Uncle G’s FUN Yes_YesRelated Collection: Roger Dean Video Game_Steve Howe Live

Date Published: 11 Feb 2013Classic Rock Radio UK

Uncle G’s FUN Yes/YesRelated Collection
Topic: Roger Dean – Barbarian Video Game/Steve Howe’s Not Necessarily Acoustic CD

By: Gary “Uncle G” BrownAmerican Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio UK

01.) BarbarianVintage IBM-PC Computer Game (1987)

Brand New! Never Opened! Still Factory Wrapped! – Scans are of the actual products – Not search engine found/archived photos.

Being a BIG fan of artist Roger Dean, and Yes, I picked this up at a local retail store years ago, because the cover artwork is almost the same as, Steve Howe’s Not Necessarily Acoustic CD. Close enough, in this case, is a good thing. The game wasn’t selling for a ton of cash, so I grabbed it and figured the item would look cool on a shelf someplace in the homestead. A conversation piece if not anything else. I imagine if placed on e-Bay today, I might even get a pretty penny for it. I consider it Roger Dean memorabilia. A part of Mr. Dean’s long and outstanding career in the World of art.

I never actually played the video game. Sat unopened on a shelf in a closet all this time. Was dusting/cleaning up when I recently spotted it.

02.) Steve Howe’s first solo live CD offering (Not Necessarily Acoustic) – I’ve been playing the compact disc steadily since I purchased it, back when first released, back in ’94.

I saw Steve do a solo gig here in Houston back in 1992, at a now long gone closed tavern called; The Pig. Why I mention this is because I expected on first listen of the official live CD, to hear included between all the brilliant music, would be Steve’s witty stage banter. It’s true !! Mr. Howe is an excellent storyteller.

The Pig (Houston, Texas, U.S.A.): his first to my knowledge live solo performance; flawless. The thing is, Mr. Howe’s dialog is what also made the evening so darn entertaining. Was disappointed that all of Steve’s stage banter was basically, edited out of the live release. Trust me, the man tells a wonderful story. Doing so, he also enjoyed poking fun at himself. One tale Steve told was about the encore he did the night before with Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, Steve Vai, and others for a charity event.

Uncle G’s Short Story

From the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Ticket Stub Collection – KLOL 9th Annual Rock N’ Roll Auction – 25 July 1992

A local radio station was auctioning off rock memorabilia with the money going to help needy kids. Mr. Howe donated a guitar and played it on stage (parts from the Yes classic; Siberian Khatru) while the bidding war was going on. I remember the red ax selling for a high amount. Before the auction took place, Vai, Buckingham, and Howe each did a set for the audience. Then came the auction. With that out of the way and being a major success, the night ended in celebration with a musical all-star jam. So Steve’s telling the audience (taking place in a house converted into a pub), and I’ll paraphrase — “bet you were shocked when you saw me step up to the mic and take lead vocals.” The line drew a polite laugh. Not a funny line per se, unless you were a serious fan of Mr. Howe’s. At one time, believe it or not, Steve’s singing (and don’t tell him I pointed this out on a very popular internet classic rock radio station’s official Facebook page ) — at times…not so good. And for the record, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Who am I? Ends up Mr. Howe took singing lessons, and this was after a couple of decades of making a living singing (harmonies_backing vocals) into a mic on a stage in front of audiences small and large. Paid off by the way. I can hear a before and after difference. Me…I’d be the bass player (if I played anything) hiding in the back, very focused, and not saying a word.

Cruise To The Edge
Master Of Ceremonies
: Jon Kirkman (www.jonkirkman.co.uk)

Just so happens both legendary guitar player Steve Howe and a man who did some of the coolest illustrations/drawing in all rock and roll history is going to be, with our very own Jon Kirkman, participating on; CRUISE TO THE EDGE. Steve of course will be with the headline act; Yes. Mr. Dean, is one of the many cool passengers you can be rubbing elbows with, IF a passenger yourself on this very same cruise. Almost sold out. Word of friendly advice; act fast and buy your ticket(s) if you are seriously planning on going.

Let’s not forget — easy enough to with all this great music being offered — an eight-day cruise to beautiful destinations; Georgetown, Grand Cayman / Ocho, Rios, Jamaica. Leaving this March 25th from Ft. Lauderdale/Port Everglades, Florida. All lovely locations. Defined as a once in a lifetime experience, because it will be.

Uncle G’s Helpful Links

Cruise To The Edgewww.cruisetotheedge.com

Official Website of Roger Deanwww.rogerdean.com

Steve Howewww.stevehowe.com

Bonus Photo

Gary “Uncle G” Brown – Steve Howe – The Pig 1992 (Houston Texas USA)

End of Story

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