Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Miss X by Bakers Batch

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Strain: Miss X
Type of Cannabis: Sativa
THC: 13.3
Green Life Productions (GLP) Bakers Batch: “Combination of TRIM, SHAKE and excess material from our PRE ROLL process.”
Dispensary: Essence Cannabis Dispensary (2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV., 89104)
Budtender: Alex
Manager: Quan

Pictures and Words by Gary “Uncle G” Brown – Twitter @GBrown0816

Date of Visit: 03 May 2019 (mid-afternoon)

I wanted to get away from using indica to medicate with and to hit on the subject of using a sativa. No hybrids. Straight up.

Cannabis, more specifically an indica strain, to me is medicine. What I like to refer to as; a gift from the Cannabis Gods. Or aliens from another planet. Or both.

Cannabis could be used for so many human ailments, from an upset stomach to combating post traumatic stress syndrome. Even if a mixed strain, it’s simply amazing how the human body reacts and more so with positive effects than negative. Well, not everyone. A sad fact is there are some of us, meaning grown adults that cannabis just can’t help. Occasionally us responsible legal cannabis users will find ourselves being grateful when in the news is a story of someone who smoked or ate too much weed, and fearful for their own lives, called emergency services; 911. No one dies. The call itself; amusing. Death by humiliation afterward is my guess. Here is where a lack of education about pot, can potentially, do you harm. So acquiring basic knowledge about cannabis can come in handy if you are intent on using it. Here is something that if not abused, could possibly improve your life. Speaking for myself, the thoughts of popping pills or drinking whiskey to help me deal with 24/7 chronic pain, is always lingering somewhere in the dark passages of my mind. Alongside the idea of getting married again.

But can a sativa help me medically like an indica? I decided to do a little research, where I could answer the question more, speaking from experience.

Let’s buy legal cannabis; recreational or medical. 

If on a fixed income, the cost of one’s medical marijuana is important to them. The average disabled person (or senior) collecting just a Disability or their Social Security check every month, can’t afford to shell out hundreds a month on medical marijuana, whether it helps them or not. Let that sink in.

To be able to do this legally, one must get a license. Every state so far that has legalized medical marijuana, have different hoops to jump through. This, of course, involves money. I personally have spent between $110 to $150.00 by the time everything was done, to be a licensed medical marijuana, user.

Good news! Those in the retail/medical marijuana business who realized this, have come up with ways that could help the wallet of those who possibly could use it the most. Yet another definition of compassion.

All of us medical users have our own personal struggles. Mental, physical, and financial. Not all have a 401k to help keep them from sleeping in a tent, somewhere on a sidewalk.

With my daily usage it’s amazing I don’t weigh as much as a, Smart car. My point…groceries cost money. As do co-pays for medical procedures. On one side of the fence, we have recreational, in which price is dictated by supply and demand. Works for me. I’ll never complain. The day when too much is out there, will also be the day prices go down. On the medical side, figure out the cost, tack on a reasonable profit and you’ll never stop having customers, many of whom would be locals, who appreciate all that you (cannabis dispensary) do. Not ever feeling like they, those using daily for medical reasons, were/are being used (big picture), so pot could be sold to the adult, general public, to begin with.

My second time to a cannabis dispensary in Nevada was another one located here in fabulous, Las Vegas: Essence Cannabis Dispensary. Was greeted warmly. I mentioned I had a medical marijuana license (from Colorado). Ends up they have a separate part of their establishment, just for medical marijuana patients. My budtender was a cool young man whose first name was, Alex. We got along right off the bat. Knowing Alex could not read my mind, I informed him what it was that I was looking to do. I was seeking a sativa, mostly because I always do indica’s. That I prefer to wake & bake with a sativa, or hybrid that is sativa dominated. But also use when needed, throughout the entire day. Dosage two different ways…

01.) A couple of solid hits in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. What some might define as proper medicating; like a Doctor.

02.) A couple of hits/small bowl every couple hours. This is where the word ‘stoned’ might come in to play. Also, one builds up a tolerance, continually doing this on a regular basis. But take it from me, your good friend “Uncle G”, I lived comfortably numb for years at a time. The whole two and a half years I lived in Colorado, I was stoned. Medicating (for real).

THC use, along with the act of using moderately, and knowing your own personal limits, is a cool thing in 2019. My story goes that it wasn’t until this last decade that I thought seriously and have used cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceutical remedies. Game changer.

Since last November I’ve become in appearances, like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. It was along the lines of the 5th coldest winter on the record books in Colorado, which is where I was. So cold, I stopped going out for walks. Totally hibernated. So I’m wondering now, after gaining more than 10 pounds during that time period, if a moderately strong sativa could help me not only forget and deal with the chronic pain like an indica does but as well, help me find the energy to be more active (in general). That is a sativa reputation. Great for doing mundane chores around the house. Honestly, I’ve become lazy. As a result, it looks like I swallowed a soccer ball. So I asked Alex. For those who forgot, he’s the budtender at the start of this story.

Looking out for my wallet, I mentioned the word; shake. Within seconds, out came a factory-sealed glass container of a strain of sativa called; Miss X. The jar’s label says its trim, shake, and material from their pre-roll process. I can’t divulge the price, largely because in time it will change. I strongly advise those keeping an eye on their income, to ask. Don’t be shy. It is here after all, on the med side. Buying sends a message to the vendor; order more. Have your budtenders fully aware, so they can help those low on cash, walk out with something useful to their everyday existence. What I was paying in Colorado was cheaper, but what I paid here in Las Vegas at Essence Cannabis Dispensary, really helped my month of May financial budget. Plus I got a joint for a dollar of indica and will share more of that story, in my next article. As an actual medical marijuana patient, I could not be any happier with my shopping experience. Includes my visit to the dispensary, and my interaction with the employees there. No one had a stick up their ass, including the people you first deal with when arriving.

Puff Puff

Having exclusively toked ‘Miss X’ for a few days now, I can go into further detail some. She’s an enjoyable smoke. I hardly cough at all. Kept the munchies to a minimum. Was able to do errands and all that jazz. The lower THC count gave me the not so wasted feeling throughout the entire time using it. I didn’t partake towards the end of the night. Just let it wear off naturally. Got many a good night’s sleep. My pain didn’t go away. Helped me cope, which is one of the many pros of what cannabis does. Regarding ‘Miss X’, I would buy another jar (Green Life Bakers Batch) in a heartbeat. My praise to all those involved in getting a lower costing, yet effective, product to the marketplace.

By the way, those with substantial cash flow might laugh at the idea of smoking, what they would label garbage (shake_trim – good for actual baking brownies, with some saying only for baking, and never for smoking) because they could afford the typical 28 grams costing more than $300 a pop. Granted, this would be the best legal cannabis being offered. Super high THC counts. My point is not all can do so. Yet it creates a door of opportunity. The way I see it, the ones that sell legal cannabis at a reasonable price, will, once word gets around, out-sell the majority. What I smoked wasn’t, trash. It just wasn’t the caviar of the cannabis world. Which is fine.

Helpful Weblinks

Green Life Productions – http://www.glpnv.com/

Essence Cannabis Dispensary - Front of Building (2019 05 03)_(134452)

Essence Cannabis Dispensary – https://essencevegas.com/

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