/01 4:54:51 PM Central Standard Time

From: slade25@…


Hi Michael, A few questions:

  1. Michael, On your 1975 solo release, you covered Slade’s “So Far So Good” and did a fine job of it. My question is Michael, what made you select this particular track and are/was you a fan of Slade? (Noddy Holder & Jim Lea)?

If you have any memories about Slade or a quote, I’d love to hear about it, be it good or bad.

MB: Hi Steve. I really liked the cut, and yes. I met Slade when we performed on Top of the POP in 1971 in England. And all I have are good memories.

  1. Did the Billion Dollar Babies ever tour?

MB: We did four shows and then retired.

  1. I’ve been reading a lot on several of the Alice Cooper mailing lists, that some guy name Tom Kelly was really the ACG’s first manager. I think that is what the guy is saying. The whole topic is very confusing. I’m guessing this was in the days when you guys were recording under Zappa’s label, or maybe even before that. It all sounds pretty bizarre to me. Was he involved, or wasn’t he?

Keep rockin’ Michael !



MB: I don’t have any memory of Tom Kelly managing the band.


Subj: Re: Michael Bruce in the UK

Date: 6/4/01 3:15:41 AM Central Daylight Time

From: r.hutchinson@… (Richard Hutchinson)

To: GBrown8287@…

I’m not sure if it’s here where I’m supposed to e-mail but I’m sure it’ll get where it’s supposed to be going!


Well, I got to Trillians around 6.00pm as I knew it was going to be busy.Trillians being the only rock bar left in Newcastle (The Mayfair,responsible for the Black Sabbath song Fairies Wear Boots, was knocked down last year) is usually full every night so I knew I had to get there early.There were only about 20 – 30 people there at that time.

I went straight to the bar, ordered a drink a turned round. There was Michael Bruce sitting in the corner and I had to admit I was star struck and too shy. I wanted to go straight over, but a part of me thought hey ‘ he’s doing a gig. Needs to relax, maybe he’s sick of guys coming to him all the time ….. Anyway I pretended to be watching the TV screen behind and was waiting for someone else to make the first move.

It was starting to get pretty busy and by the time the guys were tuning upthere were approx. 150-200 people there. As soon as Mike came off stage afan rushed to meet him, with 1st Ed. NMMNG Book and Battle Axe vinyl. He asked me to take a photo of him and Mike. So I overcame my initial fear and had a chat with Mike. He was very approachable, seemed so relaxed and was raring to go. He left almost immediately unfortunately to freshen up back at his hotel and the support band came on. They were called the Billion $Brats. This is their review which I posted to another list.

The Billion Dollar Brats were great. The singer did mention that he had been let down by two guys and had a makeshift group. A pity that they could only do a few songs. One’s that I can remember are:

Long Way To Go – Yeah Yeah Yeah – Escape – Sick Things – Public Animal # 9 (this one came off really well).

I even got a mention off the singer as he said he had to look at me for help with some of the words! A few of the guys in the audience knew some of the singer’s previous groups so he was pleased with

that. I think the Brats also did Mike well, by rocking away at the front of the stage too when it was Mike’s turn on stage. A pity thatthey couldn’t rehearse properly it would have been great too see them play a full list.

We didn’t have to wait too long before Mike came off and I shouted encouragement as he walked onto the stage. He seemed really chuffed and raring to go. By this time the audience increased to about 300-350. We were treated to the following songs:

Instrumental Intro/Hello Hooray – Under My Wheels – Is It My Body – Second Coming – Ballad of Dwight Fry – Desperado – Hard Hearted Alice – Billion Dollar Babies – Be My Lover – As Rock Rolls On – My Stars – Left For Dead Meat- No More Mr Nice Guy – Muscle Of Love – I`m Eighteen – School`s Out – Halo of Flies – Caught in a Dream

People my age (24) may never get to hear some of these songs played live, and the band was great through out. There was a slight technical problem at one point and the audience was very patient through this I must add. At only one point did I think of what it would be like to see Alice, Neal, Glen, Dennis and Mike rocking together. Mike was a strong enough character to be the focal point for the band, and I must say that ‘a fistful of alice’ were in fine form and really played their parts well. Mike said that there will be another UK tour, which I’m keeping my fingers crossed for, and from his reaction to the crowd here I think there will be larger tours next time.

