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Posted: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 00:32:25

From: Gary Brown
Re: Live at Billy Blue’s (Houston TX USA)

Hey Everybody, It’s now just after midnight. I had the pleasure yesterday morning of hearing the guys here in Houston do their thing on live radio; The Steven’s and Pruett Show. Here’s my report.

First things first. On stage…the one and only, on electric guitar, Mr. Glen Buxton.

A personal observation, if I may. I feel compelled. Alice’s assistant Renfield has posted stories on here about Glen being frail and burned out. I personally just spent time hanging out with him. On one occasion, at Billy Blues after the show; rehearsal for the upcoming Area 51 gig. Fun! Nothing negative. Glen was spot on, by the way, in everything I saw him involve himself in. Lead vocals on a very dirty blues tune. One of those had to be their moments, I guess.

Neal Smith – drums.

Michael Bruce – main vocals and guitar.

Special Guest – Richie Scarlet on bass

John Glenn – keyboards and backing vocals.

On to the show…

Because it was a live radio event, the band instead of doing one long set, broke their performance down to 4 small sets. Five sets if you include Richie’s. His first time having a moment like this on the national airwaves. An audience of over a quarter million.

01) intro to Hello Hooray/I’m Eighteen

02) Muscle Of Love/Billion Dollar Babies 

03) Richie Scarlet – from his new CD “Wise Guys In New York”; Morning Dew.

04) School’s Out

05) Under My Wheels

Blew me away listening! Michael Bruce’s vocals were damn good! Everyone played their parts well. Literally, the hard rock group, Bruce, Smith, Buxton, Scarlet, and Glenn, rocked the house. Eyewitnesses report that two light fixtures from the ceiling came crashing down, hitting the floor while the band was playing. Luckily no one was hurt. A preview of what is going to go down this Sunday night, at Area 51. See you there!

Bonus Photos – from the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Classic Rock Photo Collection

Billy Blues - Bruce_Smith_Buxton - Oct 1997 - photo by Alexandra Brown - 01a

Neal Smith (drums) and Glen Buxton (guitar) – Billy Blues – Houston KLOL 101.1 FM Broadcast.

Billy Blues - 6a - Scarlet_Bruce_Smith - Oct 1997 - photo by Gary BrownRichie Scarlet (bass) – Michael Bruce (vocals and guitar) – Neal Smith (drums) – Billy Blues – Houston KLOL 101.1 FM Broadcast.

Billy Blues - 4a - Scarlet_Bruce_Smith_Buxton - Oct 1997 - photo by Alexandra Brown

Richie Scarlet (bass) – behind Michael Bruce (main vocals and guitar) is Neal Smith – the one and only Glen Buxton (guitar) – John Glenn (keyboards and backing vocals)

Private Rehearsal Afterward (photo by Gary “Uncle G” Brown)

MB - Billy Blues (group rehearsal)

Richie Scarlet (bass) – Neal Smith (drums) – Michael Bruce (vocals and guitar) – Glen Buxton (guitar)

Update 2019 – Looking back, maybe Brian “Renfield” Nelson was on to something? Glen Buxton passed away less than two weeks after these pictures were taken? And in 2009, the Grim Reaper would count him out, as well. May they both be resting in peace.

From the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Autograph Collection (pre-signed just for me) – Stevens & Pruett (both now deceased).

Houston Shock Jocks Stevens & Pruett (FM KLOL)

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  1. Thanks for the recap. Always enjoy hearing/reading (I’ve done both with you) the wonderful
    stories and having the chance to meet Michael through you.

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