Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews: Key Lime Pie by Body and Mind

Uncle G’s FUN 420 Reviews
Cannabis Spotlight: Key Lime Pie (Indica-Dominant Hybred by Body and Mind)

Story and Photography by Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Two weeks ago I pulled into my new home, located in fabulous Las Vegas. I am still learning my way around. Renting a room in a quarter-million-dollar home. Locals might say it was in a bad part of town. Still, I equate it to what I call; a good start. What happened before this, you ask? In a nutshell…

NV - Las Vegas - Welcome To The Hood (2019 04 18)_(153643)

I’m ever so slightly pushing my way into my sixth decade of existence.

Twice divorced. Both marriages combined (on paper) equal one day shy of 37 years.

No children of my own. I was a foster parent (marriage #01) and helped raise kids throughout my second attempt at marital bliss.

I prefer to sleep naked (should it ever come up in conversation).

Been inhaling marijuana since the early 1970s. Took a 17-year (1992-2009) break from doing so while dealing with other issues. High on life! I admit to a steady flow of coffee and abundant cigarette usage during the majority of that time span. I since quit the nicotine; Nov of 2007. The patch. Major accomplishment! Thanks to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX (USA) for their assistance. Yet I didn’t get away unharmed: COPD (non-medicated). I blame myself for using the product, and not the ones who manufactured them. Because of my usage, at least 10 years of my life will shave off. The ones where because of old age, you’re wearing diapers and don’t know your name. Thanks, Phillip Morris.

A proud Licenced Medical Marijuana User (Colorado and soon my new home; Nevada) since 2016.

Nowadays I use cannabis daily to help deal with the aches and pains of everyday life as a direct result of doing mostly semi-skilled labor, the majority of my life. During that I did advance myself at times and sit behind a desk; white-collar jobs. Me with my GED (1977), I got paid more than people with 4 years of college, having desks next to mine.

Old School Toker. I buy bud. When consuming I mostly use a pipe. Enjoy doing bongs, but it ends up being too costly on a continual basis. My personal usage is about one oz and a half (42 grams) a month or over a gram a day.

I usually buy medical cannabis, having a higher THC count. Shit that would knock out the casual recreational user. It doesn’t mean cannabis with a lower THC count, isn’t any good. It’s just what I prefer, most of the time.

The Final Move

The date; 09 April 2019

Relocating to another state is hard work!

In Greeley, Colorado, I loaded up a mid-sized Hertz rental car and headed west. Right before sundown. I wanted to beat the storm. The trip was just under 900 miles. A beautiful part of the country. Did I mention; shitty weather? A blizzard. Can you say; bomb cyclone. Drove right through one. Frigid temperatures. Upset stomach, so I had to pull over at an elevation of over 6,200 feet, to take a dump. Horrible? In a real outhouse (no indoor plumbing). Top that #WorstTimeIHadToShitExperience. The place was already smelly! When I walked in the door, the odor knocked me over. I actually gagged when entering the cinder block duplex shitter. Human waste in plain sight. I didn’t care if I got hemorrhoids. Was already inside; committed. Pushed as hard as I could, not really sitting on the seat. Cleaned up, and got the fuck out of there; #FastestDumpEver.

21a - Utah Rest Area - Outhouse (2019 04 10)_(101049)

I admit the driving got scary there a few times. Experienced almost total snow blindness. Everything I saw was like a thick white fog. Again, over 6000 feet elevation. Mother Nature is a true bitch here. I stayed safely behind 18 wheelers. Without them there, I’d be a goner. Along with, Miss Sally (my cactus co-pilot). A sad statistic in some government file.

22 - Utah Rest Area (2019 04 10)_(101109)

The closer to my target, the better the climate. Arrived, unloaded, gave back the car, and felt totally sick for two days. I have since recovered and have now started the process of getting accustomed to living in a rather popular desert destination; Las Vegas. I told myself if I could adjust, that I would surrender my Colorado driver’s license, for a nice new one with hopefully a better picture of myself from Nevada. And determined to do so, will do just that. Can I survive the month of, May? Temperatures are already near the 95-degree mark. What I expected, so I’m not disappointed. Sin City is my new home. You watch, for I’m comfortable already. Everybody here in the cannabis circles will know who “Uncle G” is. I see a lot of FUN times ahead. And educational as well. Time to talk, cannabis.