Thanks Michael for a great night, I was the one at the front on the stage and to your right with the light beige shirt on, and I will definitely see you on your next tour. You rocked Newcastle.


Official Plugs

  1. The GBMW:

From: “Paul Brenton” <rtcoop@…>

Date: Sat Jul 14, 2001 10:42 am

Subject: Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend – Update

Three weeks from now we will be together in Hollywood to honor Glen Buxton and enjoy the early sites and sounds of the legendary Alice Cooper group for the Glen Buxton Memorial weekend (August 3 – 5).

I am very happy to announce that, in addition to the debut of Bouchard, Dunaway& Smith, the Whisky stage will welcome “Last Romance” from Italy; from Phoenix,”Grandma’s New Wig” (featuring ex-Laser Beat/20th Century Zoo and dear friend of Glen’s and the Coopers’, Skip Ladd); and also from

Phoenix, “Sustain”(featuring Mike Postel, ex-bandmate in Glen’s “Virgin”).

Stay tuned for other music announcements…

If you are planning to attend, please send me a private email to rtcoop@… with your full name and that of those attending with you. The response has been tremendous and where our space limits the number of attendees, we will give preference to those who have pre-registered. There is no cost to register, but there will be a charge for admission to the exclusive/private event at the Whisky.

The event hotel is the Hyatt West Hollywood. If you intend on staying at the hotel, please contact the hotel directly at 800-233-1234 and be sure to ask for the preferred “GBMW” rate.

It is really shaping up to be a special weekend for the family, friends and fans to salute G.B.

I look forward to seeing you there.



  1. I have two items here that both have to do with our friend Billy James:
  1. Last I talked to Billy about the Bruce Cameron CD Midnight Daydream, he informed me that he had very few CD’s left for sale, and that their were no plans on producing anymore at this time. Can you say “out of print”? This was an excellent release that came out just two years ago. Michael is on two songs. Neal Smith plays drums on almost half the CD. It’s a must have item. If interested, you can send a E-mail to Billy through his Ant-Bee website to inquire if he has any left. If you don’t already have it bookmarked, that web address is:

  1. I just got done reading Billy’s latest book; Necessity is….The Early Years of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention. Hard to write about this subject and not include at least a mention of the Alice Cooper Group.

Of course, their is. Besides that, if you ever had an interest in Zappa along with The Mothers, you’ll find this book a real pleasure to read. Again, this could be found on the Ant-Bee site. Just hit the words; “Mailorder Muck” for information about how to obtain it.

  1. Michael’s old buddies Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, along with Joe Bouchard has a newly recorded song called “Fallen Angel” on the just out CD; Brain Surgeons And Friends – To Helen With Love – A Tribute To The Life And Music Of Helen Wheels. This song should instantly become a favorite among the Cooper crowd. The intro alone is well worth the price of the CD. It kicks major ass. Hopefully, they will perform this at the up and coming GBMW. It’s a good, solid track that gives everyone a good clue as to what the band will sound like on their soon to be released CD. The label it’s on, Cellsum Records has a website:

T.O.M.B.M.L. Website

A few new things appear on here. One is a recent picture of Alice and Michael taken in the UK. The site does get updated from time to time. We’re up to four pages now. If it’s been a while since you looked, go ahead and check it out.

Next Contest

I’m sure we could find something to give as a prize. Problem is, we’re hard pressed at the present time to come up with what the next contest should be. Any idea’s? If so, please send them our way. We’ll take a look and try to pick out something interesting.

Closing Comments

Thanks to all for being so patient waiting for this issue to come out. Hard to believe a half a year has gone by since we did Newsletter # 4. Unfortunately, a few things sent between then and now were either printed out and again eaten by one of my dogs, or just became kind of outdated. We’re doing our best here. Keep those E-mails and posts coming, and we’ll try to get the next newsletter out in a little less time.

Gary Brown

Coordinator / Webkeeper of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List / Website.

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Michael Bruce - I'll Never Forget Old What His Name - actual cd

MB Collector’s Item. Actual ‘Test Pressing’ of Michael Bruce – I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name. 

TOMBML - Contest Winner Richard Blatt_with Michael Bruce

One time TOMBML contest winner; Richard Blatt with Michael. Photo snapped by Gary Brown.

GB_Michael Bruce - 02 (April 15_2006)

Gary Brown_Michael Bruce (Houston TX April 15, 2006)


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