A Reunion Of Sorts – Alice Cooper Members Invade Area 51 (1997)

This is a copy of two posts that appeared on an internet discussion list about Alice Cooper (original band_solo), authored by, yours truly. A concert review and then some behind-the-scenes stuff. Twenty-two years ago that all this happened. Special memories that are worth archiving. I cleaned up typos, spacing errors, and that kind of thing. It is pretty much as it appeared, originally.

Gary “Uncle G” Brown (13 Oct 2019 @GBrown0816)

A Reunion Of Sorts – Alice Cooper Members Invade Area 51

Tuesday, 14 Oct 1997 00:30:38 -0500
QALA32B@prodigy.com (MR GARY BROWN)

Hey Everybody, Just a quick report to add to what Neal wrote about last night’s show at, Area 51. Not in Nevada. It’s a bar in, Houston Texas.

For the record, we had a five-man band last night. Besides Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce, both on guitar and Neal Smith on drums, we had Richie Scarlet on bass and John Glenn, a local Houston musician, and friend of Michael Bruce’s playing the keyboards (and backing vocals).

From the intro to “Hello Hooray”, to the last tune, “The Train Kept A Rollin”, the guys seriously rocked. The only real spot which could be classified as a quiet moment was when John Glenn moved over to let Michael play “Titanic Overture” on the keyboard. The whole crowd was still as Michael filled the room with that vintage piece of Cooper music. Worth the price of admission, all by itself.

The whole evening was cool. The backup band “Mr.Sinister” ended up being better than the backup band I saw at Aerosmith the night before. They sucked through a long straw.

After the awesome performance, the guys did a meet and greet with everyone there. Was crowded. This started out with Michael Bruce and Neal Smith. Glen Buxton was busy on stage playing guitar with guys from the opening band, and whatever other players that were in the house. Glen sounded great! No shit! And from all appearances, the man was having fun! He later sat down for photos and autographs. As time marched on, Michael took his turn to get involved in yet another superb jam session. So onstage he went. I’m sure the entire night was a dream come true for not only myself but everyone else in attendance.

A Very Cool Moment

Before the show, I gave Laurie Jatras, a tee-shirt that I asked her to give to Glen Buxton. She saw me before the guys took the stage and came over to tell me that Glen liked the tee-shirt very much. That was cool, I thought to myself. Then, with everything else that was going on, I forgot about it. Well, the guys were playing, and it seemed that my wife and Bryan noticed something at the same time. They looked at me and pretty much in unison said:

“Glen is wearing the shirt you gave him”.

I was standing just 6 feet from him to his side selling merchandise, passing out fliers, and getting into the music. I wasn’t looking at the band, head-on. I didn’t know.

The T-shirt (description)

Besides the ‘dickhead’ comment (front), on the top right sleeve, it reads…

“Eat shit and die”.

To finish it off, on the top left sleeve it had:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me”.

Weird thing, I had this shirt that I purchased in Daytona Beach, Florida, hanging in my closet. Worn it once.  The idea that this was intended for Glen Buxton, just jumped into my mind, the same day as the show. Wasn’t planned. I took it off the hanger, and the rest is now rock n’ roll history.

Area 51 - Glen wearing tee-shirt I gave him (GB)

Backstage at Area 51 – Left to Right – Michael Bruce, Richie Scarlet, and Glen Buxton. Photographer unknown. 

If I may add a personal comment, two months ago I believed due to rumors and stories read on Sick Things, that Glen was out of it. This is what Renfield, says. After hearing Glen tell some awesome stories. After watching GB play some awesome guitar, and after my wife telling me of hearing him do vocals on some hot R&B, all I can say is shame on anyone for telling negative stories, before checking out all the facts. Renfield said he was around Glen when he visited Alice, not that long ago. Called him; frail. Hard to judge a book by its cover, I guess. From what I and others witnessed; Glen Buxton still rocks!

Before I close this, a very public THANK YOU to Jeff and Laurie for all the hard work putting this (reunion) together. To Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Neal Smith, Richie Scarlet, and John Glenn—–you guys are tops. To the SickThing’ers I met—-a real pleasure.

Wednesday, 15 Oct 1997 01:10:43 -0500
QALA32B@prodigy.com (MR GARY BROWN)

Hey Everyone, I have some additional comments

In Volume 97: Issue 386, Jeff Jatras wrote:

“Glen really loves that t-shirt and wore it to the airport when he left….”

To cool, Mr. Jatras!!! Just pass on to be careful with it, and the t-shirt should last him for years to come. Good material. Please advise Glen when he has someone wash it, to turn the shirt inside out and do it in cold water. Hang it up to dry. It someone puts it in a drier, all the decals will melt all to hell. Thanks for passing on he likes it so much. I am glad GB liked it. That was the whole idea.

In the same digest, Michelle wrote:

“And, as Bryan said, (G.B.) was probably meant to be a reference to Gary Brown…who was also very nice…”

Thank you very much, Michelle, for the nice words. You’re really nice too! I’m happy that we got to meet up beforehand at Jojo’s. Gave us time for Sandra, Byran, yourself, and myself to get to know one another better. While I got your attention here, I really enjoyed reading your comments about the night.

Bryan Erickson wrote:

“Special thanks to Gary Brown for taping the radio show (Billy Blues) for me”.

No problem! Speaking of tapes, I also enjoyed the Alice interview you gave me. Getting back to the ones I made you, it’s a matter of fact you got the first copies. What I didn’t tell you is I just finished making the tapes minutes before we left for Jojo’s. I did it all using fast dubbing. No edits, meaning you got the commercials, news, ect…..I’m working on the edited version as I’m typing this now.

Back to Jeff’s comments.

“If I don’t remember to thank Gary and Sandra Brown in a special message, please have Hunter toss me off this list for being an ingrate. They were so understanding and helpful”.

Jeff, what you already said was thanks enough. Anything to help the cause. The fact is we had a great time.

Quick Story

When Michael and Neal sat down to do the meet and greet thing, I got a picture of Neal (merch) and doing my best New York vendor voice yelled out…

“Get your color 8×10 photo’s here”.

Neal heard me and looked my way, giving me this smile. Too funny!!!

Regarding Jeff’s post “The Mad Tarantulas”, my wife and I read it and were very sad to find out about Caesar’s car being broken into. I wish there was something I could say that would make it better, but the deal is words can’t fix anything about it. What comes around, goes around. I’m sure the fuck or fuckers who did it will get their paybacks one way or another. Of course, we’re hoping that he recovers his loss. It’s all eye-catching stuff; collectibles.

As for Jeff asking about the name “The Mad Tarantulas”, with Richie and John Glen in the band, I think it fits really well.

Oh, having your attention Jeff, I hope you’re feeling better (nasty cold).

Updates (13 Oct 2019)

Glen Buxton passed away, 4 days after the second post was posted; 19 Oct 1997.

Jeffrey Jatras died on November 19, 2011, at age, 54. Committed suicide.

Rest In Peace: Brian “Renfield” Nelson  (1960-2009).

Area 51 (bar) is no more. Same with, Billy Blues (bar), and Jojo’s (diner_simular to Denny’s)

Oh…and my divorce was final; 13 Feb 2017

End of Story

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