Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#11)

Recommended Age: 21+

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#11)

Company: Robhots Edibles

Type of Edible: Gummy

Name: Robhots (125 mg active THC)

Flavor: Mango

Medicinal: Yes

Contents: One Gummy

Story and incidental photos by Gary “Uncle G” Brown

Twitter @GBrown0816

All Other Photos: Robhots Website/Facebook Page


Robhots - Front Box (2017 06 20)

Last month I was visiting Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins, CO), doing what has become, my usual routine. I’m old school (and damn proud of it). Buying some weed (flower). And then … wait for it … checking out the medicinal edibles as well. Being waited on by a cool budtender that I’ve gotten to know some name, Keegan. Dude always gives me his full attention. So while scanning over the cannabis meds, one word out of hundreds, jumped out at me; mango. Printed on a black box, about the size of a pack of cancer sticks, or a deck of playing cards. In different fonts, all the information that one legally has to have here in the state of Colorado in order to publicly sell this cannabis infused with THC Distillate, product. The paper container having white and reddish orange writing, and a little black type mixed in as well. Childproof package inside holding one yummy gummy. For mango is one of my favorite fruits. Got into the wonderful juicy stone fruit while staying in Florida, back in the early 1980’s. Found out about the aloe vera plant around the same time. I lived in New Jersey 15 years before that. Neither item at the time was typically found there. Back to the subject at hand, Robhots comes in a variety of flavors. I’ll inform you ahead of time; “Mango RULES!”

Robhot - Mango (actual product)

Having the flavored gummy I was interested in, I opened the box and pulled out the black child proof flavor tight packaging. Ten minutes later I managed to finally get the actual gummy out. Only kidding …  5 minutes later. Got a butter knife and cut the orange medicine into two pieces. Basic math informs me I’m getting a slightly stronger dose than I might be comfortable with; 62.5 mg – infused with THC Distillate – a tasteless, colorless form of THC that averages upwards to 96 percent THC (total).

Robhots - Info

The little voice inside me ponders …

“What’s for supper?

Maybe I should do the medicated cannabis edible first, and then have eat dinner?

What’s for dinner?

I wonder if enough money was in the checking account to cover the Netflix bill? 

I’m HUNGRY! I know … leftover spaghetti (insert smiley face).

And then that little voice inside concludes …

Oh … I’m pretty sure that I could safely handle half of this gummy, being close enough to the THC dose I am nowadays comfortable with.”


Robhots - Butter Knife (2017 06 20)

Trial and error … start off with small dosing, and work your way up to a level of cannabis medication that helps deal with whatever you are wanting the THC to do. And very important, always try to know from what kind of cannabis plant did it come from; indica, sativa, or is this a special blend; hybrid. Just sayin’.  

I tested on two different nights. Both times, I felt a very nice, kind of calming effect. Not too wasted. I might have laughed at shit on the television that I might not have even giggled at previously. My lower back was fine. No real discomfort. I skipped my night time nerve medication on both testing nights. Slept fine. Did I say how it tasted really good?

Uncle G Recommends
Sure do! All day and all night! Try not to operate any farm equipment while under the influence. It would be weird, especially if never on a farm before. 

Remember, Robhots has stronger cannabis medication than this. What I picked out more tailored my needs. Same as you will also do, each and every time when buying/consuming any cannabis edible. Uncle G says about the subject;

“Know all you can … beforehand. Not only about the product you are considering doing, but about your own mental and physical self as well. Put it this way. The less information you have, the more change the opportunity of something going wrong.”

Robhots - Different Products

Uncle G’s Helpful Links

Robhots Edibles: www.robhots.com 

Verts Neighborhood Dispensarywww.vertsdispensary.com

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Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#09)

Recommended Age: 21 +
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#09)
Company: Sweet Mary Jane
Type of Edible Item: Fancy Chocolate
Name: Key Lime Kickers (Medicinal)
Contents: 200 mg active THC_4 Truffles
Special Instructions for Storage: Yes

Story and Incidental Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Last year at this time I was staying in Pennsylvania. Nine months visiting kin. Being new in those parts, I had a hard time scoring weed. What made it worse was I stayed in the country. Outside Wilkes-Barre, in the very small town, out in the woods, I rented a room. I thought at the time it would be a positive place for me to recoup after finding myself single again. First time since 1993. All this drama took place at the end of November back in 2015. Came home from work one early Sunday evening and found who is now my ex-wife, in the company of another man. Six days later with the help of a few dear friends, I was leaving Katy Texas on my own and heading east on superhighway I-10.

