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06 March 2021
Re: GBYahoo Groups: Peter Banks

About three years ago, I signed onto Yahoo for the first time in a while. I was starting to research one of my next writing assignments. Wow! A super long time since I was on this website.

Under Yahoo Groups, in the Asia (band) Asian Armada archives, I found the following announcement I made about the then NEW mailing list for musician Peter Banks (Yes_Flash_Empire) when that was just starting up. For those unaware, the newsletters’ main purpose was to help promote the autobiography that my friend Billy James helped Peter co-write. Both the book and the mailing list were successful. I nice feather in my writing cap. Mostly fond memories.

Welcome to Yahoo Groups. Heads up. The web links no longer work. Yahoo Groups went tits up on 15th December 2020.

The ASIAN ARMADA NewsletterJuly 28, 2001 Issue #341
From: GBrown8287@…
Subject: Re: The Official Peter Banks Mailing List.

Hi Asia Fans, Just recently I have had the pleasure of finding myself involved in putting together a mailing list about original Yes guitarist Peter Banks. Our good friend here Dave Gallant has been ever so kind to express an interest in the project since its initial beginnings. At the present time, we’re still fine-tuning everything with a launch date hopefully set up for next month. Fans have already started subscribing. So far we sent out a couple “pre-launch announcements”, as well as put up a website that is being planned to complement the mailing list as time goes by.

TOPBML is a newsletter/announcement mailing list. Upbeat and positive, the mailing list will revolve around what Peter is doing currently, as well as celebrate his past accomplishments being a professional musician in his over thirty years associated in the music business.

For those of you who would like to join us by being a subscriber, it’s real easy. Just simply do one of the following:

  1. Send a blank E-mail to:
  2. You can go to the Yahoo! Groups front page for the mailing list, and subscribe from there:

Thanks to Dave for letting me share this with all you great Asia fans. Everyone’s support is greatly appreciated.

In-Person Autographs: Peter Banks_Geoff Downes (thanks; Roy DeRousse).


Gary Brown
Coordinator of The Official Peter Banks Mailing List

In Person Signatures – Guitarist and Yes co-founding member, Peter Banks (RIP) and current Yes and original Asia member, Geoff Downes
Various Credits from Peter Banks Auto-Bio authored by himself with help, co-author Billy James (Glass Onyon PR) – Note: Peter Banks Mailing List credit for Gary Brown; WebMaster.
Yahoo Groups Description Page – The Official Peter Banks Mailing List
From the desk of Peter Banks; thanks

Bonus Story

Uncle G : It was cool getting to know Peter on a personal level. The two of us on the phone talking about our wives, and not me asking him yet another question about his career. In my mind we both just made our living, differently. Twenty years ago, back when this happening, I could not then, nor now for that fact, play a guitar. Peter could. I was in the mortgage business. Peter could not sell a house. I could.

I was saddened to learn of Peter’s passing. Of course, I had to write about it. For those interested, please read, and then if possible, share with those that you may think, might be interested. Help keep Peter’s memory alive.

Remembering Peter Banks

End of Story

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