Uncle G’s FUN Classic Rock DVD Collection: Ozzy Osbourne – Speak Of The Devil (2012)

First Published: 29 August 2012Classic Rock Radio (UK)
Uncle G’s Classic Rock DVD Collection
Spotlight: Ozzy Osbourne – Speak Of The Devil (Archival Release 2012)

By Gary BrownAmerican Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (UK)

Recently I’ve been getting into the VH1 Classic Chat program; That Metal Show. On the air for a while now. Been catching reruns, and due to them just starting a new season, new episodes as well. They take commercial breaks, and while I was lying there on my bed staring ahead, Ozzy Osbourne from back in the day is on my television. It’s a new DVD. A 1982 MTV Halloween special. Ozzy and his band doing a whole concert from his Diary Of A Madman Tour. Released back then on home video (VHS), it kind of just faded away. Especially after just about the whole planet stopped using the format. Boots of this have been passed around for decades now.

It’s my first time seeing actual footage of a whole Ozzy concert from this time period. My first time seeing Osbourne live was here in Houston, back in the 1990s. I know his solo music pretty well. Don’t know why it took me that long to see Ozzy live in concert. When I did it was an unforgettable experience!

The DVD presents a helluva show. Visually, it was very state of the art for the time with lasers and 3D projections. The set/stage is what you imagine it, being an Ozzy concert. A lot of visuals going on, including a flying bat, and a religious cross that spins around. Must have been way cool to have been in the audience.

The band was just simply outstanding. A very high energy show. Lots of shedding going on. The band is:

Don Airey – Keyboards
Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Brad Gillis – Guitar
Rudy Sarzo – Bass

Ozzy was also brilliant. It’s so cool to be able to actually see this performance. I’m in the middle of reading his autobiography now. One of rock n’ roll’s most interesting characters. The man’s vocals are spot on here, as is his stage presence.

Songs Performed: Over The Mountain / Mr. Crowley / Crazy Train / Revelation “Mother Earth” / Steal Away “The Night” / Suicide Solution “includes Gillis and Aldridge solo” / Goodbye To Romance / I Don’t Know / Believer / Flying High Again / Iron Man / Children Of The Grave / Paranoid

Uncle GRatesOzzy Osbourne – Speak Of The Devil (2012 Archival Release)

Using a one to a five-star rating system, Uncle G gives this; 4 stars. Reason for only 4 stars, and not a maxed out 5; picture quality could have been better.

When I first heard of the DVD is out, I pretty much immediately looked for it. Was thinking of something as special as this; Blu-ray. It’s not offered in that format. Wasn’t when I purchased mine. Regular DVD. Comes with a cool booklet. Well done liner notes by Rudy Sarzo.

Again, the picture quality could have been better. So, I’ll say, buyer, beware of that. Yet, it isn’t horrible, but don’t expect the super clear picture you regularly see nowadays. Everything else is good. I’m very glad to be able to add it to my collection.

Bonus – From the Gary “Uncle G” Brown Classic Rock Concert Ticket Stub Collection

One Ozzy Show (1996) and Two Black Sabbath Shows (1999)

End of Story

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