Uncle G’s First NV Cannabis Dispensary Experience

Seeing how I lost custody of what was my good credit, and the last automobile I shared with the last wife (bad idea), it ends up when I am feeling well enough, that I go to a marijuana dispensary right off the bus route. One that even had billboards, and was so easy to find, even a cannabis writer like myself, could locate it.

The 1st Las Vegas, Nevada Cannabis Dispensary that Gary “Uncle G” Brown visited…drumroll please: LasVegas ReLeaf. Located at 2244 Paradise Road. Next door to a very cool, McDonald’s. They do it all for you! That area is a popular tourist spot in which I hung out a while, after my bud purchase.

The dispensary had very good signage and was super clean inside. Nicely decorated. Pleasant cannabis aroma. Courteous employees. All of which made for a pleasant (legal) pot buying experience. Well…except for one thing.

No real fault of, ReLeaf. The prices for medical here in the lovely state of Nevada is outrageous. We’re talking 3 or 4 times higher. For example, in Colorado recently I purchased 14 grams of high THC indica (bud) for $30 some dollars (after-tax). That’s your walkout price. Not a penny more. Same potent cannabis (helps with 24/7 chronic pain). Over a hundred dollars, here in Sin City. For what opened the door to legally sell pot in the first place; medicine. Disabled people who just receive a monthly disability check, cannot afford to properly medicate, at these prices. The benefit here in Nevada is a discount off a percentage of the taxes. Feel free to quote me: “Whoopty fucking do.” More opinion on this subject from me, I’m sure, as time goes by.

Note: The cannabis dispensary, Las Vegas ReLeaf, DOES have perks (for shopping there) to help save their clientele, some dinero.

Let’s talk CANNABIS

BAM (body and mind)
Key Lime Pie
Indica-Dominant Hybred
THC: 21.32 %
Harvested: 01/28/2019
Amount Used: 1 gram

I can say holding the bud to my barely working nostrils that a strong whiff provided for what reminded me of citrus rinds, and good old – modern-day herb.

Las Vegas - ReLeaf - Bud (close up) (2019 04 25)_(122254)

Once home (private property) I grind my medicine since I use a pipe, which provides another pleasant smell, especially when packing the bowl. I have total respect for the plant. I don’t waste and am careful when one on one with these lovely creations from Mother Nature (or from whomever you believe to be capable of creating such a wonderful weed).

If not into everyday usage, and only partake every blue moon, two hits of this should do it for you. Especially if using a water pipe. Matter of fact, one solid hit, and see what happens 20 minutes later. The safest advice one could give. Remember that an indica dominate such as Key Lime Pie could put you ‘in the couch’ doing nothing but binge-watching Seinfeld on Netflix. I’m guilty, but mostly because I have a crush on the actress, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and even without being medicated, could watch her all day.

The high (stoned feeling) I got off the THC was a mellow one. Having a tolerance I was able to do my regular morning routine. I also goofed off chatting with others. Eating oatmeal (Quaker Oaks – strawberries and cream). I went for walks. It did what good medical level cannabis does with that being it helps me focus on other things, besides my chronic pain. Life is for the living. When I first became disabled, I did two years popping the pills that doctors prescribed. They (opiates) made me dopey.

One day I decided to really dive into the medical cannabis world. Could regular usage of natural remedies such as cannabis and hemp (CBD) really work? Are the side effects, if any, worse than the pharmaceuticals? One example; Opiate-Induced Constipation. Will I go insane? Live in my own head? I believed, not. I gave my pain management Doctor the finger as I walked out her door (in the middle of an examination). It was a bit embarrassing when having to go back for my pants.

After eating a late breakfast, I nodded off. The medical marijuana that Las Vegas ReLeaf sold me, Key Lime Pie, did its job. I would defiantly buy again. I personally think this particular strain, could be used to fight everyday aches and pain. s. At least the ones I have. I equate to being medicine. Unlike pharmaceuticals, there are no harsh side effects. None that I am aware of.

Las Vegas - ReLeaf Signage (2019 04 23)_(103957)

But for the disabled, veterans, and our senior citizens, those on a fixed income, that price really has to come down. If not for medical marijuana, you’re just selling pot to recreational users. One could charge whatever the market allowed. To be a humanitarian you must first act like one. Cover costs with a small markup. Nothing wrong with a little profit. Just don’t take advantage of those who were used as tools to make cannabis legal in the first place.

BAM Body and Mind – https://bamcannabis.com/

36 - Utah - St George_Inside Car (2019 04 11)_(080235)

And co-pilot; Miss Sally (who sends her regards)

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