Yahoo Groups: Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#03)

As found on Yahoo Groups; ACG – The Original Alice Cooper Group. Moderated by longtime friend, Bryan Erickson.

Featured Image: Michael Bruce in Concert! Cardi’s – Houston TX (28 March 1998) Photo by Gary Brown

NICE to find another edition of; The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List. Whereas I just found and archived TOMBML #05, here are two issues before that one. Cool to be rediscovering ALL this. And now … on to the show!

Date: August 14, 2000

The Michael Bruce Mailing List

Newsletter #3

Hi Everyone, Welcome to another edition of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List. Let’s have Michael start us off:

Recent Appearances

I had the pleasure of doing a benefit a couple of weeks ago for the Stevens and Pruett Foundation. They work with children and animals. It was the annual Dawgs on Hogs fest in Lake Somerville, Texas. We all had a great time playing music for a great cause.


If you want to listen to MP3’s that I “think” are really cool, then check out “Too Young 2000” and “Nuclear Warriors” songs at my MP3 site, and hear these classic tunes while they are available in our little neighborhood! A special thanks to Dougie and Andy. Thanks to Dan also by the way. In case you don’t already have it, the web address is;

Complimentary Website (TOMBML)

I’m happy to announce the debut of the homepage that goes along with T.O.M.B.M.L… The plan is to update it every once in a while, so keep checking it out because you’ll never know when it’s gonna change.


The release of the 2nd edition “No More Mr. Nice Guy” in September is finally upon us. The revised edition will contain more new pictures and a new chapter about the passing of Glen Buxton and the mini Cooper reunion at Alice’s restaurant in Phx. last fall. If you’d like an autographed copy of this classic rock rag, email me at Michaelobruce@… and I’ll make sure you get a copy!


If you’d like to pick up an autographed copy of the “Billion Dollar Babies – Early Studio Tracks” or the joining together of In My Own Way and Rock Rolls On entitled “I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name”, there is a limited amount of test pressings still available. So before these are gone, and the CDs are produced in quantity, E-mail me for more information on how to get one.

Questions for Michael

1.) Subj: Got the CD!

Date: 8/1/00 7:34:36 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Judsonpornhead@… (Judson P)

To: Michaelobruce@… (Michael Bruce), GBrown8287@… (Gary Brown)

Hey guys,

I got the CD yesterday! I listened to the first three songs this morning while I ran. KICK ASS!

Question, was the ” Miss You ” track on there laid down with you singing and then later you guys asked Alice to do the vocals for the Battle Axe CD? Now I can’t remember, but I thought you guys got Alice to do the vocals on one song on that album.

Thanks for signing it too!


MB: Yes, that is me singing on I Miss You. I performed all the lead vocals on the BattleAxe album. I wish we could have persuaded Alice to sing on any track. The album was written as a farewell when we realized Alice was never coming home again! The song was written by Neal Smith and lyrics by Michael Bruce. Dunn Edwards helped with the arrangement of the music. I think this tune has a badass bass line.

2.) from cblakey001@… wrote:

Hello all.

Got the CD ( Billion Dollar Babies – Early Studio Tracks ) in the mail today and gave it a spin. For the garage-style recording and the novelty of it (and the autograph on the cover), I give it two thumbs up. For not being the original beloved recording (or even close) I give it one thumb up.

Anyway, I apologize to all (especially to Michael if he’s listening) that I was such a shit about not getting it several months ago.

The things I said about Michael back then were uncool and I am truly sorry.

MB: Very understandable. We did have our share of problems. Yes, Blakely, I always have my ears open and my mouth shut when it comes to listening to the fans. I seem to be a slow start but when I get going I manage to get the job done. Thanks for the great comments on the CD.

Contest Winner

In Volume # 3 we had a contest, the prize being an autographed (by Michael ) Goldmine magazine with The Alice Cooper Group on the cover. Here’s the post that was sent to us that we are calling a winner:

Subj: Contest

Date: 6/17/00 7:51:29 PM Central Daylight Time

From: rbjblatt@…

To: GBrown8287@…

According to this excellent website,,

the date would’ve been April 6, 1974, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Michael and Alice both mentioned in their books that the band did a brief South American tour after the “Muscle Of Love” holiday tour. Guitarist Mick M. said the date may have been April 8, though.

Thanks a lot,

Richard B.

Additional comment: I realized that after I asked the question, I wasn’t 100% sure of the answer myself. I asked Michael and his answer was he didn’t remember. He basically told me to just go with what you said. Since this does have his name on it…..congratulations !!!!! And a big thanks to ALL who participated. We’ll have more contests in the future.

Closing Comments: Thanks given as always to everyone who subscribed so far. Please feel free to pass on the word….help sign up a friend…or 20…the more, the better. Keep sending in those posts and questions. It’s very much appreciated.

See you again in Newsletter Volume #4.

Gary Brown

Coordinator of The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List.

For day-to-day discussion on Michael and the other members of the Alice Cooper Group, we endorse the ACG Mailing List (moderator: Bryan Erickson) found here on eGroups.

Updated 2018: Cool MB Items (Space City Memories)

TOMBML - Contest Winner Richard Blatt_with Michael Bruce - 2

Photo: Richard Blatt and Michael Bruce. The photo was taken by TOMBML coordinator; Gary Brown 

Michael Bruce - I'll Never Forget Old What's His Name - CD

Test Pressing: Michael Bruce – I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name. CD cover design by Dan Tuttle. Label design by TOMBML Coordinator; Gary Brown.

GB - with Bryan Erickson at Outback Pub (09 May 1998)Photo: Gary Brown and Bryan Erickson at the Outback Pub, in Houston TX USA (09 May 1998)

Yahoo Groups: The Official Michael Bruce Mailing List (#05)

End of Story

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