TX 2 PA - Driving_Leaving Houston (2015 12 06)_07_17 am

The thing about it being tough to get pot was that besides a few people, nobody really knew me. Not a cannabis friendly place. The front page of the local paper had headlines about people getting busted for dirty pot paraphernalia. Marijuana and marijuana-related busts appeared to be all the rage. Meanwhile, people in my age bracket were dying from, heroin overdoses, almost as routinely. While there, medical marijuana was passed. Whoopie! Wasn’t immediate. Way too many hoops to qualify. The end result would be doctors and the law up your ass so deep, they could tickle your tonsils. And that’s with no lube. Almost like they were on purpose trying to discourage those from starting the process, to begin with. I sooner or later told myself:

“Self, fuck this!”

Pulled into Dallas PA. driving a U-Haul and left town nine months later a passenger on a Greyhound bus, heading to parts unknown.

GB - Wilkes-Barre Bus Stop - 02 (06 Sept 2016)

For those who don’t know the “Uncle G” story, having made it safely to Colorado, and on my second day in Fort Collins, I made my first legal weed purchase. Blew me away! On the recreational side of a cannabis dispensary.  After showing my out of state driving license, and flirting with the two pretty young lady budtenders behind the counter, I purchased a gram. Less than two months later, I was an officially licensed medical marijuana user. Nowhere near as burdensome meeting the qualifications as it would have been in the Keystone State. Money wise, after all is said and done, the total was just under a hundred and fifty dollars. Once you are licensed, you then qualify for medical marijuana price discounts. Could be 50 percent savings or more. If on a fixed budget, and say really legally disabled … and the cannabis in whatever form is a successful substitute from meds’ with known harmful side effects … this shit ROCKS! Financially and mentally.


Just this last month when at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins CO), I spotted a refrigerator with a glass door. Inside this electric environmentally controlled box, were medical marijuana edibles. Glancing through the very clean glass, I noticed a black pouch. A lot of items. This one for some unknown reason stood out among the rest. The cool looking black packaging read; “Sweet Mary Jane – Key Lime Kickers.” I said to myself, I said:

“Self … looks yummy! I need to know more information about that.”

Sweet Mary Jane - KLK - packaging (2017 05 10)

The budtender waiting on me, a very knowledgeable young lady, name Cayman. Has the title of assistant manager if I am not mistaken, and by the time we and other budtenders who were nearby got done conversing, I was walking out the door with medical marijuana … truffles. Friends reading this now are going … what? For they know I’m more a regular chocolate, kind of guy. The kind I’ve usually purchased in the past, as a rule, comes in wrappers with bar codes, and cost less than a dollar. From that to TRUFFLES … that need REFRIGERATED … A BIG jump. My choice could possibly be accredited to the female persuasion. Cayman (remember her) knew while informing me about what I was interested in, the already outstanding reputation this particular product, and the company that manufactured it, had. Having sales experience, it really helps a salesperson sell, when they have confidence in a product. I meanwhile just may have wanted something different? I liked that each of the four truffles contained 50 mg of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Knowing my body, I realized that with the amount of THC in that ballpark, I can start managing my chronic pain better. Keep in mind that everyone reading this is different. Please be aware of your health, and what cannabis levels you can safely tolerate without the dose being too much for you.

So I dosed on four different occasions. All at night, safely at home. Sometimes while in the nude.

The child-proof pouch is hard to open. Pissed me off at first. By the fourth ‘Key Lime Kicker’ I kind of had the hang of opening and closing the bag. The pouch I kept in the freezer, inside an empty Ego box. No real need for that, but I just found it safer in there. The package states how the truffles (HEMP CONNOISSEUR 1st Place Winner 2013) must be refrigerated. Freezing it properly will prolong shelf life for up to a half of year. So no stuffing in a sock drawer.

FYI: truffles are hand made from scratch and available in several flavors.

All four times I put a whole ‘Key Lime Kicker’ in my mouth. Was of course cold. The first taste is the outside graham cracker crumb coating. Reminded me of many a trip to the nearest Denny’s Restaurant, in which I would order their key lime pie for dessert, along with a fresh cup of coffee. The truffle, amazingly so, just kept getting better tasting. I noted; layers of yumminess. By the last truffle, I’m equating the taste and sensation of letting it slowly melt in my mouth, to an orgasm. Wow! The little white coated part that reads THC, like an M&M, but with a tastier tasting chocolate. Should sell them separately. While still melting, there is a creamy layer that’s to die for! Very little cannabis taste overall. If so, just for a split second or two. The magic ingredient; cannabis infused sugar.

I thought that the effects hit quickly for an edible. All four times I experienced being nice and calm. Worked well combating my nerve pain. It especially fucks with me at night. Helped me forget it some. Frankly, this is what I am looking for. I want to be able to cope and get by as reasonably as I can. Using medical marijuana I can do that. The candy tasted really good. An above average tasting THC delivery system. The effects seemed to last the entire night. Made notes waking up the next morning that I slept well on ‘testing’ nights.

Uncle G Recommends

Not something I might do every day/every night. For myself, better for evening use. Most moments under its influence, I felt serene. A tasty treat such as this ‘Key Lime Kicker’ a few times a month, sounds very doable. Especially on those more difficult to get around days. Help me recover when it’s dark outside. And Verts Neighborhood Dispensary is always stocked. After this review hits, I expect them to get sold out much quicker. Call ahead. Send an email. Communicate U R INTERESTED in Sweet Mary Jane – Key Lime Kickers. Plus their other products. Should help turn a shitty day into a glorious one. That is what “Uncle G” says. If one (adult 21 +) must for whatever reasons meditate, and is interested in medical marijuana edibles, here’s a good place to start looking.

Oh … and let go of my round waffle.

Website Links

Sweet Mary Jane


Verts Neighborhood Dispensary


Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#08)

Recommended Age: 21 +
Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#08)
Company: TinctureBelle
Type of Edible Item: Drops (Cannabis Tincture)
Name: XXX Strength Twisted Tangerine (Medicinal)
Contents: 1 oz 2000 mg THC/CBD (and other cannabinoids)
Story and Incidental Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Tincture Belle - products

TinctureBelle Statement (found on their website):

“ Our Cannabis Tinctures are made with Hash Oil that was extracted from full flower buds (grown by TinctureBelle) using 100% food grade isopropyl alcohol.

Gary “Uncle G” Brown statement (overheard at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary)  

“This should be good.”

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Edible Report (#08)

Thanks again guys and gals for checking in on another exciting “Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews – Edible Report.” Hard to believe this is already ‘edition number eight.’ Now let’s get right down to it.

The newest cannabis edible I picked up at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, located in picturesque Fort Collins, Colorado, would forever change my world. What a heavy statement that is! Please read on and I’ll elaborate.

Tincture Belle - logo
I think if a situation arose and for whatever reason, I could not physically smoke (inhale) my weed for a long duration of time, that I could go a day or more maintaining my daily cannabis flow, via this product, and not ‘toke’ pot at all. Wow! Welcome to the wonderful world of cannabis tincture. I’m a newbie. Am ready and more than willing to explore. As a matter of fact, I am grateful for the opportunity.  

Having been diagnosed with COPD (am for now non-medicated) a few years back, my lungs are begging to know why I didn’t get into this, decades ago. The simple answer is that cannabis tinctures just wasn’t available to me. I nor anyone else I knew, growing up on the New Jersey shore. I started doing pot in the early 1970’s. For ninety-five percent of that time up until now, I smoked schwag. Saying that the COPD I believe is the compliments of what was a nasty cigarette addiction that lasted for over three decades. I quit back in 2007. One of the most horrible experiences I ever went through; nicotine withdrawal. Ten years in November (around Turkey Day).


So my lungs are going: “Hell yeah!” My first time doing THC/CBD drops. Now that any and all testing is over I can say that I really love this shit (insert product name). Really I do! So many benefits in either helping fight or prevent so many maladies that still plague humankind. Please note I cannot compare this product with other cannabis tinctures. Not yet. As time goes by I will certainly dig into whatever else I can find at Verts that catches me eye, and is along the same lines. To go from doing weed recreationally to seeking refuge medicinally is two entirely different things. I want all adult consumers of any and all cannabis product, to be educated about it. Bookmark and keep coming back. We can educate ourselves together, and along the way, I’ll tell a tale or two.  


Yes, I researched. I do indeed practice what I preach (referring to previous ‘Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reports’ that I authored). Was feeling in good health. The environment was just right for testing. I simply could not wait until the next morning. Regarding the first test, I told myself. I said;

“Self, one of the many things I read cannabis tincture can help a person with, is to help get a solid night’s sleep. Why wait for tomorrow to crack that open? Now where the fuck did I put that container from TinctureBelle, oh wait, there it is.”

I mastered opening the TinctureBelle childproof container, and when tipped over, out came this old fashioned glass medicine bottle. Must say so myself, good catch. The color was brown and at the top of the glass container, was an old fashion black eyedropper. Its packaging perhaps a throwback to the days of yesteryear? The label looking modern day with all the information one would expect (by law) to find. The medicine bottle twists open. Again with childproofing. Once mastered/opened, the glass eyedropper when carefully pulled up has a standard of measurements printed on it. Very easy to read. What stood out in my mind, is that wrapped so lovely all over the actual glass eyedropper and also inside the bottle, was tangerine tasting (real yummy after a few tries) cannabis tincture (something I only previously read about) infused with HASH OIL – 2000 mg THC/CBC – and other cannabinoids. With a net weight of 1 oz. And I can’t forget; “XXX Strength.”

For those new to this, let me help; CBD – won’t get you stoned. That is what THC does. This contains both. All throughout the tests, I stayed even-keeled. One of the many benefits. For some, it offers anti-anxiety effects. Also an anti-inflammatory. I’m benefiting in more ways than one.   

We had some weather during the testing that really bothered my arthritis and an old tailbone injury from ‘92. Car accident. Add the bottom disc in my back is totally crushed beyond medical repair. From that comes nerve damage. Equals one BIG pain in the ass, literally. My right butt cheek being more specific, on the days of testing. Could be my left side next time? Would have been a harder to walk day than usual. Was a treat experiencing this miracle cannabis tincture first hand. Smoke-free … just the drops. I indeed got around, outside included (safely on foot with the aid of a cane or using public transportation). Occasionally people offer rides … bless them.

Regarding doses, I read and comprehended the label; “1 to 3 drops”. A dose on the eyedropper measures; 25 ml. A full eye dropper is 100 ml. It states that.  Measured precisely. That would be 4 drops. Heed my warning when I say, like a four cylinder car with a speedometer that reads 120 mph and beyond … an automobile such as that, should not be driven over 80 mph, or expect bad shit to happen. Consume a full eye dropper of this tasty Nektar of the Gods … and you’ll be the fool on the news who could not handle all the THC they consumed.  I use that example over and over because it makes the point I want it to make.

I started off placing 25 ml under my tongue (as suggested) and worked my up to 75 ml at a time. I felt I dosed when needed, as any responsible adult would do. Until it ran out. I was sad. Here is something that is used for so many things, including getting a nice night’s sleep in which I did (test #01). TinctureBelle’s XXX Strength Twisted Tangerine Cannabis Tincture Infused With Hash Oil (and other cannabinoids) helped my attitude, and even lowered the pain scale down for me.

During one test, once settled in, I turned on Netflix and discovered a comedy sitcom called; Arrested Development. Totally missed the program and its re-birth when it first aired. Written for adults who love to pay attention to dialogue, and have a somewhat dry sense of humor. It’s also in your face funny. Ron Howard is an executive producer and is the series, regular narrator. A fine cast that also includes ‘Happy Days’, Henry Winkler. Thanks, TinctureBelle … I strongly recommend the series, if one has not seen yet, as I do you … and this wonderful product; XXX Strength Twisted Tangerine (comes in other flavors including ‘naked’) Cannabis Tincture Infused With Hash Oil (2000mg THC/CBD) and other Cannabinoids.

Speaking of which … a Neal Smith drumroll, please …

Uncle G’s Official Recommendation

How could I not? Can change the face of the Earth as we know it today. Those politicians with a stick up their ass protecting those who endorse keeping a product such as this out of the reach of people in our society who serious could use it … bookmark and keep reading ‘Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews’. Brought to you by the fine people at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins CO). And if ever seeing your “Uncle G” inside Verts, talking and holding up the line as I usually do, feel free to say hello. The folks behind you in line won’t mind at all.

This wraps up another exciting ‘Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews’. Another one on the way. Am looking forward to reading it myself.

“Uncle G’s” Helpful Weblink’s

TinctureBelle (main website)


Verts Neighborhood Dispensary


TinctureBelle_Verts Shades (darker) (2017 05 07)